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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 out of 5

Sheridan Reid is a young woman who has had to be strong since she was little girl and lost her mother. She was always told by her mom that she was strong, and she didn’t want to disappoint her when she was sick, so Sheridan always hid her tears and her vulnerabilities. As a young woman who has worked alongside her father in their company, RT Industries, she has become a woman who gets things done, she is serious, boring, and focused on getting her father’s best friend, David, to commit to her and explore a relationship. On her way to meet her father’s wedding and meet up with David to convince him, she is re-routed due to a Hurricane and finds herself with a group of people that draw out the young woman she should be and shows her who she can be and what she really craves in life, friendship and fun.

Camilo Zaragoza is the co-pilot and is living his dream of flying all over. His father and he left Mexico to fulfill Camilo’s dreams of becoming a pilot, giving up their life in Mexico and leaving Camilo’s mother behind. He loves going to see his Mamá when he is able to fly back, but his life is in Florida now with his papa. Camilo is fighting his own battles now though as his father has had a stroke and is in a care home. The young woman who seems to be arrogant and rude has caught his attention, until she insults him and is rude to his face. However, for some reason he is still pulled to her.

I really enjoyed this story, it was entertaining, angsty, and funny. The characters are great. You have two sexy, cocky pilots, a stuck up rich heiress, a Latina singer, a gay reality TV star and his assistant, the flight attendant, and an elderly couple that are all traveling to Cost Rica that end up in Tahueca, Oxaca, Camilo’s hometown and have to stay at the Zaragoza Hotel, Camilo’s family hotel. Due to Rodrigo, the Hurricane headed right for them, the group has to stay together to stay safe. The whole ordeal brings out a different person in Sheridan, after a lot of bad situations first. This story was funny, angsty, and sad, but all in all it was a great story. I loved Damian and I really hope he gets a story, along with Nicolas. Damian is the perfect character to bring out the humor in this story. I really can’t see him being quiet and not wanting his own story. I give this story a 4-star review and hope for more of these characters because they are all great and fun to read.

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