Review of “Thirty Days of Shame”, by Ginger Talbot @HGRomanceDeals

WOW! Great Read!! This is a dark book, but it is written very well. It was an emotional roller coaster to read. I was angry, sad, disgusted, and happy at times through this read. I read “Thirty Days of Pain” first to get an idea of the rest of the story, and both had me hating to put the book down.

Sergei is a damaged young man who’s only thoughts in life are revenge for his pain and treatment as a boy. He wants to make sure that everyone involved pays for the pain and torture that he and his brother and his friends from childhood went through.

Willow is a young woman who is born into a family that makes their money off of others pain. She is a pawn in Sergei’s revenge, until he has her and realizes that she is the only person who can keep the darkness at bay.

Can Willow help Sergei heal? Will Sergei destroy Willow? I will have to wait until January to find out if they will ever be able to be happy. I look forward to reading more of their story. I enjoyed both “Thirty Days of Pain” and “Thirty Days of Shame”, they were great reads.

All of the characters in this story make you want to learn more about them and see how things will work out for them.

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