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⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ 3.5 out of 5

Rev’d was to be a Rabbi, but he didn’t want that life. He joined the Marines and served his duty to the US. When he left the Marines, he didn’t know where to go or what to do. He bought a Harley and the rest was history. Now he’s the President of the Lion’s Den MC at a young age.

Gabriella lives in the Good Ol’ Boy world of the law. She is a para-legal in a big law firm. Her ultimate goal is to be in the courtroom with her own cases though. She is not a woman who likes to give up control. She has three different personas, the legal powerhouse, Gabriella; the girl next door, Gabby; and Rev’s Queen.

The Lion’s Den has been working to clean up neighborhoods with a man who has he money to do it. They are the muscle to keep the areas clean and the rebuilding to continue, keeping the gangs out. The only problem is that there is one gang that can’t seem to get the hint. When the Lion’s Den decide to branch out and work with the Polish mob things get a little on the tense side. There are secrets in the family that will come out, but there are pluses to the situation. The story is a quick paced read. I enjoyed the quick read and found it to be an engaging story. The characters are likable, and the plot was good, but it didn’t have that wow factor for me. With that being said, I would not pass up on reading more of The Lion’s Den MC stories. I think KO’s book might be pretty good just from what was in this one. I give the story a 3.5-star review and if you like MC romance or stories with kink, I think you would like this book.

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Release Blitz and Review: Luca by Nyssa Kathryn #TuesdayBookBlog @GiveMeBooksPR

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Title: Luca
Series: Project Arma #1
Author: Nyssa Kathryn
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: May 26, 2020

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Former Navy SEAL, Luca Kirwin, is both well trained and deadly. Recruited into a non-government sanctioned project, he was turned into a weapon. Now, with the help of his team, Luca must find every last soul who was responsible for the project and make them pay. When a new neighbor with alluring green eyes moves in next door, his instincts tell him to trust her – but could she be one of the enemies they’re searching for?

Evie Scott can’t afford a relationship. She was in a one once and it almost killed her. Running and hiding has become her normal. But when her new neighbor gives her a job in the small town of Marble Falls, avoiding him becomes almost impossible. While protecting her secrets, Evie begins to suspect Luca has his own. Can he protect her from her past or will it destroy them both?

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Increasing her pace, a chill worked its way through Evie’s limbs. The sun was almost finished setting, and that meant it would be dark soon. Evie hated the dark. She was automatically at a disadvantage with Troy in the dark. Another disadvantage she should say. He could still see, she was blind. It was an extra layer of protection for him, like he needed that.

Luca had offered Evie a ride, but she’d declined, hoping the fresh air would clear her mind. As the echoes of her steps filled the air, she started to regret her decision. At this very moment, she could be sitting next to him in his warm car, breathing in his musky scent.

Evie could almost hear his deep voice in the back of her mind. Feel the vibration of his words. A smile touched Evie’s lips at the thought.

No. What was she doing?

Shaking her head, Evie pushed down the feelings. Feelings were dangerous. They were the reason she was where she was in her life at the moment. Luca was dangerous to her. She had to keep her distance, no matter how much her body wanted her to do otherwise.
As the hairs on the back of Evie’s neck stood up, she suddenly had the feeling of being followed. Subtly, as to not draw any attention, Evie turned her head to look down the road behind her. Nothing.

Taking a calming breath, she forced herself to maintain her pace, even though her legs wanted to race. She could see her house up ahead. Then she would be inside with the semblance of safety. Not far to go.

A rustling noise behind Evie sounded. This time she did stop. Turning, she stared out to the empty street. Again, there was nothing. About to turn back, the sight of fresh shoe tracks in the mud next to the path caught her attention.

Turning back to her house, this time, she did increase her pace.
Stop being stupid, Evie, there are dozens of people who use this path.
So why did it stick out to her?

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Uncovering Project Arma – a Luca prequel short story


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Nyssa Kathryn is a romantic suspense author. She lives in South Australia with her daughter and hubby and takes every chance she can to be plotting and writing. With a background in teaching, Nyssa finds that she can let her mind wonder in the writing world. Always being one to read and write when she should have been working, Nyssa decided to take the leap and make writing her career.

Nyssa has always been an avid reader of romance novels. As a teenager she would lose herself in Young Adult and Contemporary Romances. As she got older her interest moved onto the romantic suspense genre. It was from here that she started dabbling in writing. Nyssa wrote her first novel in 2017 but didn’t start publishing her work until three years later. Working in the industry has solidified Nyssa’s love for all things romance.



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My Review:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

An Action-Packed, page turner.

He’s a SEAL with abilities beyond anyone’s imagination. He works with a Team that have a variation of abilities that they don’t want the outside world to know about. The problem is that they didn’t volunteer to be used as guinea pigs for the experiments that made them who they are now. Luca Kirwin can run faster than most men, hear better than most people, and he can see in the dark. His fighting abilities are stronger and more lethal than the regularly trained SEAL. His mission along with his SEAL Team is to find the people behind the project that enhanced their abilities and stop them from doing any more research or harm to people.

Evie Scott is a woman on the run from her past. She escaped an abusive relationship and is now trying to find herself while staying alive. When she meets her new neighbor, she is petrified of him because he represents everything she is running from. Now he’s the only person who makes her feel safe. She has a lot of secrets and doesn’t want to get too close to anyone. Her main objective, other than staying alive, is to decode the encrypted file she stole from her ex. She needs to find out why he is the way he is and if the person he is now is the person he has always been. Did she miss something when they started dating? Was he always that mean, or did something change him?

This story is full action, secrets, and some really ALPHA males. They are deadly, loyal, and determined to stop those involved in Project Arma. Evie and Luca are the perfect couple and the story was great. I give the story a 5-star review and cannot wait for more in the Project Arma men. These guys don’t trust easily but when you gain their trust you become part of their family and they always protect their family. I one-clicked Uncovering Project Arma and cannot wait to read it. If you like Alpha males, strong women, ex-military men, or suspense and powerful groups that do any kind of experiments they want, stories, you will really like Luca.

Release and Review: Zhànshì by Anna Edwards @AnnaEdwardsWriter @EJBookPromos #TuesdayBookBlog

Title: Zhànshì
Series: Sinister Fairytales Collection
Author: Anna Edwards
Genre: Dark Fairytale Retelling
Release Date: May 26, 2020


Lia has known she was different since the age of five when her father taught her the skills of her ancestors. His stories of heroic exploits have fueled her fantasies for years. Little did she know that her expertise would be called upon when two cities, two triads, go to war. Will it be a step too far to think she can hide who she really is?
Jaxon has known his career path since he was a little boy when his father promised his only son to the leader of the Yu Shi triad. Jaxon doesn’t mind—it allows him to center his chaotic thoughts and fight his opponents to the death. But when he’s partnered with a mysterious new recruit, he begins to question everything he knows. What is the young boy hiding from him?
Zhanzhi is a modern day retelling of the tale of Mulan for the Sinister Fairytales Collection. Warrior Lia must find her inner strength to defeat a deadly enemy, who’s been left bitter by his quest for absolute power, while at the same time falling in love when she least expects it. Nothing will be as it seems in this dark triad world where a moment’s hesitation can be your downfall.



All I am a British author, from the depths of the rural countryside near London. In a previous life, I was an accountant from the age of twenty-one. I still do that on occasions, but most of my life is now spent intermingling writing while looking after my husband, two children and two cats (probably in the inverse order to the one listed!). When I have some spare time, I can also be found writing poetry, baking cakes (and eating them), or behind a camera snapping like a mad paparazzi.
I’m an avid reader who turned to writing to combat my depression and anxiety. I have a love of travelling and like to bring this to my stories to give them the air of reality.
I like my heroes hot and hunky with a dirty mouth, my heroines demure but with spunk, and my books full of dramatic suspense.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

A dark retelling of Mulan in the Sinister Fairytales Collection.

Lia Zhanshi is a young woman who does not want to live her life in the traditions of the Yu Shi, as her family has done since her grandfather was brought to San Francisco years ago to make a better life for himself and his family. He promised his duty to the Yu Shi as well as his son and the next generations to come.

Jaxon is known as the blond demon of the Yu Shi. He rises to the second in command of the Yu Shi after the leader’s brother is killed during a recent battle. Jaxon does not look like the rest of the Yu Shi; he has blond hair and looks to be of European descent. His story of becoming a Yu Shi warrior is unique.

This was an action packed, fast-paced story that I loved. I love Mulan and this story, while being a dark retelling, followed some of the plot of Mulan and I really enjoyed it. The characters were entertaining, enjoyable to read and life like. Being from California, it was easy to picture some of the areas they were describing in the story which made it that more entertaining to me. I was drawn in from the prologue, where Lia is being trained by her warrior father and the pull to the story remained throughout the book. I have enjoyed the Sinister Fairytales Collection that have been published so far and this book did not disappoint. They certainly are not the fairytales I was told as a young girl or that I read to my daughter, but they are perfect for me now. I give this story a 5-star review and highly recommend Zhanshi to readers who like fairytale retellings, strong women and the men that complete them, or stories of mafia wars.


Blog Tour and Review: GIRL LONG GONE by Danielle M. Haas @authordhaas @IndieSagePR


by Danielle M. Haas
Publication Date: May 25, 2020
Genres / Tropes: Adult, Entangled: Amara, Romantic Suspense, Mystery, BODYGUARD/PROTECTOR


Monica’s stomach fluttered with excitement as she told the interesting man she’d been flirting with online for weeks all about her weekend plans. He was a great match, and they had so many things in common. But sometimes your life can come down to one single bad decision…

NYPD Computer-crimes detective Connor Mitchel’s sister is missing. As he combs through his sister’s life, he realizes Monica might not have been this killer’s first target—or his last. In a twisted game of cat and mouse, Connor thinks he’s finally found the man responsible for his sister’s disappearance. Unfortunately, he’ll first need to convince the shy, distrustful Evelyn Price she could be the next victim tangled in the murderer’s web if she doesn’t agree to help him catch the killer. But just as Connor and Evelyn close in on their quarry, the killer has one last trick up his sleeve that could trap them all…


Danielle grew up with a love of reading, partly due to her namesake—Danielle Steele. It seemed as though she was born to write out the same love stories she devoured while growing up.
She attended Bowling Green State University with a dream of studying creative writing, but the thought of sharing her work in front of a group of strangers was enough to make her change her major to Political Science.
After college she moved across the state of Ohio with her soon-to-be husband. Once they married and had babies, she decided to stay home and raise her children. Some days her sanity slipped further across the line to crazy town so she decided to brush off her rusty writing chops and see what happened.
Danielle now spends her days running kids around, playing with her beloved dog, and typing as fast as she can to get the stories in her head written down. She loves to write contemporary romance with relatable characters that make her readers’ hearts happy, as well as fast-paced romantic suspense that leaves them on the edge of their seats. Her story ideas are as varied and unpredictable as her everyday life.

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My Review:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 out of 5

Police Officer Connor Mitchell is beside himself his sister is missing, and he has no idea where she is. The police have no leads and the only lead he has is tenuous at best. The only change in her life is the dating service she signed up for and the one person she chatted with on the site. Connor is following leads and working with a PI to find his sister, but he’s afraid that he won’t find her in time to save her. She’s all the family he has left and can’t lose her too.

Evelyn is looking for a job to keep the nice apartment that she lives in with her best friend, Lacy and her daughter. She needs a job that she can do from home because she doesn’t do well in crowds or in public at all really. Her childhood taught her that monsters were real and that they could be anyone, they didn’t necessarily look like monsters. When she has the opportunity to do website work for a high school classmate, she meets with him but she’s jumpy the whole time, and when she receives a phone call from a police officer asking her about her meeting with Gabriel, she is wary of the officer and his questions.

This was an action-packed book with suspense, danger, and a twisted minded psychopath. There are no leads or evidence of where Monica Mitchell has disappeared to, but her brother is determined to find her and will stop at nothing to get her back. The characters in this story were well written and entertaining to read. I really enjoyed the story but thought that there could have been more to the ending of the story. There should have been some follow through with the ending. With that being said, I still give the book a 4-star review because it is well written and full of action and suspense with a twist, and suggest it to readers who enjoy psychological thrillers, police procedural, or characters that show their strength even after being beaten down or destroyed most of their lives. Their real strength comes out when they find the will and the one person that will be beside them no matter what. There are characters in this story that are twisted but they will be discovered, and justice will be served.


New Release: Nowhere To Run by K.L. Donn @Author_KLDonn @rrrpromotion

Nowhere To Run by K.L. Donn
Amazon: US | UK | AU | CA
Series: Task Force 779; Book 3
Genre: Military Romance
From USA Today Bestselling author KL Donn comes the third book in her Task Force 779 series, an all new military romance series with heart, heat, and suspense.

Nightmares and monsters are supposed to remain in the dark. Thought of, frightened from, but never seen.

Lola Bishop has suffered more tragedy in her short time on this earth than most have in an entire lifetime. She lost her parents when she was young, consoled the members of her brother’s elite team when they though a member was dead, and finally found her best friend’s body.
How much more could she possibly take?
Theo Burkhart excels at all he tries. Most sought after recon sniper in the Marines, he joined Task Force 779 with his best friend to be a part of something bigger. He wanted to make an impact on the world.
Not fall in love with his commander’s little sister.
When he gets the call that Lola needs him, Theo drops everything to be at her side. She’s strong, yet fragile in so many ways. The girl he’s loved for years is begging to find the good in the world and he’s only too happy to help.
The only question is: Will it be enough when one more obstacle is thrown their way or will Lola break for certain this time?

Note from the Author:

Just a heads up: While my stories carry their share of violence and adult situations, this one, in particular, touches on some socially prevalent issues that may be upsetting to readers.


Cover Model: Marc-Andre Lapere
Photographer: Paul Henry Serres
Other Books in the Series
My Review: 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

She was always the strong one, on the outside. She kept her pain, turmoil, and fears inside. She only shared them with one person and then he was gone. Now she feels all alone in the world. The one man she is in love with doesn’t want her. She is broken now more than ever and the only person she can think of to call is the man she loves, but is he taking care of her because he feels obligated to? He works for her big brother and has been the little sister to all of the men on Nix’s Team. Lola is the little sister of the Team that takes missions all over the world to save people and do the jobs that others can’t. She has always hidden her fears of her big brother Nix not coming home as well as the others on the Team, but especially Theo, the one man that holds her heart. She pushed herself into her best friends’ life in high school. Sam had walls so high that Lola had to dig deep to get him to drop those walls.

Sam was the only one sitting at the outcast table in the lunchroom when Lola entered for lunch on her first day of school. She wasn’t afraid to sit with him, nor was she afraid to draw his attention, he looked like he needed someone to talk to and she knew that she could jump those walls and have them dropped, it just took a while to accomplish. Sam struggled with who he was and what he wanted; he was also the student that was bullied because he didn’t know who he was. He endured it for as long as he could and in college the day finally came that he couldn’t pretend anymore, nor could he take the bullying or pain that he had been enduring all of his life.

Theo started looking at Lola as a woman when she was seventeen, but he wanted her to have her life and find her path in life before he decided to let her know his feelings. The only people who didn’t know how he felt about her was Nix and Lola. The rest of the Team guys knew he had feelings for her more than a little sister, even Sam knew. So when he received a call from the police that there was an accident and she needed him he dropped what he was doing and ran to her. Now he wasn’t going to let go of her ever.

I loved this story. It started out with a bang and didn’t slow down at all. The pain, struggles, and despair in this story were so strong. The story showed the struggles that some people endure for as long as they can before that breaking point. Lola has dealt with a lot of loss and pain in her young life, but she finds that she is a strong young woman and she has a lot of support to help her through the tough time that she is going through this time. Theo only wants to protect her and take away her pain, but he knows that the only way to do that is to show her that he will always be there for her. This latest loss and destruction that she is trying to come out of could just destroy her for the rest of her life, but Theo and the Team are determined to show her that she will come through this too. I give this story a 5-star review and strongly suggest this book and series to readers who enjoy stories of military, strong women, or action-packed pages. Ms. Donn’s books are full of action, passion, destruction, loyalty, and wonderful characters.


My ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Review of A New Paige by Zara Teleg @ZTeleg @EJBookPromos


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Finding herself in a dangerous and deadly situation, Paige Conti is saved by a sexy man with green eyes. She is young beautiful and determined to live her life on her own terms now. Unfortunately for her, her sister Ana’s “Juliet’s” new life has demanded that she move with her sister and her new boyfriend to a small town to be under the protection of the Stained Souls MC. Ana, or Juliet now, was kidnapped along with Paige and they were both rescued by the Stained Souls, Juliet’s boyfriend is a member of the Stained Souls and they have taken Paige in to make sure she is protected and safe. The only problem is that Kai, the MC member that she is to be watched over by is the same man who rescued her, and he is a man-whore.

Kai finds himself drawn to the beautiful girl that is being carried away by the Cartel thug. When he sees her eyes and she doesn’t make a sound after seeing him, Kai is able to rescue Paige and get her taken care of. When she wakes up in the hospital, Kai is unexplainably drawn to her again. When Juliet’s boyfriend, Rage asks Kai to watch out for her and protect her, Kai is fine with it at first, but then he is worried because he was told that she is OFF LIMITS and his mind and body have other ideas.

I really enjoyed this book. It has so many intertwined situations and the pages are full of characters that came to life in my mind. Paige is looking for answers and her path pulls her down a scary path. She wants to follow her dreams and find the answers that have plagued her for a lot of her life. She’s young and doesn’t think before she leaps, and this will cause trouble for her more than once. There are a lot of characters in this book that drew me in and I wanted to learn more about them. This was my first read of Zara Teleg, but now I want to go back and read Consumed by Rage (Book 1 in the Stained Souls MC series). If you like MC Romance, characters that are strong, or stories that keep you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out what’s going on then you will enjoy this book. I give this book a 5-star review and I look forward to more about Paige’s journey to find herself. I have a feeling that it will be another hard to put down book.

NEW RELEASE Review: இ☠️”THE HEAVY CROWN”☠️இ 🔥Washington, DC Chapter🔥 Royal Bastards MC by Linny Lawless @lawlesslinny

the heavy crown-banner1 (1)

๑۩♦️۩๑NEW RELEASE๑۩♦️۩๑
🔥Washington, DC Chapter🔥
Author: Linny Lawless
Series: Royal Bastards MC
Cover Model – Boomer Paschall
Photographer: Jean Maureen Woodfin
Cover Design – Simply Defined Art

the heavy crown-eBook-complete (2)

Available on #KindleUnlimited
Goodreads #TBR

kiss teaser - heavy crown

Heavy, the President of the Washington DC chapter of the Royal Bastards MC reigns as the King in a dirty city of porn, money and blood.

Heavy saved my life seven years ago and told me to never return. He was my shield, my rock, with dark grey eyes that burned through me. Now I’ve walked right back into Heavy’s world to see the hatred and rage in his eyes. But he cannot hide the sensual hunger and feral desire to own my heart, dominate my body and possess my soul – a silent promise I’ll belong to him no matter the cost and no one will get in his way.

regret it teaser


Follow the Royal Bastards MC


My Review:

⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ 3.5 out of 5

Heavy is the son of the Royal Bastards MC, Washington DC President. He was left with his father by his mother as a young boy and his father started turning his fists on him after his mother left. She needed to get away from Trick, his father if she wanted to stay alive. Heavy has no love for his father, but the MC is all he knows, and he also knows that the gavel will be handed down to him eventually. However, it may be sooner than either Trick or Heavy are aware of. Trick is a ruthless man who only cares about money and power. He has never loved his son or anyone else in his life.

Danica has just turned 18 and is now finally getting away from an abuse stepfather and a mother who doesn’t love her. The only problem is that she almost finds herself in a worse situation, until Heavy finds her first and protects her. She’s put on a bus out of the state and sent to find herself a good life. The only problem is that she can’t forget about the young man who saved her and returns seven years later to find that somethings have changed, but some have not.

This story started out pretty good, but I didn’t find it as engaging the further I got into it, I have loved the Royal Bastards MC books I have read so far, but this one was lacking something, I’m not quite sure what. The characters were alright, but the story seemed a little choppy. While there was a definite change in the time period by the chapters, sometimes it seemed that the story went from present to an overview of what happened within a chapter. I give this story a 3.5-star review. If you like MC Romance and tough bikers, you may like this story, but beware that this story does dark content that could be a trigger. It also just kind of ended. That is not the reason for my 3.5-star review however. I think this story has a lot of potential and the characters could be a little better rounded.