Review of “Lost and Found (A Bad Boy Romance)”, by Sienna Ciles @HGRomanceDeals

Enjoyable read about a woman, Bethany, who has a great job and a good life, but no boyfriend. She is going home for her class reunion and wants to make a great impression on her former classmates. She wants everyone to think she has the perfectly rounded life. Great job and great love life. She chickens out on hiring someone before she leaves the city to go back to her hometown. Until she walks into the diner not far from home and sees a good looking guy sitting at the counter playing on his phone. This makes her rethink her plan.

Ransom, a young man on a mission. Bethany asks him to help her out and offers to pay him handsomely, but he refuses the money. He wants a favor from her in return for him to play her boyfriend for a long weekend. She finally agrees and things begin to heat up.
These two start out awkward at first, but things begin to get interesting between them and they get more comfortable with each other.

This was my second book to read by Sienna Ciles, and I don’t think it will be my last. I really liked how the suspense was drawn out through the book and you didn’t know the back story up front. It made the book that more interesting to me and made me want to get to the reason for Ransom’s favor request to Bethany.

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