Review of Lucky: O’Sullivan Brothers, Book 1 by Rie Warren @RieWrites @EJBookPromos

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

He’s the oldest brother of the O’Sullivan mafia and is now the leader. After he and his brothers took care of their father, he became the head of the O’Sullivan Clan. Lucky O’Sullivan has no intention of settling down or having only one woman in his life. However, fate has other things in mind for him. There’s a woman that has been showing up at their underground casino and has his attention.

Prudence has obligations and needs to make ends meet to take care of those obligations. Her talent lies in gambling and she has been having a pretty good streak lately. The problem is that her streak has not always been good, and she has the Yakuza after her. They’re not the only threat to her and her life.

I really loved this story of two people that fought for so much in their lives to have what they have and found the only other person that can make their life better. Prudence has been a woman that could take care of herself for a long time and does not like to ask for help, but when she knows that her life could be in jeopardy, or at least that she’s in danger, she turns to the one man that wants more than to just rescue her from the current danger. He will want more and neither one of them are prepared for the feelings they bring out in each other. Lucky and Prudence are perfect for each other and I love how the O’Sullivan’s have taken in Prue and her sister as if they are already part of the family. This story incorporates the Zolotov Bratva, which this story is a spin off from and I love how they are one big family and help each other out. I give this story a 5-star review and if you love a mafia romance with a strong, sassy, independent woman you will love this book as well as the Krasnov Brothers books.

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Title: Lucky
Series: The O’Sullivan Brothers #1
Author: Rie Warren
Genre: Mafia Romance/Irish/Mafia/Dark Romance
Release Date: May 3, 2021

He’s concerned with one thing only: ruling his mafia empire. She’s sworn off men—especially bad ones—for life. Despite their instant hostility, these two are on a hot collision course, and the collateral damage could be catastrophic.

I know all about being down on my luck but, right now, I’m at the top of the mafia food chain, and I don’t intend to let anything, or any woman, get in my way.

Then this broad appears in my casino. Prudence Knight is a straight-up hustler, a card shark who wins hand over fist, and I refuse to be impressed.

With her smartass attitude combined with the angelic looks, she’s begging to be controlled by a mafia man like me.

I don’t plan on taking it easy on Prue. Sure, she’s been through an ordeal, but now she owes me. I’m gonna find a reason to keep her for as long as she serves my purposes. Because, after years of being under my dad’s despicable rule, the only risks I take are the ones I know will benefit me in the end.

I’ve been known to be hardheaded and I’m definitely all about my independence. I bust my butt to earn a living and I have no desire to be any man’s pawn. Not even Lucky O’Sullivan’s.

Oh yeah. I’ve heard of him. Who hasn’t? The rumors, the gossip, the mafia myths. He’s said to be an unrepentant killer, and that might be the least of my worries. I hate him at first sight, and the feeling seems to be mutual until he makes me an offer I really should refuse.

Now I owe him, which makes this arrogant mob boss think he owns me. I’m getting in too deep, but at what cost?

Lucky is book 1 in the O’Sullivan Brothers Irish mafia series. No cliffhangers. No cheating. Includes sizzling hot scenes. Can be read as a standalone.

Prue doesn’t want to want me?

Tough fucking shit.

Now I had her where I wanted her. Stretched out half on top of my Jeep with her face down. And she wasn’t escaping.

Something deviant compelled me to barge right against her.

Having her suddenly at my mercy again made my cock stiffen so fast blood rushed right to my groin. I jammed my pelvis against her ass so she could feel how she affected me, and she struggled.

I didn’t care.

I dragged my hands from her hips to her stomach and pulled her torso up. I held her tightly against my chest, my palms climbing over her top to hold her tits. I ran my fingers across her nipples that peaked up at my barest touch.

Still the obstinate woman wriggled in frustration.

I let out a husky chuckle then shoved her hair aside. Leaning in, I nipped and licked her neck until she stopped resisting.

Her hot whimper was music to my ears because I knew it wasn’t fear. It was fiery desire she kept trying to contain.

And I was about to break it all free so I could wallow in her untamed need.

Tugging her around, I dug a hand into her hair and claimed her mouth. The inferno combusted. Our tongues circled and twined, my hand controlling just how hard and how long the slippery kiss lasted.

When a groan tumbled from me, I snatched her head back.

“Goddamn it, Prue.” Ragged breaths struck through my chest. “Tell me.”

“What?” She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth.

“You know what I want to hear come out of that pretty mouth of yours.” My tone was clipped and crisp.

“Fine.” With a haughty toss of her magnificent mane and pure fire lighting those crystal green eyes, she admitted, “I want you, you arrogant ass—”

I crashed my mouth over hers again.

Badass, sassafras Rie Warren is an OG Amazon All Star author of Bad Boy books and MC romance. She delivers five star sex, suspense, and the best banter around. Her stories are one hundred percent original, do not contain fluffy plots or virgin brides, and wring every last emotion from readers to leave them with a satisfied smile. Rie’s tough alpha males are never brought to heel, but are instead healed by the feisty femme fatale of their perfect match. She grew up in Maine, went to college in Iowa (Iowa, what?), lived in Scotland, and married in Englishman. In true roundabout fashion, they came back to the States, settled in South Carolina’s lowcountry, putting down southern roots and pursuing their arty endeavors. Tale spinner and character diviner, Rie is a lover of sleep, wine, and rude memes often involving either Disney characters or Winnie the Pooh. She is raising two teen daughters along with an entire brain full of unruly characters. Rough-talking alpha men? Rie has that on tap. Stubborn sassy heroines? You bet. Smoldering sex scenes that’ll set your Kindle on fire? Check, check, check. Keep a fan handy, you’ll need it. Follow the signup link below to her romance newsletter for sneak peeks, new releases, first looks, and her quirky sense of humor., as always, happy sexy reading to you!


Release Blitz: MERCILESS HUNTER by Faith Summers @jennw23

She should have run away from me when she had the chance…

Merciless Hunter, an all-new standalone dark romance from USA Today bestselling author Faith Summers, is available now!

I was on a mission of retribution and vengeance:
find my son then make my enemies pay for kidnapping him and killing my wife.
Then I met her.
Olivia made a big mistake when she tried to trick me.
I’m the leader of a blood-thirsty brotherhood.
In the Bratva the rules are simple:
An eye for an eye.
A tooth for a tooth.
Enemies will always be enemies.
Try to fool me, and you pay with your life.
Except this beautiful angel managed to enchant me.
So I make her my prisoner.
A captive at the mercy of my desire.
One taste and I don’t want to let her go.
One taste and I want to make her mine.
When danger comes knocking, our fates crash together.
Locked in a web of deceit and betrayal.
Tangled in secrets and lies.
I thought I had nothing left to lose.
Until my enemies take her.
Love has no place for a dark soul like me.
But I’ll walk through the fires of hell to get her back.

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About Faith
Faith Summers is the Dark Contemporary Romance pen name of USA Today Bestselling Author, Khardine Gray.
Warning !! Expect wild romance stories of the scorching hot variety with the kind of alpha male bad boys best reserved for your fantasies.

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Review of His Refused Mate: Katu Wolves, Book 1 by Jade Marshall @JadeMar74119380

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 out of 5

A good quick read.

Peyton is the daughter of the Alpha, but when he took off and didn’t return, the pack took her and made her their maid. She owes them for taking care of her and giving her a roof over her head, even if she is treated as a slave. When she turns eighteen everything changes, and she becomes a free of the chains that have bound her.

Caine is the Alpha of the Katu Wolves and is looking for his mate. He is lonely and wants to find the one person to complete him. As “a wolf shifter he wants nothing more than to find his mate, protect his family, and serve his pack”. Too bad that he is unable to find his mate within his pack.

Peyton is free to roam whenever and wherever she wants now that she has left the pack, she was raised in. When the new Alpha figures out that Peyton is the key for him to become a true Alpha, he goes looking for her. Caine has his sights on his mate, but he must convince her that he’s not going to hurt her. Peyton finds her home and acceptance in a new pack and is called upon for advice by those in her new pack as the Alpha’s mate. I enjoyed this quick read and the characters in this story. I give the book a 4-star review. If you are looking for a quick shifter story to read with determined Alphas pick up His Refused Mate, by Jade Marshall.

Now Live!⁠ 💔Shattered💔⁠ by Bella Emy @BellaEmyWrites

Now Live!⁠

Order your copy of Shattered today & enter for a chance to win the giveaway! Details below!

Falling in love with you was easy.

You came in, swept me off my feet, and promised me forever.

Everything was wonderful, beautiful… until one day it wasn’t.

The day I blinked, and you were gone, was the day you shattered my heart forever.

I accepted it. I promised myself I was never going to look back, and I moved on.

Or so I thought…

You waltzed back into my life like a whirlwind…

Could years of hatred be healed by one look, one kiss?

Falling in love with you was the easy part but finding forever with you may just be impossible.

This steamy second chance contemporary romance is part of Corinne Michaels’ Salvation Society.

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💋Bella Emy
USA Today Bestselling Author

Review of The Rebel: Kingmakers Series, Book 2 by Sophie Lark

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Wow, this book got darker and yet it was perfect. College has never been so dangerous!

These are Mafiosi’s that were born and raised in the world, so I wouldn’t expect anything less. Although it also seemed to bring the darkness out in some that would normally not show it.

I love Miles and Zoe; their love story was beautiful and brought out the real person in both. Zoe’s able to be herself with Miles and he’s able to find the lightness within himself. There are so many angles being brought out in this series and I am anxious to find out about so many of the characters in the series. The scenes are so detail oriented I can picture them in my mind while reading. I love the lengths that Miles will go to help Zoe and bring her peace of mind, but I also love that Miles is like that with those he is closest to. He really is the best parts of both of his parents. I also loved the Extra Scene, it was great! I love the series and cannot wait to read The Bully and The Spy. I am anxious to find out who that is. I really want more of Ares too, he’s such a great character as well. I give this book a 5-star review and if you have not read any of Sophie Lark’s books but are a fan of Mafia stories, you’ll love any of her books.

Out now! My Review of Freak: Royal Devils MC, Chicago, Book 3 by Erin Trejo @trejo_erin

★.•° NOW LIVE!°•.★

Freak (Book 3 Royal Devils MC – Chicago)

by Erin Trejo

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Release: 6th May 2021

It all started with a girl and a bomb. She was trouble and I knew it. She was dating a rival MC member. That wasn’t reason enough to stop me from going after her. Now, I’m hooked and she’s in trouble. I’ll be her savior, but I’ll also be her downfall. Can she handle me being both or is he better for her?

Available NOW

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Review of Freak: Royal Devils MC, Chicago, IL, Book 3 by Erin Trejo

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Katrina is finally living the life she wants. She’s running the bakery her mom left her and she lives with her best friend. Too bad she’s in a relationship with a man that can only make her happy in one way. Her life takes another turn and she’s in danger of her life ending tragically.

Freak is a man that is happy with his brothers and his MC. He and the other Royal Devils live life on their terms. None of them had a great childhood. When Freak’s older sister contacts him looking for refuge, he’s leery but lets her come and stay at the compound. They are not close, and she hasn’t been around the club in years.

Once again Erin Trejo has written a book that blew me away. I am loving this series and the Royal Devils. They are all men that’ve survived a rough childhood and have a close friendship since they grew up together. This story is action packed, a tearjerker, steamy, and a page turner. I love the characters and I think that Freak has now become my top Royal Devil. He is not a man that shows his vulnerable side, but it comes out when he is around Katrina and Psycho. He can talk Psycho through some episodes that could lead him down a path of despair. All of these men have a dark side, but the light they find when they find the woman that makes them whole brings out a whole new side. I loved the book, and I cannot wait to read more in the series. I’m looking forward to Preacher’s book. I give this book a 5-star review. If you love MC, damaged characters that find a way to heal and sassy, strong women you’ll love the Royal Devils MC.

Review of Steel Empire: Broken Cross Series, Book 3 by Bri Blackwood @BriBlackwood2 @GiveMeBooksPR

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Anais Monroe is in danger and while Damien Cross thought it was due to something her father had gotten himself and her into, he is finding out that the danger stems from his past and he has no clue where to begin to end the danger and bring Anais home safely.

I loved this conclusion of Damien and Anais’s trilogy, but I did not see that coming at all. The twist in this story was a surprise. I was expecting something completely different, but I was happy with the outcome. Anais and Damien finally figure out their love, but they have a way to go to their HEA. The danger must be neutralized before they can be happy. I love the characters and the story of these two. I am excited for more though and am looking forward to Shadow Empire. The men are dark, dangerous, Alpha, and sexy. The women are sassy and courageous. I give this story a 5-star review and suggest you pick up the first book in the trilogy and meet Damien and Anais.

RELEASE BLITZ and GIVEAWAY for Steel Empire: Broken Cross Series, Book #3 by Bri Blackwood @BriBlackwood2 @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Steel Empire
Series: Broken Cross #3
Author: Bri Blackwood
Genre: Billionaire Dark Romance
Release Date: May 6, 2021


Our bond is steel.

We began to rebuild what we had,
Because I’m determined to make things right.
Someone is out to ruin me,
And they’re using Anais to do it.
Danger threatened to take her from me forever.
But what they don’t know,
Is when someone threatens what is mine,
There will be hell to pay.

Steel Empire is book three in the Broken Cross series. It is the final book in Anais and Damien’s story. Themes in this dark and sexy series may not be suitable for all readers. Steel Empire is the final book in a trilogy and is not a standalone. Read Savage Empire and Scarred Empire before reading this book.



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The demons that haunted my nightmares were supposed to remain there.
Yet, they had materialized into the real world and stole what was mine. There wasn’t much I feared, but my life had been turned upside down twice in recent weeks.
When Kingston alerted me that there was an incident involving Anais and her father and that his team was rushing in, my heart felt as if it were being strangled. It took precious moments for me to reach Rob and head down to the car because there was no way I would stay at my office waiting for word on what happened to Anais. Every second that passed without word made my mind race, wondering if the moment she walked out of my parents’ home would be the last time I saw her. After I was told that although James had been shot, Anais was fine and they were transporting her to a safe house, I felt as if I could breathe again.
Once it was confirmed that Kingston had Anais and she was safe, I knew that everything was going to be fine. I trusted Kingston with my life, and I knew that he would do everything in his power to make sure that Anais was okay.
The slight tremble of my hand as I pulled at my tie told me my feelings about this were completely different. The item of clothing now felt as if it were restricting my breathing, a change from just before I entered my home. The headache that was starting to form would not deter me from what had now become my only purpose: saving her.
Someone kidnapped her and I would drag whoever did this through the bowels of hell to get her back. This was a war and there wasn’t a chance that I would lose.
I pulled my phone out again and clicked a single button to redial the number that I practically had memorized due to how many times I had seen it in the last hour, but I got the same thing every time: Anais’s voicemail. I called both Kingston’s and Carter’s phones and got the same result. Where the fuck is everyone?
I cussed at myself for not working faster. The extra security measures that were supposed to be in place weren’t due to be installed until Monday. I’m failing her.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Bri loves a good romance, especially ones that involve a hot anti-hero. That is why she likes to turn the dial up a notch with her own writing. Her Broken Cross series is her debut dark romance series.

She spends most of her time hanging out with her family, plotting her next novel, or reading books by other romance authors.


PRE-ORDER BLITZ – Dangerous Desires Part 1: Corrupt Me #1 by A. G. Khaliq – Mafia Romance Release Date: May 18, 2021 @agkbooks_ @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Dangerous Desires Part 1
Series: Corrupt Me #1
Author: A. G. Khaliq
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Genre: Mafia Romance
Release Date: May 18, 2021


When Secret Agent Maya is sent undercover to nail the Russian Mafia, the last thing she’s expecting is to fall in love with the man she’s trying to put behind bars…

There have been several murders occurring in Manhattan and all fingers point to one man. Maya’s boss sends her to New York to work undercover at Donte Abruzzi’s company. He believes that not only is Donte associated with the crime family, but that he’s the one behind all the murders.

Leaving her life behind, Maya starts working at Donte’s company under the new name of Sapphire Myers. At first, gathering information seems easy, but as she gets to know Donte, everything becomes complicated.

The attraction and chemistry between them become harder to ignore and lines are blurred. The closer Donte and Maya become, the less things seem to add up. The deeper she goes, the more she realizes the evidence doesn’t point towards Donte or the Russian Mafia.

Now, not only does she need to figure out why her boss is so hell-bent on putting Donte behind bars, but skeletons from her past start resurfacing, putting her at risk of losing everything.

This series was previously self-published, however it was unpublished as it was picked up by a publisher. It has been improved, revamped and re-released with Limitless Publishing.





My pops had been telling me to settle down for years. He told me to find a woman who would stand by me no matter how tough things got, and would have my back through thick and thin.
And the truth was, I was tired of empty sex. I was tired of one-night stands, and I was tired of screwing women just to toss them away and never speak to them again.
I’d built myself an empire from nothing. I’d put in blood, sweat, and tears to get where I was today, the owner of several huge businesses, including my multi-million dollar software company, Indigo Limited.
And now…
I just wanted a woman to share that with.
So when Sapphire Myers walked into my office telling me that she was the new Python developer, I couldn’t help but fall head over heels for her beauty. She was so fucking sexy and she didn’t even realize it, but I could see the pain in her eyes. She looked tired, exhausted, broken
She looked like a mystery.
A mystery that I wanted to solve.
But I was battling with my own demons. I had some dirty secrets of my own, and a past I wasn’t proud of.
I was part of a Mafia family. A family of organized crime.
But God help me, even though I had my own skeletons in the closet…
If I’d have known that Sapphire was going to betray me in the worst fucking possible way, I would have torched that bitch and left her to die the first time I ever laid eyes on her. I would have disposed of her without a second fucking thought, and then moved on with my life without looking back.
It takes more than a pretty girl to bring me to my knees. The more I push, the more she pushes back. Sapphire is a challenge that I’m not used to, but she needs to learn a thing or two about loyalty.
Because in my world, snakes and rats are buried six feet under. To teach them a lesson not to fuck with me. Because in the Mafia, we’re bound by blood…
And I won’t hesitate to do the same thing to her for getting on the wrong side of me. I won’t hesitate to give her the same treatment countless people before her got. Somebody should have warned her that if you play with fire you’ll get burned.
Because at the end of the day…
I didn’t choose this life.


A. G. Khaliq is 22 years old, residing in the United Kingdom. In between being a student, she loves to write. Her craft began when she started writing for a game called Episode Interactive, where she garnered almost 3 million reads. She soon wanted to expand her craft, and began writing published books, starting with a dark, organized crime thriller called Mafia Kingpin. She is most active on Instagram, @agkbooks.