Review of Trainwreck, Soulless Kings MC, Book 6 by Andi Rhodes #TuesdayBookBlog

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Trainwreck is now a patched member of the Soulless Kings MC. Since his twin sister has returned to him his life has been focused on taking down the people that took her and ruined their lives. He’s kept his dealings to himself, but when a brother sees his room and finds out what he’s been up to he can’t keep it quiet. Especially since the brother in question is a prospect. Trainwreck is now worried about his patch in the club and what will happen when Fender, his president requests his presence.

Sylvia has always been in the shadows, but now that her sister is married and moved to another MC, her life with the Black Savages MC has been a little better. She still holds the anger and pain from her childhood though. Her one night stands are her way of coping and when she decides to go home with a man at the bar that catches her eye, she’s determined to live life on her own terms, no matter what Donovan tells her, when he says the man is bad news. That one decision could be the worst one she’s ever made.

I loved this story of Trainwreck and Sylvia. I love the Soulless Kings MC characters and this story was just as great as the others. These men will do anything to protect their family, whether they are by choice or by blood. When the MC is faced by betrayal from a member of the Black Savages MC, the danger amps up ten degrees. The Soulless Kings are resourceful, loyal, and above all very lethal. That’s how they will take down the danger lurking around them. I can’t wait for Squirrel’s book next. I give this book a 5-star review and want more soon!

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