Review of “Champagne and Spurs: A Military Bad-Boy Romance”, by Simone Scarlet

A proposed marriage of convenience is accepted and everyone is happy, until Lucy meets Charlie’s younger brother.

Charlie Holybourne is a man who is interested in politics and needs to get married to represent the Family Values platform that he is running on. The only problem is that he really isn’t ready to get married and has no interest in any woman enough to get married. His working relationship with Lucy Henwood presents a perfect scenario for both of them. Lucy needs to be married for her family business and she has no prospects in mind. This could be the perfect solution for both of them.

Charlie’s younger brother Harry is a reclusive man who runs a ranch outside of town. Charlie calls to tell Harry he’s getting married and asks Harry to welcome Lucy to the family. Harry reluctantly agrees to meet Lucy and welcome her. Harry was injured in the war and is not a man who wants to be seen by anyone thats why he keeps to himself and stays on his ranch. When he meets Lucy he finds that he wants things he hasn’t wanted in years.

Lucy and Harry have somethings in common and these commonalities will lead to a relationship that neither one expected.

I really enjoyed this book and found the story line to be very deep and sad. I loved how these two found each other and everyone found their true path in their futures. This story was a love story, but it was a bit more to me. It showed how so often people will judge a person based on their appearance or demeanor. Just because someone is reclusive or keeps to themselves, doesn’t always mean that they are a bad person or a grouch. I liked how Simone showed how perception is not always true and that we really shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. The characters in this book were well written and well developed. They all seemed to find their true path and found happiness. I give this story a 4 star review and would like to find more of Simone Scarlet’s books to read in the future.

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