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    Sue Coletta


  • Sassy Redhead Book Reviews – Updated Blog Page

    I decided to make some changes to my Blog Page. I was just going to make a few changes, but it ended up being a little more involved. I hope you like t.

  • First blog post

    This is my first blog post ever.

    I am starting this because I want to be able to review books that I read in a place that I felt comfortable doing so. I’m an avid reader of romance and I wanted to share my thoughts on the books that I read as well as the writers who write them. I love crime and suspense as well, so I look forward to reading more of this and reviewing the books.


  • Updated Page Coming

    I will be doing some updates and changes to my page in the near future. I am going to be setting it up a little differently and changing the color scheme. I hope you like the finished product.

  • My First Blog


    I wanted to start this Blog to review books that I read. I am an avid reader of Romance books and have been doing reviews on Amazon, Good Reads, and Barnes and Noble for the books that I’ve read. However, I wanted to start this blog to write complete reviews of books as well as make some remarks about the authors I read. There may be some negative comments as well as positive, but I promise to be thorough and honest in my reviews, as well as polite in my posts.