RELEASE BLITZ:Wicked by by M. Malone & Nana Malone @givemebooksblog @minxmalone and @nanamalone

Title: Wicked
Authors: M. Malone & Nana Malone
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 31, 2018


What could be worse than catching your creepy boss in an inappropriate position? Hearing him say your name…

This day couldn’t get any worse for Bailey.
She just saw her boss Mr. Dent’s extremely unimpressive… dent. A night of drinking with her best friend is exactly what she needs. Hunter is always there for her. The perfect Mr. Nice Guy.

This day couldn’t get any better for Hunter.
He just saw Bailey’s perfect curves soaped up in the shower and all his dreams are coming true. Until she won’t return his calls the next day.

Bailey wants to pretend none of it happened but Hunter just needs one chance to prove their attraction is real. He’s finally going to show her he’s not that…nice.

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M. Malone
NYT & USA Today bestselling author M. Malone lives in
the Washington, DC metro area with her husband and their two sons. She holds a
master’s degree in Business from a prestigious college that would no doubt be
scandalized by how she’s using her expensive education.
Independently published, she has sold more than 1/2 million
ebooks in her two series, THE ALEXANDERS and BLUE-COLLAR BILLIONAIRES. Since
starting her indie journey in 2011 with the runaway bestselling novella
“Teasing Trent,” her work has appeared on the New York Times and USA
Today bestseller lists more than a dozen times.
She’s now a full-time writer and spends 99.8% of her time in
her pajamas.
Nana Malone
USA Today bestselling author Nana Malone’s love of all
things romance and adventure started with a tattered romantic suspense novel
she “borrowed” from her cousin.
It was a sultry summer afternoon in Ghana, and Nana was a
precocious thirteen. She’s been in love with kick-butt heroines ever since.
With her overactive imagination constantly channeling her inner Buffy, it was
only a matter a time before she started creating her own characters.
While she waits for her chance at a job as a ninja assassin,
Nana works out her drama, passion and sass with fictional characters every bit
as brazen and kick-butt as she thinks she is.

ARC Review of “Wicked”, by M. Malone and Nana Malone @givemebooksblog @minxmalone and @nanamalone

From strangers to best friends to lovers. A great story of friendship and love. Bailey and Hunter have a chance meeting in a bar one night only to find that they will be co-workers. They are a perfect match but they both have rules about dating co-workers and then the company changes their fraternization rules. One very tough day at work though and a lot can change.

Bailey has an internship during her college summer break, working at a prestigious Marketing company. She needs this job to get into a good MBA program and hopefully a good job after she graduates from college.

Hunter is a Marketing Manager at the same company and has a great reputation at doing his job and doing it well. He is older than Bailey and has been at the job a little longer, but he can’t take his eyes off of Bailey after he hears her laugh at the bar where he is having a drink with a friend and co-worker. Things get interesting after she comes over and sits down and talks with Hunter.

I really enjoyed reading Hunter and Bailey’s story. They are both smart, dedicated, and fun people and their story is full of funny and at times creepy situations. The way that they just fit makes the story so much better to read. I enjoyed reading this book and I love how it connects to another series. It makes it so much more interesting to read the next book.I give this book 4.5 stars and I look forward to reading more of these stories and I hope that there is more of Bailey and Hunter to come.


ARC Review of “ScaRred: Demons of Hell, Book 1”, by Elizabeth Knox @givemebooksblog and @eknoxbooks

A story about a woman who has to live with her choices. If she had made a different choice years ago, her life would be easier now. Roxanne “Roxy” Stevens was a young girl who lost her father to a terrible accident when she was 16. She was left to fend for herself and thought she found the people that would protect her and keep her safe.

Rage a man who has no heart. He is a dangerous man who takes what he wants and has no limits to what he will do to keep his property and do with it as he wants. Most of the men in his MC are afraid of him and will do anything he tells them to so that they can survive. He is the President of the Demons of Hell MC that he started at a young age with his best friend Vince, Tex. They were there for Roxy after her father’s death and took her in.

This book is dark, scary, and heartbreaking. I love Roxy and her spirit. She is a strong woman who thinks that she is weak because of her choices she made after her father’s death. She takes everything that Rage dishes out to her and she doesn’t talk about any of it, she just takes it and keeps her mouth shut. Her life has been in danger many times and no one has stood up for her or stood in front of her when Rage was on the war path. Until one night when Tex came back from a vacation to find Roxy laying on the ground outside the club.

There are triggers in this book and the scenes are very detailed and raw. It also has a cliff hanger. However, this book was very well written and I was not happy when it ended. I really liked this book and found it hard when it came to the end. Ms. Knox did a great job pulling me into the story and keeping my interest throughout the book. The pages turned very quickly and I found myself wanting retribution for Roxy. It’s not all bad for Roxy though. I give this book a 5 star review and highly recommend it to anyone who likes MC’s, or books that will bring out all the feels. Great job with this book.


Release Blitz: Scarred, by Elizabeth Knox @givemebooksblog and @eknoxbooks

Title: Scarred
Series: Demons of Hell #1
Author: Elizabeth Knox
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 28, 2018

I had it all, or at least I did according to everyone else.
I had the club, I had the most powerful husband, the Prez of the Demons
of Hell MC.
I had a family.
He’d told me time and time again the club was my “family”.
My “family” let a lot of things happen to me that shouldn’t of.
My “family” did a great job of turning a blind eye.
My “family” was great at letting me be the punching bag for their mistakes. For all of his pent up anger and frustrations.
My “family” was the reason I almost died.
When Rage came into my life I saw nothing else.
His name was a warning and I didn’t listen.

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Author Bio
Elizabeth is a romantic suspense author most popular for her Mob and MC books, the international bestselling author of Reign, Redemption, Revenge, Relentless, Promised, Tough as Steele, Stripping a Steele & Blackjack. 
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Review of “Professor’s Pet”, by Alexa Flores

This was an interesting read. A story about step-brothers, professors, and needing to make the grade.

Cassie is failing her Physics course and she comes up with a plan to get a better grade while at her mothers wedding. Little does she know that there will be a lot of complications with her plan. Her best friend since high school, Tanya and Tanya’s boyfriend, Ricky, are failing the class with her and they all need a good grade so they don’t have to retake the course. They’re all in this together, but will that be the case in the end?

I liked this book and was pleased that it was brought to my attention by Alexa Flores the Author, who contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reading it and reviewing. It is a book with three parts, so while it is a series, they were all together in one book. I liked that. I found the characters to be well developed and well written. There were some nice scenes as well as some hot scenes. It was as if the author was writing about a part of her life.

I give this book a 4 star review. Thank you, Alexa for contacting me and asking me to read it.

ARC Review of “Coming Home”, by PE Kavanagh @pekavanagh

A story about politics, political families, and childhood friends turning into lovers.

I really liked this story and I love Ramona Barrett. A young woman who has made her own way through life and made a life of her own. She has a hard time making a change in her life that makes her look at life differently. She’ll go through a lot of changes and her life will head in a different direction than she planned, all from one trip back home for a death in the family.

A celebrity chef who is the son of a political powerhouse and a powerful family. He made some changes in his life a while ago and now that his best friend has come back home to attend a family funeral his life will go through more changes, but these changes are a dream come true for Lucas Winston.

This story was refreshing and fun to read. A story of two young people from powerful families that don’t want to follow in their parents footsteps in many ways. They want to make a difference in the world and their lives will not be the same after the death of Ramona’s grandfather, the Governor of Virginia. Ramona’s will find what has been missing in her life for some time when she sees Lucas again after so many years away from home. The characters in this story are fun, strong, and enjoyable to read. I laughed at the way that Ramona, Connor, and Lucas interacted with each other and I cried with Ramona when she was upset.

I give this story a 4 star review and look forward to reading “Claiming Power”. I read an excerpt at the back of this story and it looks intriguing. I like Connor and would love to read more about him and his life. I voluntarily read this book for an honest review.


CUT- Official blurb and cover release day!


Cut, by Bry Ann

August 22, 2018



A mark left on the skin or within body tissue where a wound, burn, or sore has not healed completely and fibrous connective tissue has developed.

What a clinical definition….

My name is CUT.

It’s the name of my choosing. The only name the world will ever know. Only two people know my real name: my mom and my best friend. The woman whose innocence gave me these markings.

I fight to keep it this way, both literally and figuratively. I train criminals. I make a living walking into dens of thieves, criminals, and murders, and training them to become more depraved.

She’s a walking sex goddess, well aware of her power of over men. She’s loud-mouthed, snarky, and loose with her morals, but her loyalty knows no bounds. She wouldn’t hurt a fly. Maybe talk the thing to death, but that’s about it. I avoid her at all costs, but for some reason she doesn’t avoid me. Does she not see my scars? The raw, pink flesh that mars my skin.

I fight, train, burn, cut… but not her… never her.

Is it love?

It can’t be. I’m a monster.

AUGUST 22, 2018.







It’s my pleasure to be the final stop on the Blog Tour for “Another Good Killing”, by Stephen Puleston.  Inspector Marco is a very talented Detective and has a great team working with him on is cases.

Another-Good-Killing - cover

Another Good Killing (Inspector Marco #2)
Does any man deserve to die?
When a well-connected and wealthy banker is found dead in his luxury car in the middle of Cardiff, the motive for the crime seems clear. The killer even left a note telling the world the man deserved to die, simply for his greed.
But despite the obvious clues, seasoned detective, John Marco has his doubts that this was just a disgruntled employee. The killing was too clean, the crime scene too perfect. Marco also has a gut feeling that the family of the victim are hiding something…
And when another business executive is murdered, Marco’s fears come true – there is now a serial killer to catch. An online video points to a violent anarchist group, determined to make the bankers pay for their perceived sins. But Marco doubts a ragtag bunch of anarchists would be granted breathing space in the world of the sophisticated uber rich.
As the case progresses and Marco starts piecing together the clues, things take a dramatic twist when a member of Marco’s team is kidnapped. Now the killer has made things personal and Marco faces a race against time to bring the murder to justice – before it’s too late…

Stephen Puleston author photo


I write crime fiction based in Wales and about Wales. The rural landscape of north Wales provides the backdrop to the Inspector Drake novels. And Cardiff the capital of Wales provides the setting for the Inspector Marco novels set in a modern urban environment.
I love the novels of Raymond Chandler, Ian Rankin, Mark Billingham, Henning Mankell, Val McDermid – the list could go on! And I enjoy watching detective series on the television the recent Hinterland series based near Aberystwyth in Wales was great. One of my favourites is the French series Spiral but The Bridge and Broadchurch and the Rebus series with Ken Stott and Kenneth Branagh in Wallander are great too.

I have been on writing courses at the Welsh Writers Centre in Llanystymdwy, North Wales tutored by Matt Whyman and Marcus Sedgwick as well as crime writing courses with Peter Robinson and Andrew Taylor at the Scottish Writers centre.

I was born in Anglesey an island off the north Wales coast and after leaving school in Holyhead I went to University in London before training as a solicitor/lawyer. I practised in a small family business doing criminal work in the magistrates and crown courts, divorce and family work.
I still live on Anglesey, North Wales near the beach and the mountains of Snowdonia.


BLOG TOUR BANNER - Another Good Killing


My Review:

Another Good Killing was another great read by Stephen Puleston, It was fast paced, with twists and suspense throughout. The way that Detective Marco figures out each case is unique and his instincts are generally always on. He gets that “gut feeling” when something feels off or not quite right, and when he investigates further or looks as the facts again he can generally find a clue that will help him.

In Another Good Killing, DI Marco feels that he has messed up and put one of his team in danger. It leads to a touchy situation for him and almost causes him to back slide. I was rooting for him the entire time while reading this section that he would walk away. His intensity for his work as well as his loyalty to his team and the people that he cares about is what makes him a a great character. DI Marco does a lot of reflecting in this story on his life and his family. This story helps him realize what is important in life and helps him to analyze his life and make changes.

I enjoyed reading this story and found it to really challenge my detective brain as well as it did DI Marco’s. I give this story a 5 star review. I highly recommend the DI Marco series to readers who like a good challenge when reading a crime thriller and like to play a couch detective while reading. I look forward to more DI Marco stories in the near future.



TruthOrDare_CoverTruth or Dare, the first in a new series, Playing with Fire, by Anne Conley!
Cover Art: James Price with AEP Designs
Cover Model: Stanley Fields
Photographer: Jeffrey Todd Photography
Publish Date: August 21st, 2018


When a child’s game goes delightfully wrong, Jude finds himself rethinking his current status quo.  Jude finds himself strangely looking to Annette to make sense of his own life.

Annette is trying not to get distracted by the sexy firefighter, but when her artistic retreat begins in disaster, Jude’s playing the hero she can’t ignore.  Suddenly, her artwork is completely changed with Jude’s exquisite lines transforming her landscapes.

Up until now, their life was like a notebook full of doodles, but it’s turning into a full-fledged art showing, and neither of them know how to deal with the embers of desire when they ignite into flames.




“Hi,” he began. “I have a favor to ask.”
She raised her eyebrows and smiled vaguely, exposing a tiny gap in her teeth which only made her more attractive with the tiny imperfection.
“I’m here with my friends, and one of their girlfriends is trying to mess with me. I was about to leave when she dared me to kiss a woman here. And then I saw you.” Her brows furrowed in confusion, but he saw the pulse in her neck pick up speed. When she absently licked her lips, he sat next to her. “Let me kiss you to get them off my back, then I’ll buy you a drink and walk away.”
She took a deep breath but didn’t say anything. Her eyes searched his face, landing on his lips, then going back to his eyes, probably gauging his honesty.
“I promise I’m not playing with you. Look over there.”
Jude turned his head to follow her eyes as she looked over his shoulder at his friends. Joey raised his drink with a goofy smile on his face, and Simone narrowed her eyes on a huff. Zane just watched over the rim of his drink, a twinkle in his eyes. Logan was still nowhere to be found. Jude sighed.
“See?” He turned back to her to find her watching him intently. “So … what do you say? May I kiss you? You don’t have to see me again, promise.” It occurred to him maybe that was a deal breaker for her, but he wasn’t really willing to make promises he didn’t plan on keeping just for a stupid game.
But as he watched her decide, he got a little lost in her green eyes, the color of frosty sage leaves after a morning dew. “You have gorgeous eyes. I bet men tell you that all the time.”
She snapped out of her trance. “Thank you. Yes.” Her voice was low and husky, sending a shock of lust straight to his balls.
He rested his hand on her leg, the desire to touch those soft curves overriding all common sense. “Yes, what? Guys say that a lot?”
Her smile widened, and Jude lost all the air in his lungs. God, she was breathtaking. “Yes, you can kiss me.”
Jude smiled and scooted his chair closer to her. He was about to kiss a random stranger in a bar on a dare, but as he gripped her braid and brought her face closer to his, he didn’t give a flying fuck. He wanted to taste those glistening lips. STAT.
He closed his eyes as he brushed his lips across hers, and then sensations took over everything. Warmth, softness, her subtle floral scent, her fingers trailing up his chest and winding around his neck, the tiny gasp she expelled. Something foreign and totally feral welled up inside him and roared approval.



COVER REVEAL: The Backpacker (DC Harriet Taylor #3) by Stewart Giles @books_n_all

The Backpacker (DC Harriet Taylor #3) by Stewart Giles

From #1 best-selling author: Stewart Giles comes a new detective story set on the Cornish coast. Where the pretty villages and towns hold some very dark secrets.

The Backpacker cover idea 3


A girl’s body is found hidden in a remote spot of a Cornish Farm. The same farm that a young girl ran towards to escaper her pursuer many years before.  Detective Harriet Taylor has to abandon her day out to investigate.

As Littlemore and the forensics team get to work they uncover another mystery hidden among the rocks.

Who would kill a young backpacker who hurt nobody?  Is there a link between this and a mystery from many years ago?

As Harriet and the team get to work they find more questions than answers.  What secrets is the sleepy Cornish village hiding?

This is a fast-paced page-turner that has so many twists and turns it keeps the reader guessing right up to the shocking end.

If you like Police Procedurals, then this is a series you won’t want to miss.


Trotterdown and the surrounding villages is a fictional village in Cornwall.  It is a typical of Cornish villages with remote farms and sleepy Cornish stone cottages.  However, the area is steeped in history and the residents of the quaint cottages have their share of myths and secrets making it the ideal setting for this series.


DC Harriet Taylor had only been married for 2 years when her philandering husband was killed in a car crash.  It is common knowledge around the station that the woman who died next to him was his latest lover.  Harriet transferred to Trotterdown to escape the gossip and sympathetic looks.  She is now finding her way around Cornwall and getting to know the other members of the team.


Book 1 The Beekeeper
Book 2 The Perfect Murder
Book 3 The Backpacker


Book 0.5 Phobia
Book 1 Smith
Book 2 Boomerang
Book 3 Ladybird
Book 4 Occam’s Razor
Book 5 Harlequin
Book 6 Selene
Book 7 Horsemen
Book 8 Unworthy