My 5-star ARC Review of Guy by Bry Ann @AuthorBryAnn . Happy Release Day!!

Guy Cover

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5-stars

Guy is a socially awkward computer nerd who hates living in society. After years of living on the streets and surviving because of his best friend Frances, he moves away from society and the warped ways of people. He does best on his own and lives on his own private island away from everyone. He likes it that way. He runs his own business and is very well off.

Katrina needs to get away from her life and wants to hide out on an island so that her abuser cannot find her. She needs time to heal from the last beating she received. However, she is not prepared for the island and how dangerous it could be. When a storm rolls in, she is scared and doesn’t know what to do. When she hears a man’s voice trying to coax her to go with him for safety, is surprised to find someone else on the deserted island.

Bry Ann hit it another home run with this book. I love her books and this one does not disappoint. The characters in her stories may be dealing with a lot from their childhoods, but they always find the one person who can complete them and make them whole again. These characters have a lot going on but when they meet and get to know each other, they find that they are a perfect match. There are so many lines in this book that I loved, but a couple that really stood out to me and made me smile were “And let me tell ya, nothing leads to better sex than a happy guy and a confident female. And we have some bomb-a** sex that day.” This is so true. Confidence in either a man or a woman is so sexy. I also loved the reference to Seven, “He comes back in the room with—I’m not kidding you—a sword. Yep. Apparently, a “co-mobster” of Frances’s (I have no idea what to call him) uses swords as a weapon and now he’s got Guy all interested in it.” I also love the part about Bart. Bry Ann’s book always make me cry, laugh, and get so angry at the characters for being so stupid at times.

I love Guy’s awkwardness and his little quirks, but he was trained by one the best from the streets on how to take care of himself, and he can be a force to be reckoned with if provoked. I give this story a 5-star review and I look forward to more stories from Bry Ann in the future. You really have to read this book, it’s a wonderful story and a beautiful beginning for Guy and Kiki.



I’d also like to invite you to join Bry Ann tonight on The Boudoir in FaceBook where she will be beginning at 6:00 pm ET tonight.69689632_516826182192704_6460554153843228672_n

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