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Falling in love with you was easy.

You came in, swept me off my feet, and promised me forever.

Everything was wonderful, beautiful… until one day it wasn’t.

The day I blinked, and you were gone, was the day you shattered my heart forever.

I accepted it. I promised myself I was never going to look back, and I moved on.

Or so I thought…

You waltzed back into my life like a whirlwind…

Could years of hatred be healed by one look, one kiss?

Falling in love with you was the easy part but finding forever with you may just be impossible.

This steamy second chance contemporary romance is part of Corinne Michaels’ Salvation Society.

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USA Today Bestselling Author

Out now! My Review of Freak: Royal Devils MC, Chicago, Book 3 by Erin Trejo @trejo_erin

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Freak (Book 3 Royal Devils MC – Chicago)

by Erin Trejo

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Release: 6th May 2021

It all started with a girl and a bomb. She was trouble and I knew it. She was dating a rival MC member. That wasn’t reason enough to stop me from going after her. Now, I’m hooked and she’s in trouble. I’ll be her savior, but I’ll also be her downfall. Can she handle me being both or is he better for her?

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Review of Freak: Royal Devils MC, Chicago, IL, Book 3 by Erin Trejo

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Katrina is finally living the life she wants. She’s running the bakery her mom left her and she lives with her best friend. Too bad she’s in a relationship with a man that can only make her happy in one way. Her life takes another turn and she’s in danger of her life ending tragically.

Freak is a man that is happy with his brothers and his MC. He and the other Royal Devils live life on their terms. None of them had a great childhood. When Freak’s older sister contacts him looking for refuge, he’s leery but lets her come and stay at the compound. They are not close, and she hasn’t been around the club in years.

Once again Erin Trejo has written a book that blew me away. I am loving this series and the Royal Devils. They are all men that’ve survived a rough childhood and have a close friendship since they grew up together. This story is action packed, a tearjerker, steamy, and a page turner. I love the characters and I think that Freak has now become my top Royal Devil. He is not a man that shows his vulnerable side, but it comes out when he is around Katrina and Psycho. He can talk Psycho through some episodes that could lead him down a path of despair. All of these men have a dark side, but the light they find when they find the woman that makes them whole brings out a whole new side. I loved the book, and I cannot wait to read more in the series. I’m looking forward to Preacher’s book. I give this book a 5-star review. If you love MC, damaged characters that find a way to heal and sassy, strong women you’ll love the Royal Devils MC.

PRE-ORDER BLITZ – Dangerous Desires Part 1: Corrupt Me #1 by A. G. Khaliq – Mafia Romance Release Date: May 18, 2021 @agkbooks_ @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Dangerous Desires Part 1
Series: Corrupt Me #1
Author: A. G. Khaliq
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Genre: Mafia Romance
Release Date: May 18, 2021


When Secret Agent Maya is sent undercover to nail the Russian Mafia, the last thing she’s expecting is to fall in love with the man she’s trying to put behind bars…

There have been several murders occurring in Manhattan and all fingers point to one man. Maya’s boss sends her to New York to work undercover at Donte Abruzzi’s company. He believes that not only is Donte associated with the crime family, but that he’s the one behind all the murders.

Leaving her life behind, Maya starts working at Donte’s company under the new name of Sapphire Myers. At first, gathering information seems easy, but as she gets to know Donte, everything becomes complicated.

The attraction and chemistry between them become harder to ignore and lines are blurred. The closer Donte and Maya become, the less things seem to add up. The deeper she goes, the more she realizes the evidence doesn’t point towards Donte or the Russian Mafia.

Now, not only does she need to figure out why her boss is so hell-bent on putting Donte behind bars, but skeletons from her past start resurfacing, putting her at risk of losing everything.

This series was previously self-published, however it was unpublished as it was picked up by a publisher. It has been improved, revamped and re-released with Limitless Publishing.





My pops had been telling me to settle down for years. He told me to find a woman who would stand by me no matter how tough things got, and would have my back through thick and thin.
And the truth was, I was tired of empty sex. I was tired of one-night stands, and I was tired of screwing women just to toss them away and never speak to them again.
I’d built myself an empire from nothing. I’d put in blood, sweat, and tears to get where I was today, the owner of several huge businesses, including my multi-million dollar software company, Indigo Limited.
And now…
I just wanted a woman to share that with.
So when Sapphire Myers walked into my office telling me that she was the new Python developer, I couldn’t help but fall head over heels for her beauty. She was so fucking sexy and she didn’t even realize it, but I could see the pain in her eyes. She looked tired, exhausted, broken
She looked like a mystery.
A mystery that I wanted to solve.
But I was battling with my own demons. I had some dirty secrets of my own, and a past I wasn’t proud of.
I was part of a Mafia family. A family of organized crime.
But God help me, even though I had my own skeletons in the closet…
If I’d have known that Sapphire was going to betray me in the worst fucking possible way, I would have torched that bitch and left her to die the first time I ever laid eyes on her. I would have disposed of her without a second fucking thought, and then moved on with my life without looking back.
It takes more than a pretty girl to bring me to my knees. The more I push, the more she pushes back. Sapphire is a challenge that I’m not used to, but she needs to learn a thing or two about loyalty.
Because in my world, snakes and rats are buried six feet under. To teach them a lesson not to fuck with me. Because in the Mafia, we’re bound by blood…
And I won’t hesitate to do the same thing to her for getting on the wrong side of me. I won’t hesitate to give her the same treatment countless people before her got. Somebody should have warned her that if you play with fire you’ll get burned.
Because at the end of the day…
I didn’t choose this life.


A. G. Khaliq is 22 years old, residing in the United Kingdom. In between being a student, she loves to write. Her craft began when she started writing for a game called Episode Interactive, where she garnered almost 3 million reads. She soon wanted to expand her craft, and began writing published books, starting with a dark, organized crime thriller called Mafia Kingpin. She is most active on Instagram, @agkbooks.


The Insiders is NOW AVAILABLE! The Insiders by Tijan #TuesdayBookBlog @TijansBooks

The Insiders is NOW AVAILABLE!
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Bailey is as normal as could be, with a genius IQ and a photographic memory. But still, normal for her. Then, things happen — a guy breaks into her house in the middle of the night to take her hostage. She learns her father is billionaire tech genius Peter Francis, the same guy she’s idolized all her life. She finds all this out when she meets dark, mysterious, and electrifying Kashton Colello. He’s also an associate of her father’s, and he gives Bailey two choices—go with him and meet her father or survive on her own because those kidnappers are going to try again.

It’s a no-brainer.

After this, three things become clear for Bailey:

1. She has to live at her father’s sprawling estate, complete with bodyguards and the best security that money can buy.

2. She’s no longer an only child. She has three siblings and has no idea what to do with them and vice versa.

3. She is being guarded by Kash himself. Personally guarded. And there is a lot of guarding going on there and some of it is going to drive her crazy.

A complete outsider in a world of wealth and decadence, Bailey has to find her way within a family that has more secrets than she could have imagined. One of these secrets could be deadly…
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“Beautiful. Dangerous. Mysterious. And I was in his arms.”

“This storyline swept me up and I loved all the elements in it.” – BookSmackedMel

“This book shook me right to the damn freaking core. I LOVED IT.” – TiffanyHuBooks

“Books like this are why Tijan will always be a one click author for me! Complex storytelling with a group of characters that had me hooked from the first page.
Sooo many plot twists and gasp out loud moments I couldn’t read fast enough.” – Michelle_Claypot Reads

“This story is unexpected but in the best way possible!” – Words We Love By

“This is a fabulously complex and detailed intense novel, which is full of drama and tension. The romance is raw, hedonistic, and fraught with danger. I absolutely loved the level of crazy, all wrapped up in the illusion of wealth and status.” – Wicked Reads

“Tijan’s flawless, powerful and captivating writing wrapped me inside a cocoon of feels while reading The Insiders. It grabbed me completely from the very first page. It twisted me till I couldn’t breathe. It drowned me in endless emotions and jaw dropping suspense. And I am feeling all kinds of chaotic and unhinged after that epic cliffhanger.” – PP’s Bookshelf

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The things I’ve lost could shatter any man.
Send him on a downward spiral.
I would’ve punched my own ticket if it weren’t for the Satan’s Knights.
Instead, I became the VP of the Knightdale Charter.
A man can’t drown in his misery when he’s got responsibilities.
So I look for things to dull the pain.
Sex. Drugs. Whatever.
When you’ve been to hell and back, the only time worth having is a good one.
My little Birdie knows this self-destructive path, too.
That’s why I can’t stay away from her.
The highs are higher when you don’t fly alone.
But I’m not the only ghost in her life, and her past isn’t letting her go.
I thought my club was the only thing left for me to love.
It turns out I was wrong. 

About Janine:

Janine Infante Bosco lives in New York City, she has always loved reading and writing. When she was thirteen, she began to write her own stories and her passion for writing took off as the years went on. At eighteen, she even wrote a full screenplay with dreams of one day becoming a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

Janine writes emotionally charged novels with an emphasis on family bonds, strong willed female characters, and alpha male men who will do anything for the women they love. She loves to interact with fans and fellow avid romance readers like herself.

She is proud of her success as an author and the friendships she’s made in the book community but her greatest accomplishment to date would be her two sons Joseph and Paul.

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TEASER REVEAL!!! Mercy by K.L. Savage releases May 5!!! @klsavage_author

by K.L. Savage

TEASER REVEAL!!! Mercy by K.L. Savage releases May 5!!!

“Devastatingly beautiful. K.L Savage had no mercy when writing this amazing masterpiece.” – Goodreads reviewer

“Brilliant! Heartbreaking! Thought provoking! This is KL Savage at their best… this is a must read series!” – Goodreads reviewer

“I absolutely loved the poignant beauty of this tragic love story. I would give it 100 stars if I could.” – Goodreads reviewer

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To understand me, you have to understand my pain.
You have to understand where it all started…

I see her differently now.
My friend, Michelle Douglas.
It’s the summer of 1994 where the love of the 80’s still holds on for dear life.
She’s wearing a black ACDC shirt that hangs over the shoulder and she is hanging out with a group of friends.
I don’t know what it is about her right now, but in this moment, everything has changed for me.
Everything about her calls out to me.
I think it always has. It always will.
Her love isn’t easy to get, but I’m determined to get it.
There’s one problem.

She’s promised to another.
An abusive man that doesn’t know he has the entire world right in front of him.
We fall in love realizing we have always been in love.
She’s going to leave him.
I have the rest of my life planned out. My future is Michelle.
I just need to survive the war.
I need to come back to her.
But when I do…
Nothing is the same. 
And everything has changed.

Shows no mercy.


#2 Whistler – Releasing August 6


TWEETS #TEASERREVEAL #PREORDER “Brilliant! Heartbreaking! Thought provoking! This is KL Savage at their best.” Mercy by @klsavage_author #RuthlessHellhoundsMC

#TEASERREVEAL #PREORDER “I absolutely loved the poignant beauty of this tragic love story. I would give it 100 stars if I could.” Mercy by @klsavage_author #RuthlessHellhoundsMC

#TEASERREVEAL #PREORDER “Devastatingly beautiful. K.L Savage had no mercy when writing this amazing masterpiece.” Mercy by @klsavage_author #RuthlessHellhoundsMC

#TEASERREVEAL #PREORDER “this is by far the best book in the entire Ruthless universe” Mercy by @klsavage_author #RuthlessHellhoundsMC

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Teaser: Impulsive by K E Osborn @KEOsborn


Don’t fight the impulse! Impulsive: The Houston Defiance MC Series Book Four by Author K E Osborn is coming April 26th!

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Oakley captured my attention. From the very first second. The moment she sassed me, even though I was wearing my club cut, I knew she had fire in her soul. As the tech man for the Houston Defiance MC, it’s my job to know everything. To always be ahead of the game. To outwit, outmatch, and outmaneuver our enemies at every turn. They may be smart, but I’m smarter. Finding out this firecracker has ties to a rival MC catches me off guard. And my first instinct is to protect her. Damn the consequences. Taking her under my wing is impulsive, reckless, electrifying. And I’m more than aware of the repercussions. But what if she is not who she says she is? Those close to me loathe the idea of us, and they’re becoming more of an issue. But things are not always as they seem. With new threats comes chaos and danger at every turn. But perhaps the war lies closer to home than even we realize.

From International Bestselling Author K E Osborn comes the highly anticipated fourth book in the Houston Defiance MC Series.

#HoustonDefiance #MCRomance #WeAreDefiance #KindleUnlimited #KEOsborn #Impulsive #KU

TEASER REVEAL!!! Chaotic by K.L. Savage releases April 20!!! @klsavage_author

by K.L. Savage

“Talk about explosive! This is why I read K.L. Savage. You’re always in for a wild ride, regardless of whose book you step into. This is so beautifully written” – Goodreads reviewer

“Holy wow. I am awestruck on how amazing this book was… I am totally speechless when it comes to this story. You knocked this one way out of the park” – Goodreads reviewer

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One, two, three, four…
I declare a deadly war.
Five, six, seven, eight…
I can’t keep my mind straight.
Nine, ten…
I’ll hunt her down and make her mine again.
I’m not the kind of man to take dares lightly.
They tend to make me more… insane.
And someone made the biggest dare of all.
They took Chloe.
She’s in the place I escaped from.
And my mania is on overload.
I’m frantic. I’m reckless. I’m murderous.
My mind is chaos.
I can feel her, sense her, and scent her.
Her fear. Her madness. Her need.
My instincts are on overload.
And I’m not the type of hunter that uses a gun.
I reap havoc.
I’ll rip my prey to shreds.
I’ll bathe in their blood.
I’ll screw on their bodies.
I won’t stop.
Her love…
Our love…
Is a dangerous, unhealthy, addictive…
Chaotic mess.
I can’t live. I can’t breathe. I can’t think without it.
Eleven, twelve, thirteen…
I’m going to make you SCREAM.


#1 Lunatic


Free in Kindle Unlimited

TWEETS #TEASERREVEAL #PREORDER “Talk about explosive! This is why I read K.L. Savage. You’re always in for a wild ride, regardless of whose book you step into. This is so beautifully written” Chaotic by @klsavage_author #RuthlessAsylum

#TEASERREVEAL #PREORDER “Holy wow. I am awestruck on how amazing this book was… I am totally speechless when it comes to this story. You knocked this one way out of the park” Chaotic by @klsavage_author #RuthlessAsylum

#TEASERREVEAL #PREORDER “This story just blew me away and add in the men of Ruthless MC and you simply have the perfect story.” Chaotic by @klsavage_author #RuthlessAsylum

#TEASERREVEAL #PREORDER “My goodness what a ride.” “This story had so much depth! I LOVED it.” Chaotic by @klsavage_author #RuthlessAsylum

#Chaotic #KLSavage #RuthlessAsylum #teaserreveal #darkromance #organizedcrime #bookpreorder #romanticsuspense

Dangerous King, an all-new sexy and provocative romance from USA Today bestselling author Sienna Snow, is available now! @sienna_snow @jennw23

“Dangerous King is perfect for readers who like their intrigues and sizzling melt-your-ereader scenes all in one fast-paced, pulse-pounding book!” –Sierra Simone, USA Today bestselling author

Dangerous King, an all-new sexy and provocative romance from USA Today bestselling author Sienna Snow, is available now!

I’m the one she should have stayed away from.

The thief, the hustler, the boy without a past or a future. A kid forged by the rules of the streets.

She sees into my darkest depths and doesn’t blink an eye. She’s my dream, my peace in a place I can never escape.

Then one day, she’s gone, whisked into a world I refuse to taint with my touch.

Fifteen years later, she’s back in my life, needing a favor only I can provide.

I’m no longer the street rat she once knew. Now I’m king of an empire, where my favors come at a price.

A price, she says she is more than willing to pay, but the cost is all of her…body, mind, and soul.

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“Do you trust me?”“

Yes,” she answered without hesitation. 

“Then, trust that I know what I’m doing. I’m not as weak as I let everyone believe, even you. There are reasons why I’m doing things the way I am. When I have all the pieces lined up, there’s going to be a lot of truth tea spilled. Tea that Uncle is going to drown in.”

“And Nik is part of the plan?”

“He’s…” I trailed off as my gaze locked on the very man.

 He stood in the hallway outside of the ballroom with a phone to his ear. His dark, penetrating gaze studied me in a way I should have been used to by now, but always felt as if it was the first time. Everything inside me clenched in response. 


He was gorgeous in the way that gave a woman heart palpitations, and no woman around him was immune. 

Those broad shoulders and muscled arms gave truth to the rumors he spent more time than not in the boxing ring and probably meant there wasn’t an ounce of unnecessary fat on his body. Then there were those piercing almost-black eyes that seemed to see too much with a simple look. And finally, his face looked as if it had been created by the discerning eye of a sculptor’s chisel, but was the result of the beautiful union between his Afro-Trinidadian mother and Indian father. 

The one thing that kept him from looking too perfect was the dusting of a beard, which only added to the unrefined edge he carried naturally. His whole aura made a woman think of all the wickedly delicious things he could do to her body. 

I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to run my fingers across his jaw just once. Or to kiss those lips I’d dreamed about over too many restless nights. 

Nope, dammit, Danika. Don’t go there. Put him back in that box of impossibilities. Well, at least for a little longer.

 Maybe one day I could allow myself a taste, or if I was lucky, a night to indulge. 

“What are you looking at? Oh.” Jayna nudged me, snapping my attention back to her. “Are you sure you don’t want Nik to be a bigger part of your plan than these games from afar?”

I swallowed, pushing down my thought from moments earlier, and said, “He’s a complication I can’t afford right now.”

About Sienna
Inspired by her years working in corporate America, Sienna loves to serve up stories woven around confident and successful women who know what they want and how to get it, both in – and out – of the bedroom.
Her heroines are fresh, well-educated, and often find love and romance through atypical circumstances. Sienna treats her readers to enticing slices of hot romance infused with empowerment and indulgent satisfaction.
Sienna loves the life of travel and adventure. She plans to visit even the farthest corners of the world and delight in experiencing the variety of cultures along the way. When she isn’t writing or traveling, Sienna is working on her “happily ever after” with her husband and children.

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RELEASE BOOST: King of Beasts Duet by Diana A. Hicks

The FULL King of Beasts Duet by Diana A. HIcks is LIVE!
FREE with Kindle Unlimited

From award-winning author Diana A. Hicks comes a dark mafia romance full of angst and heart.

Rex Valentino is my enemy.

He has the power to wave a hand and make all my family problems go away.

In return, he only requires one thing…my complete surrender.

Caterina Alfera, the angel lost in a world of beasts.

I didn’t ask for her.

Destiny brought her to me.

And now I can’t let her leave.

She’s mine to keep.

If you like dark, steamy romance with a heavy dose of suspense and intense twists, then you’ll love Diana A. Hicks’s King of Beasts

Authors Note: King of Beasts is book one in the Beast Duet and is part of the Crime Society World. It contains explicit scenes and bondage.

About the Author:

Diana A. Hicks is an award-winning author of steamy contemporary romance and science fiction. Her latest release LOVE OVER LATTES, Book 1 in her Desert Monsoon Series, recently hit the Amazon #1 Best Seller list in a category!

When Diana is not writing, she enjoys kickboxing, traveling, and indulging in the simple joys of life like wine and chocolate. She lives in Atlanta, and loves spending time with her two children and husband.

Connect with Diana!

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