Review of Micaden’s Madness and Psychopath’s Prey, by V. F. Mason @Author_VFMason

These books are pretty dark and disturbing. They are very good reads if you like dark romance with a large side of disturbed. I read Micaden’s Madness first and then went back to purchase Psychopath’s Prey and Lachlan’s Protege. I haven’t started Lachlan’s Protege yet as I needed a break from the dark stories, but I will be reading it soon.

There is just something about the way that Mason writes these stories that drew me in and kept my interested. Micaden’s Madness was a good story with a lot of background throughout and kept my interest with the suspense of what happened to Micaden and Ella in their lives when they were separated. Psychopath’s Prey was a good story as well, but Kierian’s past was so rough and disturbing that I found this story to be a lot darker to read.

I enjoy dark romance and suspense, and Psychopath’s Prey had a lot of it. I liked how Mason wrote this story so that you had no idea which character was Psychopath until almost at the end of the story, and then she threw in a twist. I really enjoyed reading both stories and I liked the characters in both books. I love V. F. Mason’s Bratva & Cosa Nostra’s Series as well the Sociopath Duet. Her writing is very real and very powerful in her story telling.

These books do have triggers and this warning should be taken very seriously, especially for Psychopath’s Prey. I give both books a 5 star review and look forward to reading Lachlan’s Protege, but with a break in between of a lighter book. I fully recommend these books to anyone who likes dark, suspense romance books and books that will keep your interest from the first page. These books really do that with the first chapter digging right into their lives and their lifestyle.

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