ARC Review of “Lucifer: Fire From Heaven – Book 1”, by Ava Martell @HGRomanceDeals @msavamartell

Heaven and Hell are fighting again, but this time it’s over a woman. There may be more to what you thought you knew about Jesus and his birth.

Lucifer’s life could be changed forever. Bored and tired of sitting around waiting for things to happen, Lucifer decides to go top side to see what is going on. His enrollment is down and needs to find out what has happened on Earth to change this. He believes that his brother Michael is behind it, but he is in for quite a surprise on Earth.

Grace is a young woman working at a dive bar trying to pay her bills and keep her head above water. She is lonely and misses her parents who died in a car accident when she was 16 years old. She feels like she is being followed and watched, someone has been in her home while she was sleeping and she isn’t quite sure what to do or why someone would be following her.

Lucifer and Grace have a chance meeting and after talking a little bit they find out that they have a common “friend”. Grace has spoken to a woman that her mother used to visit often to get herbs. Lucifer had a chance run in with the same woman. Lucifer sees her as a profit, but Grace sees her as friend of her mothers, and goes to her for some help with the person following her. When Grace sees Lucifer for a second time, and tells him what is happening and what the woman told her, he knows exactly who and what she is. He also feels that it is his duty to protect her.

This was a great story and I really liked the way it was written. The tension between the Angels and their battles was well done. I liked that Grace was not a damsel in distress, although she had no idea of who she was in the beginning, her realization and the power that she finds inside herself was great. I give this a 5 star review.

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