Review of Reprobation, by Catherine Fearns @rararesources

An interesting read for sure! Religion, suspense, Death Metal, and murder all in one book.

Dr. Helen Hope is a professor of eschatology, and a Calvinist nun. Her knowledge in eschatology draws her into a murder investigation when a man is found on a cross with carvings in his body. She’ll discover Death Metal and a new way of thinking about religion and life.

Detective Darren Swift has just been promoted to detective and this is his first big case. He is the detective investigating the murder and he will question his abilities to solve the case as well as the religious meanings behind the murders. He had a rough time in his last position and he isn’t sure yet of how it’s going to be in this new position.

I really enjoyed this book and was drawn into the story quickly. I found the story to be suspenseful, disturbing and interesting. The twists and turns of this story kept me turning the pages. I give this book a 4.5 star review and highly recommend it to anyone likes suspense and thrillers. I kind of hope there is another story with these characters. I’d like to know what happens with Helen, Mikko, and Darren.


All bets are off. She’s going to be mine.

Lovers to enemies. Enemies to lovers.
When Hadley walks into the casino with a pile of chips, a smirk on her beautiful lips, and a swivel to those perfectly curved hips, I start questioning if I’ve been playing my hand all wrong. She almost walks out with a cool million. One woman, able to swindle the whole mafia. She’s too cool for this world. I can’t let her walk out of my life anymore than my boss will let the money leave the casino.
A night of wild passion awakens me to what I’ve been missing in my life. They don’t call me Dom for nothing. But we’re playing on two different sides of the table, and the way she glares daggers my way is irresistible.
For the last ten years, I’ve been living under the Mafia’s thumb. Smart enough to catch a cheat, and ruthless enough to bloody some knuckles, my way to being a made man is almost certain.
Except, in the Mafia, nothing is certain until it’s a done deal.
And when I find out she’s the next target to disappear?
All bets are off. She’s going to be mine.
I dare them to try to stop me.

Betting on Love is a standalone romantic suspense with lots of steam, and a very hot Alpha Dom. Who doesn’t love a lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers romance? No cheating, no cliffies.

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Alexis Abbott is a Wall Street Journal & USA Today bestselling author who writes about bad boys protecting their girls! Pick up her books today if you can’t resist a bad boy who is a good man, and find yourself transported with super steamy sex, gritty suspense, and lots of romance.

She lives in beautiful St. John’s, NL, Canada with her amazing husband.

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Title: Cheat
Series: Right Men Series #3
Author: Mayra Statham
Genre: Contemporary Military Romance
Release Date: October 25, 2018
Never cheat. But if you must, cheat death.
Veteran Army Medic Garrett Wright narrowly escaped Death more than once. Through the horrors of war, he witnessed the darkness and ugliness of humanity, and let it consume him from the inside out.
Stefanie Banks knows all too well how dark and ugly the world can be. She lives her life determined to make every moment better than the last.
In a dive bar in the middle of nowhere, Stefanie and Garrett’s worlds collide. Sunshine and darkness face off, and sparks fly.
Can a war-torn soul and one who never felt loved trust One another enough to cheat the curveballs life throws at them and hold on to love enough to make it last the distance?
**CHEAT does not have any cheating of any kind and can be read as a standalone.**

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Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio
Mayra Statham resides in southern California with her three kids and husband. When she isn’t writing or hanging with family, you can find her hidden behind a romance novel while enjoying a highly caffeinated iced drink.
She loves hearing from readers. Connect with her on social media platforms @mystathamwrites or email her at
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Review of: No One Can Hear You, by Nikki Crutchley @rararesources

He said that they’d let me go on purpose. That they could easily find me if they wanted to. He said that they didn’t want me. That I was too much trouble. He said if I went to the cops, he’d know. If I told Sonya, he’d know. If I talked to friends or teachers, he’d know. He told me to pretend it didn’t happen. He told me to consider it a compliment, that I was too strong. His last words to me were, ‘Just forget’.



A girl is taken as a teen ager and escapes. Only to live her next sixteen years in fear and constantly remembering the ordeal she went through. Faith Marsden is a young girl who has not had a great start in life, but can she change her future? Can she overcome the pain and the fear of what happened when she was sixteen years old?

Zoe Haywood is a young woman who has had to make her own way in life. Not because she didn’t have a home and a mother, but because she always knew that she was not wanted. She is a strong minded woman with morals and a stubbornness that could get her into trouble if she is not careful.

Faith and Zoe were friends in high school and reunite in this story to put an end to young girls being taken, never to be seen or heard from again.

This story had a quite a few twists that kept me wondering who these women would find at the end of the string of missing women. I was at all prepared for the conclusion. I really enjoyed reading this book and was drawn into it completely. I wanted Faith to have peace and be able to go on with her life and have a good life. This book had be questioning everyone that Faith and Zoe came across when trying to get help. I give this story a 4.5 star review and highly recommend it to anyone who likes suspense and a book with many twists in it.

RELEASE BLITZ of EAGLE: A Linear Tactical Standalone, by Janie Crouch @givemebooksblog @janiecrouch

Title: Eagle
A Linear Tactical Standalone
Author: Janie Crouch
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: October 30, 2018


Finn Bollinger.
Military codename: EAGLE.
A single dad, a
warrior, a hero.
For Charlotte Devereux he’s also the man whose heart she broke years
before. And now, he’s her only chance for survival.
When former Special Forces soldier Finn Bollinger is asked to help with
an undercover mission, he’s up for the task. His job teaching survival skills
to civilians at Linear Tactical keeps him sharp, and he can still handle
himself in the field. 
But the Army damn well didn’t teach Finn how
to handle Charlotte Devereux. She’s back and she’s all sorts of bad
Charlotte can’t change the past. Can’t change the choices she made or
the fact that they cost her everything. All she can do is endure the fallout.
Even if that means putting her future in the hands of Finn, the man who has
every right to want to destroy her.
And can in so many more ways than he thinks.
When Finn’s undercover mission goes impossibly wrong, he’ll have to
depend on Charlotte’s strength in order to survive. But everyone has a
breaking point.
He’s fighting
for what’s right.
She’s fighting
just to survive… 

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Author Bio
bestselling author Janie Crouch writes what she loves to read: passionate
romantic suspense.  She is a winner and/or finalist of multiple
romance literary awards including the Golden Quill Award for Best Romantic
Suspense, the National Reader’s Choice Award, and the RITA© Award by the
Romance Writers of America.
recently relocated with her husband and their four teenagers to Germany (due to
her husband’s job as support for the U.S. Military), after living in Virginia for
nearly 20 years. When she’s not listening to the voices in her head—and even
when she is—she enjoys engaging in all sorts of crazy adventures (200-mile
relay races; Ironman Triathlons, treks to Mt. Everest Base Camp)
traveling, and movies of all kinds. 

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RELEASE BLITZ of Taken: Dark Legacy Duet #1, by Natasha Knight @givemebooksblog @NatashaKnight13

Title: Taken
Series: Dark Legacy Duet #1
Author: Natasha Knight
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: October 29, 2018
I’m one of four Willow daughters.
He’s the first-born son of the Scafoni family. And we have history.
For generations, the Scafoni family have demanded a sacrifice of us. A
virgin daughter to atone for sins so old, we don’t even remember what they are
But when you have as much money as they do, you don’t play by the rules.
You make them.
And Sebastian Scafoni makes all the rules.
The moment I saw him, I knew he would choose me. Even though the mark on
my sheath declared me unclean. Even though my beautiful sisters stood beside
me, offered to him, he still chose me.
He made me his.
And then he set out to break me.

Purchase Links
Coming Soon
Releasing November 14, 2018
Author Bio

USA Today
bestselling author of contemporary romance, Natasha Knight specializes in dark,
tortured heroes. Happily-Ever-Afters are almost always guaranteed, but she
likes to put her characters through hell to get them there. She’s evil like
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Spotlight on Author of Reprobation, Catherine Fearns on her writing habits

This post has been written exclusively for Sassy Redhead Book Reviews. Thank you very much for the opportunity!  

Catherine Fearns: My Writing Habits

I write in snatches; snatches of time, snatches of space. I never have a free day to myself, and there’s no private space at home, so I am an opportunistic, furtive, stealth writer; words always at the ready in my head. Five minutes in a supermarket queue is a chance to type a few lines on my phone. Ten minutes sitting in the school car park and I can jot a paragraph in my notebook.  These writing habits are not borne of choice but of necessity. I’m a stay-at-home mother with four small children so my time is constrained by their needs, which are immense and different every day. But I don’t lament this at all; indeed if I wasn’t in this position I’m sure I wouldn’t have become a writer. When I had a normal job, a long time ago now, my head would be filled with that all day, and in the evening I would flop, mentally exhausted, in front of the television to clear my mind and regroup. There was no room for anything else, other than vague fantasies. But now I grab each tiny moment of headspace in my day – a toddler napping, a baby breastfeeding, a child late out of karate class – I combine it with my craving for creative stimulation, and words come together.

If I did have a whole day stretched out before me to write, I would probably waste half of it messing about on social media and procrastinating. As it is, I am focused and efficient, carrying a notebook wherever I go; in fact I find that the discipline of writing long-hand helps my focus. If I have research to do then I make sure the relevant books or print-outs are in my handbag just in case I get a chance to read. I have never considered using a dictation app, because I absolutely loathe the sound of my own voice! In any case, I’m a very fast typist and it takes me only minutes to type up the day’s scribbles on my laptop before bed; sometimes it is just lists of words, phrases and ideas, sometimes concrete paragraphs. But it builds and moulds and eventually a coherent story is formed. I would much rather end a day with 1000 words of drivel than one or two perfect sentences, so I don’t worry too much about getting it right in the early drafts.

I do my best writing when I’m out of the house; at home I have to write at the kitchen table and am distracted by household tasks and the internet. I prefer to go out and find a public space, and I discovered that I prefer nondescript, bland, liminal spaces to atmospheric or beautiful ones. My city is filled with hipster coffee shops and lake view cafes, but I find them distracting and I feel exposed; I prefer fast-food joints, train stations, park benches; places where I can tune out of the world and sit unnoticed. My current favourite writing location is the McDonalds inside my local indoor shopping centre. Cavernous, windowless, with the white noise of piped music and some surprisingly decent coffee, I go very quickly into a sort of writing trance. I can get down 1000 quality words an hour in there, and then do the grocery shopping on my way out.

I have only been writing seriously for a couple of years. There was never a moment when I decided to write a novel, I just suddenly had the urge to write, perhaps because it was the only thing I could do in the short bursts of time available. It began with a blog. The age of thirty-seven was a vulnerable time in my life; pregnant with an unexpected fourth child, a husband often absent with work, a few months from yet another move to another country as a trailing spouse, and the knowledge that I was still very far away from being able to return to the career I always thought I would have. I began writing the blog as a sort of diary, and the style was light-hearted but looking back, it was infused with pain and possibly some postnatal depression. The blog took its toll on my already-strained marriage, since my husband was suspicious of what on earth I was getting up to on my computer late at night. Sometimes I would wait until he had gone to sleep then sneak back downstairs so he wouldn’t know. When I finally showed him my writing he was very hurt; I hadn’t mentioned him or the children in the blog, but he still saw the outpouring of feeling as a betrayal. There was nothing suspicious about it though; for me this was a necessary catharsis, and in contrast to an outpouring it was in fact a taking back of the private life I had been denied for a long time. The blog coincided with me learning to play the electric guitar and rekindling my childhood love of heavy metal, so it became a sort of metal-parenting blog, and eventually led to me getting work as an online music journalist. This is where my writing confidence really took off; not only was my work being validated by real journalists, but it was being professionally edited, an essential lesson in discipline after the unwieldy freedom of a personal blog.

Reprobation was not my first attempt at a novel; a 60,000-word manuscript for ‘The Veilmaker’ lies hidden password-protected beneath a series of subfolders on my laptop. This was the unpublished novel where I taught myself how to write. I cringe to think that I actually submitted it to a few agents, and it has now been abandoned. Soon after though, the idea for Reprobation came to me unannounced, and I knew this one had potential. The book was written in a matter of weeks, in a flurry of inspiration, and fortunately was picked up by a publisher very quickly. No doubt in a couple of years I will cringe when I read over Reprobation as well.

My writing style is still developing. When I was a teenager my style was more florid and descriptive, but after university I became a financial risk analyst and any literary tendencies were quickly beaten out of me by the need for precision, conciseness and legal accuracy. I am still trying to get away from this enforced brevity, and my main problem with the first draft of Reprobation was that it was simply too short; I had said all I thought I needed to say in 50,000 words. With its sequel, Consuming Fire, I can feel myself becoming more expansive and descriptive; plus, I’m using some more experimental literary techniques, since part of the book is a gothic ‘found text’, so I’m writing some extracts in eighteenth century pastiche.

If I were to write this post one year from now it might be completely different. So far I have managed to become a writer, of sorts, without impacting too much on my husband and children, but I am starting to yearn for more structure and more time. I do feel that if I had longer periods in which to work I would reach coherence more quickly. I may have gotten away with one furtively written novel, but I can’t carry on sneaking around between McDonalds and the school car park and expecting to be a serious novelist. With the publication of Reprobation in October and Consuming Fire in February, the next few months are going to be seminal, and I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.



Blog Tour: Reprobation, by Catherine Fearns @rararesources



Are you one of the elect?

Dr. Helen Hope is a lecturer in eschatology – the study of death, judgement, and the destiny of humankind. She is also a Calvinist nun, her life devoted to atoning for a secret crime.

When a body is found crucified on a Liverpool beach, she forms an unlikely alliance with suspect Mikko Kristensen, lead guitarist in death metal band Total Depravity. Together, they go on the trail of a rogue geneticist who they believe holds the key – not just to the murder, but to something much darker.

Also on the trail is cynical Scouse detective Darren Swift. In his first murder case, he must confront his own lack of faith as a series of horrific crimes drag the city of two cathedrals to the gates of hell.

Science meets religious belief in this gripping murder mystery.

Reprobation Cover

Purchase Link:

Reprobation 4 (1)

Author Bio – Catherine Fearns is a writer from Liverpool, UK. Her first novel, a crime thriller called ‘Reprobation’, will be published by Crooked Cat Books in October 2018. As a music journalist Catherine is a regular contributor to Pure Grain Audio, and she has also published numerous pieces of short fiction and non-fiction.Catherine has a degree from Oxford University and a Masters from the London School of Economics. She began her career as a financial analyst, but after having four children she retrained as a breastfeeding counsellor. Having lived in several countries, she recently moved to Switzerland, where she discovered her love of writing and is a member of the Geneva Writers’ Group. She plays the piano very well but prefers to play the guitar very badly. Oh, and she likes metal music. A lot.

Social Media Links – Twitter: @metalmamawrites

Facebook: Catherine Fearns

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Blog Tour: No One Can Hear You, by Nikki Crutchley @rararesources

No One Can Hear You Full Tour Banner

No One Can Hear You

He said that they’d let me go on purpose. That they could easily find me if they wanted to. He said that they didn’t want me. That I was too much trouble. He said if I went to the cops, he’d know. If I told Sonya, he’d know. If I talked to friends or teachers, he’d know. He told me to pretend it didn’t happen. He told me to consider it a compliment, that I was too strong. His last words to me were, ‘Just forget’.

Troubled teen Faith Marsden was one of several girls abducted from Crawton, a country town known for its picturesque lake and fertile farmland. Unlike the others, she escaped, though sixteen years on she still bears the emotional and physical scars.

Zoe Haywood returns to Crawton to bury her estranged mother Lillian, who has taken her own life. As she and Faith rekindle their high-school friendship, they discover notes left by Lillian that point to two more young women who recently disappeared from Crawton. But Lillian’s confused ramblings leave them with more questions than answers.

As Faith and Zoe delve deeper into the mystery, they become intent on saving the missing women, but in doing so are drawn into Auckland’s hidden world of drugs, abduction and murder. And then Faith decides to confront the mastermind – on her own.


Purchase Link –

High Res Author photo

Author Bio – Nikki Crutchley lives in Cambridge, New Zealand with her husband and two daughters. No One Can Hear You is Nikki’s second crime novel, set in the small Waikato town of Crawton. Her first book, Nothing Bad Happens Here, a crime/thriller set on the Coromandel Coast of New Zealand was a finalist in the 2018 Ngaio Marsh Award for best first novel. Nikki has worked in libraries in New Zealand and the UK and now works as a freelance proofreader. Nikki’s flash fiction has been published online and in the Fresh Ink anthology and the upcoming Bonsai anthology.

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No One Can Hear Your

ARC Review of: ICE: Knights of Silence MC, Book 1

Caden a young boy that has so much and then one day loses everything when his parents die in a car accident. He's a young twenty-one year old who now has to care for his little sister and provide for her. He finds that his father has made some bad investments and now he and his sister have nothing.
Emma, a young girl who is Caden's neighbor. They are inseparable while Emma is young and growing up. Caden's father tries to discourage their friendship and tells Caden that his feelings will change and their friendship will be different as Emma gets older, but he doesn't understand yet.
More than their feelings for each other change. With Caden's sudden need to provide for his sister, he has to look for a job.
Caden and Emma's lives will come back together and their relationship as adults will be different than it was as kids. They're no longer kids and there is now danger lurking around that can destroy them.I liked this book. I'm now waiting for the second one to come out s that I can find out how their lives will be. This story has some twists and suspense and the ending leaves you hoping that the next book will be along soon so that you can find out what's going to happen. I give this story a 3.5 star review and look forward to the other book(s) in the series to be out.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.