Review of “Innocent Lies”, by Chris Collett

Another great book by Chris Collett. I love DI Mariner. His perseverance while working on a case is what gets the results needed to find the person responsible for the crimes he is working to solve. His loner personality works for him at times, but can also work against him. His working relationship with Tony Knox is a little odd at first, but after working their first case together, and living together, they are comfortable with each other and could be considered friends, although neither one of them would admit that.

The disappearance of two very different teenagers brings the station into a lot of turmoil. With an Acting Detective Chief Inspector who wants the job permanently and a prominent families daughter missing and the son of an acquaintance from repeated domestic violence calls missing, DI Mariner really needs a break. Tony Fisk has regained his Detectives shield back, but has to work through his personal life if he wants to enjoy doing this work.

This story had me guessing a lot about what happened and who the culprit was. I was completely taken by surprise to find out who the bad guy was in this story. Great job of keeping the reader guessing and the suspense going in this story. I love a a great story that I cannot figure out who the suspect is right off. I love the challenge of guessing, but I want to be surprised and Chris Collett does that with the twists and turns that she puts in her stories.

I loved this story as much as I did “Deadly Lies”, by Chris Collett. I look forward to more stories about DI Mariner and Tony Knox.

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