ARC Review of “Arabian Vengeance”, by James Lawrence @HGRomanceDeals

Awesome Read! I love a good thriller/suspense book, and this book delivered.

Pat Walsh is being set up for a bombing in Brussels, and he has to find out who is setting him and up and why, so that he can clear his name, and keep his business up and running. Pat is a contracted worker for the CIA and works for himself. He owns a company that moves arms and other needed items for the CIA to countries and affiliates around the world.

In his path to find who is setting him up and why, he finds that he is looking for more than a set up. He will have to defend himself in the process and his tactics to find out information are a little unorthodox. He is retired special forces and is a one man destruction team. He can get to people that no one else would be able to touch and he does it with stealth.

I really enjoyed reading this book, and hated for it to end. I also hated putting it down once I started reading it. I am now going to purchase the first book “Lost in Arabia” so that I can read it and get acquainted with Pat Walsh’s beginning. Great job on this book, Mr. Lawrence. I look forward to reading more. I will be watching for more Pat Walsh books in the future.

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