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Cover Design ➜ Simply Defined ArtCover

Model ➜ Heath Roberts

Photographer ➜ FuriousFotog

Review of Ajax’s Nymph: Hunter’s Creek Archangels Warriors MC, Book 3 by Ciara St. James

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Ajax noticed her the first day she started working in the bakery and he knew that he had found the woman that would complete him, just like his brothers that were in relationships. He just needed to convince her now. Ajax is on watch at the bakery pretty much every day so that he can keep an eye on Jess, but when the guys keep coming in and flirting with Jess, Ajax wants to blow a gasket.

Jess is so happy to get the baking job in the new bakery in town. Her life has been rough, and she needed to get away from the town she grew up in and the toxic women that her father brought into her life. She’s kind and oblivious of her effect on the men that come into the bakery. She has no idea the effect she has on men at any time, and when she’s told that Ajax is interested in her, she can’t figure out why.

I love the Archangels Warriors books and characters. The men are protective, loyal, sexy, and possessive. The women are strong, sexy, sassy, and independent. These women draw the men to them and then drive them crazy because the men realize that they cannot control the women. I love the men and women in all of the chapters, they are a huge family that protect their communities, women, and family. I love Ajax and Jess’ story. They dance around each other until Ajax proves to Jess that he is in it for the long haul. When her past comes back into her life, the turmoil of it causes trouble for Ajax and Jess and then she finds herself in trouble and needing protection but has no one to go to but the Archangels Warriors. I am anxiously waiting for more of these books as well as the other groups that Ciara includes in her books. I give this book a 5-star review.

Review of Heartless Lover: Dark Syndicate Book 5, by Faith Summers @khardinegray1 @jennw23

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

He’s now the Obshchak in the Voirik Brotherhood, but his path was not an easy one. His father and grandfather did not want him in the mafia world, but circumstances changed as did his life. Now he’s a powerful man in the bratva, and the CEO of his family’s company. None of it came easy to him. Now Eric Markov is works closely with his Pakhan, Aiden Romanov, who is also soon to be his brother in-law. Eric has vengeance on his mind and the Dark Syndicate is helping him to get it. With the information they now have regarding a woman that may be able to help them locate the one man that Eric wants to destroy, he has a captive in him penthouse.

She’s had her fair share of tragedy in her life, and when she finds herself walking into a situation that puts her life in danger, again, she has no choice but to hide. When tragedy strikes again, she’s even more determined to hide herself away and make sure that she stays alive. However, Summer finds that there are more people that want to take her, hopefully they don’t all want her dead. Summer’s family has dwindled and she’s all alone, so she has to find a way to trust Eric and the syndicate to keep her alive and protect her. Trust does not come easy to Summer, so the battle will be interesting.

Both Eric and Summer have a hard time trusting and lowering their walls. After Eric gets to know Summer, he finds that his brain is starting to work against the thoughts of using her as bait to capture Robert. These two will fight a battle that they’ll both lose, there is no fight against your own heart. I love the Dark Syndicate series and Eric’s story was one I had been waiting for. He’s a broken man and Summer is a broken woman, but their pieces fit perfectly together. I loved the book and I love the characters in the series. The stories are action packed, tragic, steamy, and so good that I hate to have them end. I am looking forward to more in the Dark Syndicate series and I give this book a 5-star review.

Cover Reveal – Damaged Soul: Dirty Souls MC, Book 4 by Emma Creed @authoremmacreed @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Damaged Soul
Series: Dirty Souls MC #4
Author: Emma Creed
Genre: MC Romance
Cover Design: Rebel Ink
Release Date: October 1, 2021


‘Bound not by blood but loyalty.
We live, we ride, and we die
by our own laws’

Becoming a Soul saved me from myself.
My compulsions are an asset to them, and a curse to me.
Doing my duty for the club provides me with the release I need,
But beneath the surface my demons still lurk.

Rogue’s fierce, strong and unpredictable,
and when she reaches out to the club
I’m the only one who can help her.

She can sense the monster inside me,
She also has the ability to summon it.
And now I’ll have to control them both in order to protect her.


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Emma Creed lives in England and enjoys behaving like a princess to her extremely tolerable husband all whilst raising 3 boys and mini princess in the making.

When she isn’t entertaining the voices in her head, she spends her free time with a glass of white wine and a good book. Emma has been an avid reader since she was a little girl and with a little encouragement to take the leap into writing, she discovered that she loved it.

When she isn’t locked in her writing cave making up stories she can be found chatting on social media and wasting hours scrolling through TikTok. 


Out Now! One Hot Secret by Sarah J. Brooks @sjbrooksauthor

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USA Today Bestselling Author Sarah J. Brooks returns with a sizzling hot romance novel where an unbelievable fake is about to decide the destiny of two souls searching for love.

He’s our new apprentice, and he calls himself “Jack”.
Smirky smile, magnetic eyes, and a face I can’t look away from.
Pure heart thief material.
I am one of only two female firefighters at our station, and of course he gets assigned to me.

He says he wants to learn how to extinguish fire.
Instead, I need him to extinguish my desires.
He says he wants to learn how to rescue people.
Instead, I want him to rescue me.
He says he wants to learn how to break into burning buildings.
Instead, he’s about to break my burning heart.

Because it turns out that his real name is not Jack.
And he has no real intention to become a firefighter.

If everything about him is fake – how can my feelings for him still be so real?

This is book #6 in the bestselling romance series “Love on Fire”.
No cheating, cliffhangers and of course a satisfying happily ever after.

The Wolf Duet by Diana A. Hicks releases starting on September 30th! @diana_hicks @ElleWoodsPR

Preorder Available Now: https://geni.us/BBWolf

Santino Buratti is ruthless, powerful, and only cares about one thing…his latest prey Lucinda O’Brien.

A Note from Hicks: Big Bad Wolf is book one in the Wolf Duet and is part of the Crime Society World. It contains explicit scenes, kidnapping, and dubious situations some readers might find offensive and/or triggering.

This duet is the darkest mafia romance I’ve done. You’re going to love Santino and his twisted ways.

Review of Greaser: Soulless Kings MC, Book #4, by Andi Rhodes

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Greaser has been through his share of heartache and betrayal. He’s angry and not in a very giving mood when a young girl shows up to the gate looking for someone. He’s ready to dish out some punishment when she tells him who she’s looking for because he doesn’t believe her and if she’s being honest, then the person she’s looking for isn’t who the Soulless Kings thought he was. Greaser hates liars and he will punish those that lie to him.

She has escaped a living nightmare and just wants to find her last living relative. She’s dirty, hungry, and bruised, but she’s determined to find her twin brother. He may not recognize her, but Trinity has to convince him who she is, or she’ll have to find another way to survive and stay hidden from those that want her back.

I really liked this story. I loved that the Soulless Kings took the situation into consideration when things come to light and don’t punish Trainwreck. I love the characters and the story was great. I loved that Greaser was able to see beyond the previous betrayal he went through to be kind and protective of Trinity when he discovers her pain and what she’s been through. The Soulless Kings are protective, loyal, and dangerous, so anyone that goes against them will pay in one way or another, whether it be the legal way or the illegal way. These men don’t mess around. I give this story a 5-star review and I am looking forward to more in the Soulless Kings MC series to come.

Review of Secret Empire: Broken Cross Book 5, by Bri Blackwood @BriBlackwood2

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

The joker of the family has a serious side. Gage Cross is the youngest of the family, he may be a twin, but his brother Broderick is a couple of minutes older and has no problem reminding Gage of that fact. Gage is working his side jobs just like his brothers, but he’s keeping his close to the vest. He’s fed up with his father and brothers not taking him serious in the Cross Empire. His side job is dangerous and very important to him, he wants to be sure that everyone he loves is safe and protected from the threat that the Cross family is under, but he has to figure where the threat is coming from to neutralize it. His investigations will take him to places he is not expecting.

Aside from his investigative work, Gage has to be sure to be on top of his job at Cross Enterprises too. When he finds that he has to do a lot of work on his own to get things accomplished, he is overridden by his father and given a new assistant. His new assistant is shared with Damien though and he is not expecting great work, but he is pleasantly surprised by her.

I love these books and Secrete Empire was just as suspenseful, action packed, and great as the others before it. I love the characters and the plot of these stories. Stolen Empire looks to be another great addition to the series. Gage and Melissa are a great pair and great partners. I would love to read more about them in the next book. I didn’t quite feel as though their story was finished, I’m not sure why. Maybe because I loved them so much. I look forward to reading more of the series in the near future and I give this book a 5-star review.

Review of Torch’s Torment by J. Lynn Lombardi #RoyalBastardsMC Los Angeles, CA Chapter

⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ 3.5 out of 5

Torch is conflicted. He has two women that are vying for his attention, and there is something about each of them that draws him to them. One is sweet and innocent and the other is strong, independent, and takes nothing from anyone. The only problem is that Torch can’t decide which one he cares about more.

This story is rife with secrets being revealed, characters that aren’t exactly who they are acting to be, characters that have no idea their true identity, action, danger, and some twists and turns. I enjoyed the story and like the characters. I found some of the secrets to be a bit much, not that it really distracted from the story, but seemed a bit out there for me. While I like the RBMC world and the many chapters and authors, this book was not my favorite. I am looking forward to more in the Los Angeles, CA Chapter, but have to give this book a 3.5-star review because of the secrets that are being held. I love Torch and I found the vulnerable side of him to be sweet. I know these are big, bad bikers, but everyone has a vulnerable side, whether they want to admit it or show it.

Release of Torch’s Torment by J. Lynn Lombardi #RoyalBastardsMC Los Angeles, CA Chapter


இ☠️ Torch’s Torment ☠️இ

Series: Royal Bastards MC

🔥 Los Angeles, CA Chapter 🔥 

Author: J. Lynn Lombard

Cover Designer: Gray Creations

Model: Alfie Gordillo & Chrissy Marie 

Photographer: Randy Perillo

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Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B096G8L1VX/



I’ve never been the type of guy who wants more than a one night stand. I’ve always given them what they want and leave ’em.

That is until two beautiful women come into the Royal Bastards clubhouse.

Daisy is what I’ve been missing. With her quick wit, charm and love shining in her eyes. She’s too young for me.

The other wants more than I can give her. Only she has secrets of her own.

On top of that, they say blood is thicker than water. But what if your blood is out to destroy all you’ve worked for?


Looking into his deep chocolate eyes, I’ve never felt more vulnerable or wanted in my life. Torch keeps saying I’m too young for him, but in my mind, I’m not. I will stop at nothing to get him to fall in love with me. Even going as far as sabotaging a budding friendship.


I know I’m just a patch whore, but one look between Torch and myself, and you can see the sparks fly. You can feel the attraction in the air we breathe. The only problem is Daisy. She’s after him too. Now I’m caught in a triangle of love, hate, revenge and sabotage. Reminding me of back home.

Who will Torch choose? Will he keep them both or will he break the heart of one to be with another?

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