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One sip just isn’t enough…
Check out the cover of Devils & Rye by Alta Hensley!
Release Date: March 27, 2018


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Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.

It had been years since I had seen her.
Years since I last saw those eyes with pure, raw innocence.
So much time had passed since I lusted after what I knew I should resist.

But she was so right.
And I was so wrong.

To claim her as mine was breaking the rules. Boundaries should not be broken. But temptation weakens my resolve.
With the pull of my dark desires…
I know that I can’t hide from my sinful thoughts-and actions-forever.

*Devils & Rye is a dark billionaire romance. If you don’t like a splash of shock, a dash of taboo, and a heavy dose of sex, then don’t take a sip of this TOP SHELF cocktail.



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About the Author:

Alta Hensley is a USA TODAY bestselling author of hot, dark and dirty romance. She is also an Amazon Top 100 bestselling author. Being a multi-published author in the romance genre, Alta is known for her dark, gritty alpha heroes, sometimes sweet love stories, hot eroticism, and engaging tales of the constant struggle between dominance and submission.

Connect with Alta

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Website: www.altahensley.com
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ARC Review of “Imperfect Monster”, by Jennifer Bene @HGRomanceDeals @jbeneauthor #TuesdayBookBlog #dark #Romance

Great story! I loved this book. It drew me in from the beginning and it kept me reading through to the end. It was raw, beautiful, dark, and suspenseful. I waited for someone to catch on to Andre in every chapter.

Andre, dark, empty, alone, cold and deadly. A man who believes he is damned to hell and has no one who cares about him and he has nothing to live for. The man who does what he is told by jefe without question. He’s worked his way through the ranks of Paulo Garcia’s drug cartel and he is very dangerous. He is waiting for the day when he can get out of Paulo’s grip and try to live a normal life. He’s empty, until he meets Nicole Harris. He lives in the compound and has to put up with Paulo’s other henchmen, Jose, Diego, and Marco.

Nicole Harris, a woman who is trying to save her little brother from being killed. He owes Paulo money for drugs and is beat up and ends up in the hospital. Nicole, Nicky, thinks she can save him and shows up at Paulo’s house to pay off her brothers debt. Unfortunaley for her, she has no idea what she has just gotten herself into. She’s mouthy, feisty, and small, but she is also very protective of her little brother. They are all each other has left since her parents died in a car accident several years earlier. She also has no idea that she is short by $5000 for the dept owed by her brother. Paulo decides to keep her to take the rest of the money out of her body.

If you like a story that draws you in and has a dark side, then you should read this book. I give it 4.5 stars. I look forward to reading more books by Jennifer Bene.

HERO by Julia Sykes is ON SALE NOW

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I don’t have a heart left to give anyone. So when my friend tries to set me up with romance author Chloe Martin, the only answer I can give is “hell no.” Unfortunately for me, Chloe is also a journalist working a story on the Latin Kings, and my boss orders me to protect her while she carries out her research. But she’s so reckless, I’m going to have my hands full keeping her alive, let alone keeping her in line.

FBI agent Dex Scott is sexy as sin and completely off-limits. After what my bastard ex-husband put me through, I’m not interested in intimacy of any kind. But the chemistry between us is undeniable, and when Dex makes it clear that he wants to help with my research in the field and in the bedroom, I can’t resist.

His protective instincts turn possessive as dangers from my past and present rise up to threaten me. The powerful Dom demands my submission and my love. He won’t relent until he breaks down all my walls, including the ones that protect my ravaged heart.



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The plan was never to fall in love…The plan was to avenge my father’s death.

Hell, I knew better. Never fall in love with the mark.

For ten years I have plotted and planned my revenge against Rafe DeMarco. He took the most important thing in my life away from me and I meant to return the favor.

Except, I was wrong…
Now, I need his protection. And I’m the fool who went and fell in love.

The best laid plans and all.

(Deeper is the finale of the Deep Duet. Start the duet with Book 1, Deep.)

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In Deep – FREE prequel!!!

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Deep (Book 1)


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A brand new steamy alpha romance from the NYT and USA Today bestselling authors of SHAMELESS.

She didn’t just bring me back to life. She brought me back to living.

You think you know my story, but you have no idea. How could you? I cover my tracks well.

After a hellish past, I’ve got a good thing going being hired at Blake Security. I’m one of the good guys now…protect and serve and all that jazz. Kicking ass and rescuing damsels in distress – all in a day’s work.

Then I discover *this* damsel is not that innocent.

(Deep is Book 1 of the Deep Duet. The conclusion will come in Book 2, Deeper)



NYT & USA Today bestselling author M. Malone lives in the Washington, DC metro area with her husband and their two sons. She holds a master’s degree in Business from a prestigious college that would no doubt be scandalized by how she’s using her expensive education.

Independently published, she has sold more than 1/2 million ebooks in her two series, THE ALEXANDERS and BLUE-COLLAR BILLIONAIRES. Since starting her indie journey in 2011 with the runaway bestselling novella “Teasing Trent,” her work has appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than a dozen times.

She’s now a full-time writer and spends 99.8% of her time in her pajamas.

Website: http://www.minxmalone.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/minxmalone
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/minxmalone

USA Today bestselling author Nana Malone‘s love of all things romance and adventure started with a tattered romantic suspense novel she “borrowed” from her cousin.

It was a sultry summer afternoon in Ghana, and Nana was a precocious thirteen. She’s been in love with kick-butt heroines ever since. With her overactive imagination constantly channeling her inner Buffy, it was only a matter a time before she started creating her own characters.

While she waits for her chance at a job as a ninja assassin, Nana works out her drama, passion and sass with fictional characters every bit as brazen and kick-butt as she thinks she is.
Website: http://www.nanamalone.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nanamalonewriter
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nanamalone

ARC Review of “Deeper”, by M. Malone and Nana Malone

Rafeal DeMarco, retired FBI Agent and secret spy on the ORUS team, now works with his brother in-law Noah as a special Security team. The group takes on all kinds of cases, all the team members are ex-agents of some sort, and they are from all over the globe. This team will fight together and they will fight for each other, even if there are some bad feelings still from a previous situation where Rafe tried to kill a few of the guys.

Diana Vandergraff, a young woman who comes from a very nasty family, but has no idea how bad they were or are, until she gets ahold of Rafe’s files and sees the information he has on her father and brothers. Now she has to try to figure out a way to stay alive and away from her brothers so that she can have the life she wants with Rafe. The team sets up a trap to get her brothers and she wants to be the bait. Rafe isn’t happy with it, but she is determined to end the hiding. She is also hoping to get the one thing she has of her mother back into her hands. The Jewel of the Sea, a large stone that had been handed down from mother to daughter on the daughters wedding day. It’s work millions of dollars, but Diana only wants it back because it is the last thing she has from her mother.

Great ending to a wonderful story. The characters in this story are so raw and powerful. Rafe and Diana were made for each other and their chemistry makes the story that more great to read. I love that Diana doesn’t take any crap and yet, she knows that Rafe will protect her at all cost to keep her safe and alive. She may look like a damsel in distress, but looks can be deceiving.

If you like a story about a strong heroine, who will put her life on the line for her hero and a hero who finds his match in life, then you really need to read the Deep Duet. I give both of these books a 5 star review, and I look forward to reading more about the lives of the team members.




I am thrilled to be part of Joffe Books Blog Tour #blogtour for the #newrelease of Killer Lies. The DI Mariner series are great to read.

BLOG TOUR BANNER - Killer Lies (1)

Book Description


Do you love gripping police procedurals with great characters?

Discover Detective Tom Mariner in this critically acclaimed series.

‘Collett is a wonderful writer, subtle, clever, strong on atmosphere and character.’ Yorkshire Post

Just when DI Tom Mariner seems to be settling down with his new girlfriend . . . everything kicks off.

First, a badly decomposed body of a young woman is found in a Birmingham sewer. The police can’t identify her and dub her “Madeleine.”

Then an important politician and his wife are shot on an isolated road.

And finally, a bomb explosion in the busy city kills 5 people, causing chaos and panic.

Can Detective Mariner and his team get to the bottom of crimes that will come very close to home for his team.
Mariner will need to bend the rules and risk everything to get to the truth. And in a thrilling conclusion, his own life will be at risk.

Discover an absorbing crime mystery full of stunning twists and turns.

Perfect for fans of Peter James, Ian Rankin and Peter Robinson. This is the third book in the DI MARINER SERIES, more books coming soon!

Killer lies cover JPGTHE SETTING
Birmingham is a city of stark contrasts with a rich cultural and historical heritage. Playing a key role in the industrial revolution, it helped shape the nation’s manufacturing industry

But with its many green spaces, Birmingham also borders on the beautiful countryside of Worcestershire and Warwickshire, is just a few miles from Stratford on Avon and a short drive from the wild country of mid-Wales.

Birmingham’s population is large and ethnically diverse, and while urban regeneration has forged a modern and culturally vibrant city, the decaying remnants of the industrial past and 1960s concrete jungle give it a unique and gritty character; the dark underbelly policed by DI Tom Mariner and his team.

Detective Inspector Tom Mariner is, on the surface, an average dedicated policeman, but his experiences as a younger man have given him an insight into life on the dark side, and a clear sense of right and wrong. Mariner has little interest in material things. He lives in a modest canal-side cottage, enjoys the occasional (real) beer and game of dominoes and drives an old car. He is most at home in the outdoors, with an OS map and a compass, and in times of crisis, will take off and walk for miles in any weather.


Author Bio

Chris Collett grew up in a Norfolk seaside town where she worked in a boarding house (now defunct) a local bakery (closed down) and a crisp factory (razed to the ground). Graduating in Liverpool, Chris has since taught children and adults with varying degrees of learning disability, including autism. She is now a university lecturer, with two grown up children, and lives in Birmingham; DI Tom Mariner’s ‘patch’. She has published short stories, teaches creative and crime writing and is a manuscript assessor for the Crime Writers Association.

The first five DI Tom Mariner books will be released in revised editions by Joffe Books in 2017/2018.

Website:  www.chriscollettcrime.co.uk
Twitter: @crime_crow

Review of “Killer Lies”, by Chris Collett

Another great book by Chris Collett. Another great story about DCI Tom Mariner. This story was a bit more personal for DCI Mariner, and it showed his vulnerable side. However, it also showed his ability as a great detective too.

DCI Mariner and his girlfriend Ann are getting more serious in their relationship. It’s almost Christmas and they are headed to a Christmas pageant with members of the Police department where Mariner works. Anna wants to do a little more shopping before heading over, so she and Tom send Knox and his new girlfriend, Selina ahead and will meet them there. Just before they get to the church there is an explosion in the church and they are blasted backwards. They are the lucky ones, they are able to get up and move around. Tom goes into the see what he can do to help those who were not as lucky. It’s a devastating site when he gets in the church and it is not something he can get over quickly or easily.

Aside from this case where Mariner is trying to find out what happened and why, he is contacted by an old friend from another precinct who is working a murder case in the London area. A high-profile couple, Geoff and Diana Ryland, are killed in their limousine and their driver, James O’Connor, is found dead outside the car. The man inside the car worked for the Judicial Review Commission, the JRC. Mariner’s friend, Dave Flynn contacted him to give him some photos that were found in Mr. Ryland’s home when it was searched for clues as to who might have killed them. Most of the photos are of Tom Mariner as a young boy. Tom Mariner was raised by his mother and never knew his father, he had been wanting to know who his father was for years. Now he knows. The trouble is that it can get him killed, and almost does.

This story had a lot of twists and surprises. I love DCI Mariner and his tenacity when trying to solve a case. He doesn’t give up easily. This book left me with a few more questions than answers though, and I hope that the next book answers those questions.