Review of “SEALed at the Altar: Bone Frog Brotherhood, Book 2”, by Sharon Hamilton

Bone Frog

Another great story of SEAL Team 3 and the men who put their lives on the line everyday for their country and families. I love the characters in these books and I always enjoy reading how the men find their HEA. Tucker is another great character who shows that he is an honorable soldier and was made to be a SEAL. Sharon Hamilton does a great job writing these stories and bringing out the best in these men and women.

Tucker Hudson is a man who wants to get back onto the SEAL Teams. He is 39 years old and in order to get back on the Teams is to go through the BUD/s training again. His body does not bounce back the way it did the first time he went through the BUD/s training. He knows it won’t be easy since he is not a young man anymore, but he is determined to qualify and get back onto the Teams. He knows where he belongs and works very hard to get back to it. Along the way he also finds the woman that he wants by his side to go through this. Brandy is a young woman that Tucker met at his buddies wedding. She’s supportive, yet scared of how things will work out. She is new to relationships and is all in with Tucker.

I loved this story and the determination of Tucker to get back on the Teams was inspirational. He proves that just because he is no longer in his twenties he still has what it takes to be a SEAL and work with his training Team to attain his goal as well as help them attain theirs. He has become an inspiration to a lot of the guys in training as well. I love Kyle Lansdowne and his Team, and I love reading all the stories involving them. I devoured this story the same as I have done with others before it written by Sharon Hamilton. I give this story a 4.5 star review and look forward to more in the Bone Frog Brotherhood.


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