ARC Review of “The Wolf’s Hunt”, by K. T. Harding

This is the third book in the Hinterland Series. This series is full of twists and suspense. These books have a touch of dystopian and historical but it is a fantasy story. I have enjoyed this series and found The Wolf’s Hunt to be as well written as the first two stories in the series. The Wolf’s Hunt has answered some questions from the second book, but it has also created some new questions and hopes for the best.

Raleigh wants to hang up her slayer ways and go home to her father’s farm and just return to her simple life, but her father convinces her to return to Bishop’s home and fulfill the contract.

Dax is just as upset as Raleigh, but he continues to maintain the daily chores that he is used to doing. Even though his life has changed so much, he keeps doing his daily chores and tries to keep a normal life.

Raleigh and Dax need to go back to Hinterland and when they do they are more confused and have more questions than they did when they left the last time.Their determination may end their lives though.

If you like a story that will draw you in and keeps you up at night reading to find out what will happen next, then you should pick up The Wolf’s Hunt and read the whole series. You should start at the beginning because otherwise you will be lost. I give this story a 4.5 star review.

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