ARC Review of “Wormwood”, by Larry Enmon @LarryEnmon

A Great Read!

Two detectives on the Dallas Police force are assigned a case to find the Mayor’s daughter who went missing. Franklin Pierce and Roberto Soliz have been partners for a few years and work well together. They have solved some hard cases, but they don’t always follow the conventional way of solving crimes. The Mayor wants to keep the fact that his daughter has gone missing quiet because he and his wife think it might be a case of their daughter staying with a friend to make a point after she fought with her parents.

Katrina, the daughter of the Mayor of Dallas finds herself in the back of a dirty truck being held down by a man. She doesn’t know where she is being taken, who took her, or why, but she is scared. Little does she know, her nightmare is just beginning. Her sassy attitude and strong will may help her survive this ordeal. Frank Pierce is a man of very few words, he is a thinker and works through things in his own way and figures out cases like he’s working on a puzzle. His mind is always working and his natural instincts can help him solve some of the toughest cases the DPD encounter.

The characters in this book are very well written and draw you in. This was the first book I have read by Larry Enmon, but I really enjoyed it. There were some questions for me that were not answered in the end, but I’m hoping that there will be more to come in another book down the road. If you are a lover of Thrillers, Crime, or Suspense, then you will enjoy this book. I give this book 5 stars.


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