Review of Secret Keeper (Cocky Hero Club Story) by Christopher Harlan @GiveMeBooksPR and @CockyClub

CHC Vi Keeland _ Penelope Ward

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 out of 5

He’s from a working-class family, raised by his grandparents. He’s loyal, sticks to his morals, and can keep a secret. Dylan Murphy is the Personal Assistant to a very rich man that opens his world up to so many things. Dylan idolizes Graham and works very hard for him. He was hired when he needed a job most, right after he returned home from his duty in the Marines. Dylan lives in a very ritzy Co-Op owned and run by Graham and his rich friends that also live in the Co-Op. Dylan is a man who gets things done, he is not only the PA for Graham, but he is also the manager of the Co-Op where they live. He’s a fixer in a way. The first time he sees Penelope, he is drawn to her. He is smart enough to keep his distance though once he finds out that she is taken, that is until he learns that her fiancé is not who she thought he was.

Penelope is also from a working-class family. She isn’t looking for a man to give her the world, but when Chandler comes up to her in a bar and introduces himself to her and asks her out, she’s charmed. Things are fine until after they become engaged and she learns who Chandler really is. The son of a media mogul that is ruthless in business and life. She needs to get away from him when his secrets start to come to light, but he’s holding her family over her and she can’t escape him, until Dylan decides that she’s worth any sacrifice and will do anything to help her and bring down the corrupt media mogul.

I enjoyed this story. It’s a story of two people who get a taste of the rich life, but don’t lose their morals and keep their roots. These two will go through a lot to get to the actual truth and bring down the corrupt fiancé, but they will have some help along the way from the people that Dylan has shown true respect and dedication to. Graham knows who Dylan is and will help him to attain his own goals. There are secrets, challenges, angst, and suspense throughout this story and the true hero will finally win in this story, but it will take a lot of dedication, planning, and help to get to the ultimate goal. I give this story a 4-star review and recommend it if you like stories of the underdog coming out on top and an Alpha male that doesn’t need to shove his way into anything to accomplish his goals.

Secret Keeper Instagram Story

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