Review of “The Last Valkyrie”, by Karina Espinosa @TweetsByKarina @agarcia6510

The last Valkyrie_1

She was once a warrior that was destined to be well known. She was her father’s favorite and was hand picked to train with the top Valkyrie to learn all that she needed to learn to be a great warrior. Her loyalty to her father and her position as a top Valkyrie made her decide to stay back when all of her sisters left the humans to fend for themselves, and closed the doors to Valhalla. Now, centuries later she is being framed for murders she did not commit. She’s no longer the powerful warrior she once was, but she still has some power and the will to wield her faithful sword to protect herself and the few people she has become fond of.

Raven Romero is a wanderer who has lived for many centuries. She chose to stay behind when her valkyrie sisters left Midgard. She didn’t want to abandon the humans since her father favored them. Now she was just passing her days by with alcohol and drugs. After many years of living amongst the humans, she discovers that she’s not as invisible as she thought. After she’s framed for murder, she finds that many others recognize that she is a Valkyrie. She has to figure out who is framing her to clear her name and be able to move on, but does she really want to move on? She’s found a couple of friends in Oregon and may want to stick around for awhile. Raven will face a her father as well as someone she thought cared about her, but was only using her to get what he wanted. She’ll have to revert to training as a Valkyrie to stay alive.

Will, one of the arresting officers when Raven was arrested for murder, is a young police officer who believes is justice. He starts to believe that Raven may have been framed and wants to help her. Charlie, a young woman that Raven met in the bar where she was working, is more than she appears. She’ll be an ally to Raven in her search for the real killer as well as her need to stay alive. Raven wants to shelter Charlie and keep her safe because she believes she’s an innocent, but Charlie keeps telling her that she can protect herself.

I really liked this book and give it a 4.5 star review. I really hope there are more books of Raven’s life, and if so I look forward to reading them. I highly suggest this book to anyone who likes the story of Odin, Valkyries, paranormal, or fantasy. It has all of that and more.

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