Review of “SINFUL”, BY M. Malone and Nana Malone @LWoodsPR @MINXMALONE @NANAMALONE


Mathias a young man who has lived a whole life in his young years. His childhood was beyond corrupt and his start in life was not great. His mother and he are moved to the compound of the Family. He is a smart child and notices things that are going on around him. This only helps him in knowledge of life. He knows that he has to get away from the Family if he wants a real life. He finds a reason to keep going when Gigi is moved to the compound to repay a debt to the Family for her father. Mathias finds that his purpose to survive is to protect Gigi.

Gigi, Gemma, is a young woman who finds herself back with the Family to get information for ORUS. She has knowledge of the Family and can get close enough to get information for her new boss. Gemma finds herself in a tough place working for both organizations though. She is sent on a mission for the Family only to find that the person that she is to attain for the Family is the very person that she thought was killed years ago and that he is more powerful than she was prepared for.

This book was great! I loved the entire duet and prequel. I loved the twists that were in this story and how things turned out. I loved reading Mathias’ story and learning more about him and his life. He has a lot of secrets that come out in this final book. I think I love him more now. He always kept himself at a distance from everyone, but his new family of Blake Security were really getting through without him even realizing it. When Gemma came along, he thought she was the only one he was letting through his barriers, but little did he know that she was just one person who cared about him and broke through his barriers. He thought the men and women of Blake Security were being kept behind the barrier, but each one actually made their way through before Gemma came back into his life. Mathias finds himself protecting his “family” from the Family, and he will do anything he can to make sure that they are protected from the evil that he knows is coming for him. He is such a strong character and his life was so messed up. Gemma’s story is just as great. I give this story a 5 star review. I loved it and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a brooding alpha male who finds his light in a woman that comes back into his life.


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