The end of October and the beginning of November Sunday Rambling

We spent Halloween with our daughter, son in-law, granddaughter, and grandson. Our grandson is only two months old, but he was dressed up as a skunk, and our granddaughter was a Belle from Beauty and the Beast, she is three. I walked around and went trick or treating with them. My granddaughter was so proud of herself when said trick or treat, although it was usually after she got the candy. She learned very quickly about bowls on the porch with candy in it. Her mother told her there was a note with them that told how much candy they could take. As soon as her mother told her how much she could take, she promptly counted out that many and put them in her pumpkin.

My reading for this week has been on the light side, it was a busy week at work as well, especially with a short week for me, because I took Tuesday and Wednesday off for Halloween. My daughter lives 4 hours away from us, so we stay over when we go to visit. I read “Wormwood”, by Larry Enmon this past week, and reviewed it. A great read, you should buy it and read it. I am three quarters into a book and should be finishing it soon. I’m reading “The Betrayal”, by Anne Allen. I am really enjoying the book. I love these crime thrillers. You should buy this book too, and read it. My next book that I will begin reading next will be “Innocent Lies”, by Chris Collett. I have some others that I am waiting to hear back on to read and review as well as being involved in the blitz for them to come out.


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