Review of “Love Waltzes In”, by Alana Albertson @HGRomanceDeals @AlanaAlbertson

What a great read! I loved this book. This is not your typical Second Chance Romance or Military Love Story. It was better.

Selina Marcil has her sights set on continuing to hold the United States Professional Latin-American Title in dance, and she is a Professional dancer on the Dancing Under the Stars show. Her dance partner for competition was her teacher when she was a teen. He is the best and can help her get to the top and remain there, if they continue their partnership.

Staff Sergeant Bret Lord is in the Marines. He was Selina’s dance partner when they were young. He was also her first love and her fiancé. He has been asked by Dancing Under the Stars, to come on for a season as a Professional dancer. The only reason he agrees is so that he can fulfill his promise to a friend who died in the line of service. He promised to take care of his family. He wants to win so that he can fulfill that promise.

Bret and Selina’s past could be a problem for them. They have to spend a lot of time together for fifteen weeks to do the show. Will they be able to get past the hurt from their split? Will Bret ever be able to forgive Selina for breaking off their engagement through a letter? The passion and love are still there, perhaps things can work out for them.

If you like second chance romance and Military love stories, this is a great book to read. Add in the dancing and competition and you have a very good story. I loved the competition between the dancers, but also the camaraderie that they had as a group. They worked together, but they also competed against each other in various facets. For me that brought more to the story.

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