Review: Of Ash and Angels, by KC Decker

Justin Abernathy a man who had it all and then lost it all. His losses will create a prison for him. His friends will encourage him to live again and to sign up for some help. He’s a man who will have to find a way to live again. With the help of Norah. A woman who had to leave the job of her dreams to a job that she is really not cut out for. She’s not really a person who enjoys talking to people, but that’s what she will have to do to make ends meet.

I really liked this book. Although, it took a little bit to get into it. A story of love, loss, and finding a way to live again. This story is heartbreaking and yet it’s a story of finding that one person who thinks you are worth it. The one person who will stand by you, push your limits, and pull you out of your self-imposed prison.

I give this story a 4-star review. The end left me with some questions though. I am hoping that there is going to be more about Justin and Norah, or perhaps Davis and Sophia’s story.

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