Review of “Grave Island”, by Andrew Smyth

Philip Hennessey, a British Intelligence Officer is set up by someone who he thought was a friend. His place is raided by Military Police, who find files in his possession that say, “Top Secret – Not to be Taken Out”.  He knew that he had some files, but no Top-Secret files in his possession. Who could have planted them, and why? He knows he has a tendency to be too rough when he gets angry, but that would not be a reason for someone to plant files and contact the Military Police. James takes his punishment for the files, even though they were not put there by him. He knows they were planted and asks a friend, Ali to see if he can figure out who put them there, by seeing who the last person was to have the files.


Greta Satchwell, a woman who needs someone to help her figure out why her father died. She believes he was murdered and needs someone who can investigate his death and find out why he died. He went to the hospital for a routine surgery and ended up dead. He was a wealthy man who worked with some questionable people in Greta’s eyes. She believed they had him killed because he had some trouble with a project they were working on together, he had lost some money on it. Greta was given James’ name by Sally, his ex-wife. Greta and Sally had gone to school together and Sally felt that since James is no longer in the military, he would have some time on his hands and be able to help Greta.


The death of Mr. Satchwell will lead Philip into a world of trouble with his investigation. He will travel to Africa, Malaysia, and South Africa to chase down the real culprit for Mr. Satchwell’s death. He will be pulled into a world of counterfeit prescriptions and the underworld of drugs and drug cartels. The path to find the drugs is a scary path and his intelligence training will come in handy while he is investigating where the drugs came from.


I liked this book, but it was not a favorite of mine. There were a lot of twists and turns in the book which kept my interest, but the book did not draw me in all the way. I give this book a 3.5 star rating.

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