Review of “The Angel Killer”, by April Taylor @rosieamber1 @authAprilTaylor #RBRT

Wow, what an awesome read! I was not expecting this story when I read the blurb, or when I began to read the book, but it was a great surprise. I loved this story. The story is well written and the characters jump off the pages into your mind and make you feel as if you are working with them to find the killer.

I was not expecting a love story to be intertwined in this story, but there is and it draws so much more out of the story in my opinion. Terri and Deryn are a great team and their attraction to each other draws so much more out of them to help with figuring out who the killer is.  I found myself silently yelling at Harry, Deryn, Terri, and the others to figure out where the danger was coming from and get it to stop.

If you like suspense stories that keep you wondering throughout the book who the bad guy, or girl is, this is the book to pick up and read. I read this within a day and hated to put it down to do anything. I was shocked to find out who the killer was.

Great job on this story April. I loved it and give it 5 stars. I look forward to reading more of your work.

This was my first book to read by April, but I will be reading more, she’s such a great story teller.

ARC Review of “Tempted by Mr. Wrong”, by Jacquie Biggar @jacqbiggar @rosieamber1 #RBRT #BookReview

A romantic suspense story with a strong willed woman who needs the help of a man she thought she would never see again. T.J. and Jason are brought back together after ten years because Jason is on a case, and T.J. may be mixed up in the case he is investigating.

T.J.’s heart was broken when she was a teenager and she had to move on with her life, but her heart was not involved in the move. Now she is faced with seeing the man who broke her heart and tries to figure out if she did move on, or if her heart just stopped until she saw Jason again.

Jason was brought into this case to see if they could get anywhere since he is from this town and the main people under investigation may be related to him. He knows that he was never able to move on from his love for T.J. and seeing her again brings all of those feelings back to the surface for him.

I really enjoyed this story and wished it had gone on longer. I enjoy a story that draws me in and keeps me reading and forgetting about life going on around me and this book did just that. It is very easy to get into the story and lose track of time with this book.

ARC Review of “Claimed”, by Mia Ford and Bella Winters

I enjoyed this story. It made me angry in some spots, laugh in some, and tear up in others, but it was well written and a good story to read. The feelings in this book for the reader as well as the characters were interesting.

Adriana was a strong character and she stayed true to who she was throughout the book. She was an honest woman who loved easily and completely when it came to her mother, even with the past she had with her. A strong woman who knew her own way in life.

Milos had some issues, but he worked them out in the end and found that the love of a good woman could do wonders for a person. His view on relationships was changed when he met Adriana and got to know her and who she really was.

Enjoyable read.

ARC Review of “Owned by the Soldier Prince”, by Devon Birchley

A dominant prince and a head strong, smart, sassy woman. Will they find a way to stay together and make it last forever?

Blair is a college student studying abroad in England and meets Max, English Royalty, seventh in line for the crown. He is smitten with Blair shortly after meeting her and she has no idea who he is, yet.

I enjoyed reading this book, and wish it hadn’t ended. If you like dominant men and strong willed women who compliment each other then you will enjoy this book. This is my first book to read by Devon Birchley and I look forward to more of her stories. This book kept me turning the page from the beginning until the end.

Review of “Taught”, by Sienna Ciles @HGRomanceDeals

Jax, Ernest J. Cooper IV, is the CEO of a software company. He started the company with his best friend from childhood. He’s sexy, kind, and loyal to a fault. He’s not looking for the right woman to stand by his side forever, but fate may intervene.

Lanie Carmichael is an investment broker working for her father until he drops an unexpected bomb on her. She’s looking for her way in the world and in the process runs into a man that she can’t get out of her mind.

These two are getting a lot of advice, but they aren’t quite sure if the advice they are receiving is what they really want or need, but in the end will all of the interested parties help them to find what they want in life? Can these two find their way in the world and remain who they are? This was an enjoyable read. I wanted to scream at the characters a couple of times to make they figure out that they were screwing up, but they figured it out in the end.

Review of “Player: (Caribbean Nights)”, by Anne Marsh @HGRomanceDeals @Anne_Marsh

Not exactly what I expected, but a great read just the same. When you see the title “Player”, you expect a story of a man who sleeps around, but that’s not all there is to Finn Callahan. He’s so much more and then some. Finn is a player and does sleep around, but he finally meets the woman who can tame him and when he realizes this, his life takes a turn. Will he lose the best thing that has ever happened to him?

Valentina Fuentes is a woman who wants to live her life to the fullest after a death scare and loss. When she crashes into Finn’s world, her life takes a turn for the fullest that she can have, but will she take the leap?

This story is so much more than a story about a Player, it is a story of loss, love, strength, and perseverance. These two characters have been to hell and back, but they have found a way to live their lives and take what they can to make their lives the fullest they can be. I enjoyed this story and will now have to get the rest of the books in the series to find out about Roman and Vann’s lives.



Title: Heart of a Cowboy

Series: Elk Heights Ranch #1

Author: Kristin Vayden

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp

Genre: Western Romance

Cover Design: Cora Bignardi

Release Date: December 19, 2017


Heart of a Cowboy Ebook Cover



 A stubborn cowboy has sworn never to forgive or forget—but one special woman may find a way to change his mind . . .
Hospice nurse Laken Garlington helps people face the end with peace and dignity, surrounded by their loved ones. But the son of her new patient didn’t come home to reunite with his dad. So why is Cyler Myer back in horse country? It’s clear the sexy, six-three hunk with the steely eyes has a score to settle, and Laken doesn’t plan on being collateral damage . . . no matter how irresistible she finds the prodigal cowboy.

Dying is too good for the father Cyler will never forgive—not in this lifetime.
Showing up at his family’s Washington State ranch is the first step in his plan. But revenge takes a back seat to desire when Cyler meets a bossy beauty who arouses feelings he isn’t ready to face. As they work together to save an ailing mare, Cyler realizes he must decide where his true destiny lies. With darkness . . . or with the woman who offers the promise of redemption with every kiss.







Heart of a Cowboy Teaser 2

Heart of a Cowboy Teaser 1



Kristin’s inspiration for the romance she writes comes from her tall, dark and handsome husband with killer blue eyes. With five children to chase, she is never at a loss for someone to kiss, something to cook or some mess to clean but she loves every moment of it! Life is full—of blessings and adventure! Needless to say she’s a big fan of coffee and wine…and living in Washington she’s within walking distance of both!