Review of Love At First Fight (RBMC, Huntsville, AL) Book 6 by K. L. Ramsey @KLRamsey5

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 out of 5

JB has had to fight most of his life, first to survive and keep his little sister safe and alive. His mother couldn’t care for them, but he didn’t want to leave his mother to fend for herself, so he stuck around. That is until things got worse and then he decided it was time to put himself and his sister first and ask for help. Raised by his maternal grandmother, JB and his sister Tanya had a better life than what they started out with. Now he’s fighting in the ring to make money and things aren’t going so well. He’s in debt and to protect his family and those he loves; he will have to fight the battle of his life.

 She’s the daughter of JB’s trainer. They’ve never spoken much or had much to do with each other, but now she needs to find him and get him to step up and protect her father. She has no idea that she needs protection too, but he does. Charley is a strong, independent, determined woman, but when she realizes the danger lurking around her, she decides to take JB up on his offer to protect her. When things start to heat up there is more danger around the corner that they will need to avoid.

I enjoyed this story with JB and Charley. This is a story of forced proximity that leads to a HEA, but there is danger to be avoided first. When Charley puts her faith in JB his thoughts begin to turn around and things might work out for him and his family. As always with the RBMC, Huntsville, AL chapter, the characters were fun to meet and read about and the support by the brothers is always great to encounter. When these guys patch in they find themselves with a large family that is willing to go to the ends of the earth to help and protect each other. This story did not disappoint in that, and I give it a 4-star review.

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