Review of “Beast”, by Alana Albertson @AlanaAlbertson

A man who was wounded in war by saving his friends and team members from death finds the one woman who looks beyond the scars and temper to find the real man beneath it all and falls in love with him. She’s a woman who has had her share of being seen as only what is on the outside.

Grady “Beast” Williams is a marine who is trying to find himself now that he may be medically discharged from the Marine Corps due to his injuries. He can’t see his life beyond the Corps and the only position he has ever wanted in the Marine Corps is no longer a possibility. Where is his life going? His heroism has opened other doors, but he doesn’t want to go through those doors because of his injuries.

Isabella Cuesta a woman who has a secret and left her public life to be a normal person. She needs money to finish her final college semester because her father decided to dip into her college fund. Isabella is a woman who doesn’t let too many people into her life and she keeps a lot close to her. She will learn that sometimes the people that we least expect to be good for us are the people we need in our lives.

This is a story of Beauty and the Beast in more than one way. Not only from the outside but also from the inside. It’s a true likeness to the story of Beauty and the Beast because Beast not only looks like a monster, he acts like one too most of the time because he’s too afraid to be hurt by people. The only people he lets into his life are the men served with and saved. I loved this story as I do all of Alana’s stories that I’ve read. The men are Alpha males, strong, sexy and sweet, although you wouldn’t know that until you got to know them. I give this story a 5 star review and look forward to more of Alana’s books in her Trident Series, Heroes Ever After and the others.

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