Review of “Darkest Sin”, by Ashton Blackthorne


Ashton Blackthorne, a very rich man who has it all, wealth, women, and power. His world is blown wide open after his father’s death and his mother comes back into his life at his father’s funeral. Little does he know that his father had some secrets. Ashton thinks that his father was the best father ever and that they had close relationship. He thought he knew everything about his father. However, he finds out that his father had a wild life when he was younger and that he has siblings that he was not aware of. Ashton feels that his world was destroyed because his mother left when he was young, but he will find out that it was the best thing she could have done for him. He finds that he has an older sister, Amelia, and a younger brother, Ayden.

Amber a beautiful young woman who worked as Ashton’s Administrative Assistant. She’s a close friend to Ashton as well as his assistant. They have an agreement that it will only be business between them, even though they both feel the draw of wanting more. Amber has a relationship with Ayden Donovan, a man she meets in a bar one night. He looks like Ashton, but he is different. Little does Amber know that he is closer to Ashton than she thinks. Ayden is Ashton’s little brother, someone he never knew about until he kidnapped Amber and tried to kill Ashton.

This book was full of twists and surprises, as well as some very dark scenes. If you like dark stories of love, family, power, and redemption then I recommend this book. However, I will warn you that it is darker than some I have read before. I give this book a 3-star review, mostly because there was so much in it that I really had a hard time accepting. I realize this is a book, but it was farfetched in some places.

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