Review of “An Endless Kind of Love”, by Krista Lakes (A Kinds of Love Series book) @KristaLakes

Dylan Abbott sold his company and moved to Colorado to work with his friends on their ranch, so he could feel like he was making a difference. This ranch was for foster kids to have some place to go and experience ranch life. He spent too many years of his life concentrating on his company and didn’t make time for his family. Now he has a purpose in life but doesn’t realize there is still something missing until one stormy night.

Bonnie Kincaid is on the run and her car breaks down on a deserted road in Colorado. It’s pouring down rain and her cell phone is out of range for any towers to connect. Will she be able to get her car fixed so that she can keep moving, or will she be stuck here and found by those she’s running from?

This was a sweet love story, with some suspense mixed in. The characters were well formed and likable. This is the third book in the series and I have not read the others, but I did enjoy reading Dylan and Bonnie’s story. I was glad that Dylan and Bonnie were able to find their Endless Love.

If you are a fan of sweet romance, then this is a good book to read.

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