Review of “Mr. Darkness”, by Hilary Storm (@hilary_storm, I loved this story)

“Mr. Darkness” by Hilary Storm was a steamy read. I love Hilary’s writing and her story telling is great. I have read her “Rebel Walking Series”, all but maybe the last one, so far and loved them just as much as I loved “Mr. Darkness”.

The relentless pursuit of Camille by Mr. Darkness finally breaks her down. The fire between Cami and Damon is off the charts, but she’s afraid to act on it. He pushed her in the right way and they both got what they wanted in the end.

The Cave is a new experience for Cami, and it’s hard for her to wrap her mind around what she sees. The scenes at The Cave between these two were steamy, but I wish that Damon hadn’t tried to distance himself so much from Cami during the beginning scenes. The final scene was great.

Although they got their HEA, I was left wondering a few things about them and their story.

Review of “Clipped”, by Remy Blake

This book was full of sexual tension. Wesley Steele is the bane of Avery’s existence in high school. Avery is very organized, everything has to be in order, and she has a specific routine she follows, even when she studies. Wes likes her, but doesn’t quite know how to show her other than tormenting her daily. She gains the nick name “Anal Avery” from Wes. Avery can’t wait to get out of small town West Virginia after high school. She goes to college in California and stays there for eight years. She gets a call from her sister that their mother’s had a stroke and she has to go home.

This story opened quickly and kept right up with the action. It’s a story about a sexy lumberjack and a social media marketing girl. I liked the characters and was happy that Avery and Wes were able to overcome their past. The sexual tension between them is hot and when they finally get together the steam factor increases. I enjoyed the book and hope to see a story about Lucy’s relationship with Magnus.

Review of “Unbreak My Heart (Rough Riders Legacy Book 1)”, by Lorelei James

I have read all of Lorelei James’ Rough Riders books. This is a great series of two families that have multiple stories. I read “Long Time Gone” before reading this one, and I loved them both. To finally get Boone and Sierra’s story was great. The heartbreaking story of Boone’s childhood showing how he became the man he is, was great. I cried, laughed, and cursed through this book until they finally got together and found their way. Boone and Sierra had a lot of stepping blocks to overcome to get to their HEA. I love the Rough Rider Series and I look forward to more of the Rough Rider Legacy Series to come. Great stories!

Review of: The Mystic Cove Series, by Tricia O’Malley

I loved this series. I was able to get the first book in the series, “Wild Irish Heart”, free and  finally read it. I immediately purchased the remainder of the series and just finished it. Great story and characters. I loved that Fiona was in all of the books, she was the strength and heart of Graces Cove as far as I was concerned. Tricia’s depiction of Graces Cove drew me in immediately. I felt as if I could see the cliff they went down to get to the cove. I look forward to more books in the series and would like to read the spin -off series as well, “The Isle of Destiny Series”. The charm and magic of the characters really come to life when reading these books.

Review of: Hacked; By Sue Coletta

I loved this book. I have a Ford Fusion, and this book made me question whether I should drive it again. This book really brought me into the story and the writing was great. I love the characters. I will read more of Sue’s books. This was my first book by her, but I love it. Great story, author, and enjoyable read. Thanks for such a great read!