ARC Review of “Wild West Billionaire: The Conquest and The Secret”, by Harper Lauren

The Conquest:

A one night stand that has both parties thinking of each other a year after. They can’t get each other out of their minds. Neither one gave their real name, so they can’t track each other down. A second chance meeting almost a year later could be fate.

James West, a CEO of a large family company Magnate Group, who works too hard and has little time for dating or spending time with anyone special. One chance meeting at a bachelor party in Jamaica has him pining away for a woman he can’t find. He’s not interested in anyone else, and a relationship with anyone is not possible because he can’t get Beth out his head.

Hanna Parker, a down on her luck woman who is again in need of a job, she gets an interview with the Magnate Group as an Administrative Assistant. It’s a dream job and she really hopes that she can ace the interview and get the job. She needs to pay her roommate and best friend back for the help she has given her since she graduated college with her degree in Social Media. One chance meeting a year ago gave Hanna the view of the perfect man for her, but will she ever see him again?

This was a well written story about two people finding their true paths in life and finding the one person who completes them. These two go through a lot of drama and turmoil, but they finally find their way back to each other and find that they were actually meant to be together. Both James and Hanna come from troubled families in different ways, but they don’t lose the ability to love or share their lives. I give this story a 4.5 star review.

The Secret:

Jordan West, older brother of James West, but has nothing to do with the family business. Jordan was the black sheep of the family and had to find his own way in life as well as his success in life. He took the hard way around to do this, but he did succeed with the help of a man who saw more than what was on the surface when he met Jordan. Jordan is now a rich man who owns his own Trading company, but his past still haunts him, and his family doesn’t speak to him.

Laci Wright, a school teacher, older sister who has cared for her younger sister for about ten years, since their parents died, when Jenna, the younger sister, was only eight. Laci doesn’t date, she has many excuses as to why, but none that are really true. One night after an uncomfortable conversation with Jenna, Laci decides to go for a long walk to clear her head. She doesn’t realize that she has walked to an area that she shouldn’t be alone as a young woman and turns around, but not quick enough before someone decides to follow her.

Jordan is out walking one evening when he hears a woman scream and being pulled into an ally. He rushes to her defense and in the process he runs into someone from his past who. He gets Laci to safety and realizes that she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Laci feels the draw too, but her fear keeps her from seeing Jordan again, that is until he comes to her place again and asks her out again. She couldn’t quit thinking about Jordan and regretted saying no when he asked her out the first time, so the second time she said yes.

Jordan and Laci go through some drama and issues the same that James and Hannah did, but I found Laci to be a bit more annoying. I really liked both stories, but I was annoyed with the way Laci acted when she found out about Jordan’s past.

Harper Lauren did a great job with these stories and the characters. I really enjoyed both of them, and would like to read more about these families. I give this story a 4 star review.


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