Review of “Not What you Seem”, by Lena Maye @HGRomanceDeals @LenaRMaye

Wow, what a story. This was a great story of two star crossed lovers. A young man and woman whose lives are intertwined by an awful event involving their parents when these two were very young. They used to play together as young children, but then they moved away from the little town they lived in, only to return as young adults and meet again.

Dean is happiest on the water sailing. It’s his escape from everything and gives him control in his life. When his father becomes ill and no longer able to run the charter service that has been in Dean’s mothers family for years, Dean returns to Portage Bay, Maine. He has decided to take over the charter business and has asked his twin brother to return and help him. The pain of his childhood and his fathers abuse when they were children causes a dark cloud over their lives and they aren’t sure they can stay and run the business.

Ella is a young woman who had a rough childhood as well, because of her mother, but now she lives with her father and step-mother, and helps to run the family bakery. She keeps to herself and tries to avoid the towns people. She feels that they all look at her with distrust and disgust because of her mother.

When these two see each other for the first time as adults it’s like their lives have taken a turn. Ella remembers Dean, but it takes him a little bit to remember her. This story was well written and the situations covered in this story were very well done. I enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more by Lena Maye.

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