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Title: Reddest Black

Series: In the Shadows #7

Author: P.T. Michelle

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: October 24, 2017


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Passion, betrayal, and heartache collide in an emotionally charged and dangerous chain of events that could unravel everything Sebastian and Talia have worked to overcome.

While looking forward to a bright future with the upcoming birth of their child, and navigating the often humorous and overbearingly protective aspects of approaching parenthood, Mister Black and Little Red manage to strengthen their passionate connection.

But connections can be severed in the most insidious ways, and the power couple must learn to trust each other’s instincts if they hope to uncover the threat determined to destroy their family.

Author’s Note: REDDEST BLACK can be read as a standalone story, but for the richest reading experience you can always start with the first book, MISTER BLACK, to see how Sebastian and Talia’s epic love story began.



In the Shadows SeriesBooks in the IN THE SHADOWS series:

Mister Black (1) (Sebastian & Talia Part 1, Novella)
Scarlett Red (2) (Sebastian & Talia Part 2, Novel)
Blackest Red (3) (Sebastian & Talia Part 3, Novel)
Gold Shimmer (4) (Cass & Calder Part 1, Novel)
Steel Rush (5) (Cass & Calder Part 2, Novel)
Black Platinum (6) (Sebastian & Talia, Novel)
Reddest Black (7) (Sebastian & Talia, Novel)




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P.T. Michelle


P.T. Michelle is the NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, and International Bestselling author of the contemporary romance series IN THE SHADOWS (aka MISTER BLACK), the YA/New Adult crossover series BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS, and the romance series: BAD IN BOOTS, KENDRIAN VAMPIRES and SCIONS (listed under Patrice Michelle). She keeps a spiral notepad with her at all times, even on her nightstand. When P.T. isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading or taking pictures of landscapes, sunsets and anything beautiful or odd in nature.










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Review of “Black Platinum”, by P.T. Michelle @pt_michelle @givemebooksblog

I love the “In The Shadows Series”, and “Black Platinum” does not disappoint. Mr. Black and Red are still just as hot and great together. The fact that Mr. Black’s Alpha tendencies have eased off a little for Talia, but that his protective instincts are still in effect shows that he will always protect what is his.

Talia and Sebastian have a lot of baggage from their pasts and it just seems to keep showing up when they try to move on with their lives. Talia’s strength and love shows through in her actions in her daily life and dealings. These characters show that love can conquer all. Their love for each other and their families show through all the time. Even the love for those who are not blood family but work with them are so important in their lives that they will do anything for them as well.

I love the way P.T. Michelle writes her characters. They are well rounded and real.

Her “In The Shadows Series” is full of action, suspense, and hot Alpha males. I love a story that makes me lose myself in it so that I don’t know what time it is or much of what is going on around me, and this series does that.


Review of “The Biker’s Dirty Virgin (A Naughty Single Father Novel)”, by Blythe Reid

An MC President falls for a new employee.  Spencer Marx is the President of a Motorcycle club with two young boys to raise. He owns a motorcycle shop and parts store and is ex-military.

Alissa is new to town, and about ten years younger than Spencer, she is looking for a job and lives across the street from Spencer’s shop, so she decides to apply there. Spencer hires her on the spot after meeting her.

The sex scenes were alright, but at times they were inappropriate and the first time Spencer and Alissa have sex is a little awkward.

Spencer appears to be a bad ass biker in the first paragraph, but it does not continue that way throughout the book. This book is a quick read. For me, it needed a bit more tweaking, for it to really compete in the saturated genre.

First blog post

This is my first blog post ever.

I am starting this because I want to be able to review books that I read in a place that I felt comfortable doing so. I’m an avid reader of romance and I wanted to share my thoughts on the books that I read as well as the writers who write them. I love crime and suspense as well, so I look forward to reading more of this and reviewing the books.


Review of “Lost and Found (A Bad Boy Romance)”, by Sienna Ciles @HGRomanceDeals

Enjoyable read about a woman, Bethany, who has a great job and a good life, but no boyfriend. She is going home for her class reunion and wants to make a great impression on her former classmates. She wants everyone to think she has the perfectly rounded life. Great job and great love life. She chickens out on hiring someone before she leaves the city to go back to her hometown. Until she walks into the diner not far from home and sees a good looking guy sitting at the counter playing on his phone. This makes her rethink her plan.

Ransom, a young man on a mission. Bethany asks him to help her out and offers to pay him handsomely, but he refuses the money. He wants a favor from her in return for him to play her boyfriend for a long weekend. She finally agrees and things begin to heat up.
These two start out awkward at first, but things begin to get interesting between them and they get more comfortable with each other.

This was my second book to read by Sienna Ciles, and I don’t think it will be my last. I really liked how the suspense was drawn out through the book and you didn’t know the back story up front. It made the book that more interesting to me and made me want to get to the reason for Ransom’s favor request to Bethany.