Sunday thoughts and ramblings – my first non-book review post.

This weekend I’m writing a paper for my English Seminar course, Doubt and Knowledge. We are reading religious books from very early centuries, and I have to write a reflection paper on one of the readings we have done so far. I chose the book “The Life of Christina of Markyate”, to do my reflection paper on. While I was beginning the paper, I began to wish I had some Twizzlers to eat while writing. Then I began to wonder, why do I need something to eat while I am writing? Whenever I have a paper to write for a class, I have Twizzlers on hand so that I can munch on it while I am thinking and writing the paper. I have noticed that some of my favorite authors will talk about food that they have on hand when writing as well.

It’s funny how I lost my train of thought on my paper, which by the way is 2.5 pages out of a 5 page paper, but I am able to ramble on my blog post. I guess it’s just that I needed a break from the MUST write paper, and do some rambling, and hopefully my mind will begin to work again for the paper I need to write.

I am one semester and a half away from graduating with my BA in English. Now mind you I am no longer in my 20’s, I am a mature woman with three wonderful, grown children, one married, and two beautiful grandchildren, but I did not go the traditional route when I graduated high school, and I decided to go to college after my children were born and in school full time. This semester is my final English course to have my credits for my major, and then next semester I have to take a Biology course, yuck!, to complete my degree and graduate in May 2018. It has taken me 12 years to get here, since I only take one class each semester, Spring, Summer, and Fall, because I work a full-time job, and was raising a family. I changed my major and minor around once, rather than quit because I was not getting the grades I wanted. I also had to take a few semesters off throughout those 12 years, due to surgeries and other extenuating circumstances.

Happy Sunday!

5 thoughts on “Sunday thoughts and ramblings – my first non-book review post.

  1. Having ‘something to nibble on’ while I was writing is the reason I put on 2 stone two years ago when I put out my second editions and the final part of my trilogy – haha! I’m now attempting to lose it.

    I am mightily impressed by your tenacity in working towards your BA, well done, and I hope you end up enjoying the Biology (my favourite subject at school :-))


    • Thanks, Rosie. Yes, they are a tough subject, but being a class with all but two young students, traditional college age, really makes me take a look at things differently, as I am sure it makes them look at things differently when I speak up about my thoughts on the texts we read. I will get the paper done, but it will not be a quick one. 🙂


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