End of October Rambling!

As I get older and watch my children work their way through life, I sit and think at times that I really wish we had some time to just sit and talk about everything and anything. We do this when we can all get together, but those times are too few and far between as they are living their lives and trying to make their dreams come true. It is also getting harder to get everyone together now for holidays, birthdays, or just spending time together.

I am very proud of my children and their lives. They are all very smart, kind, and fun loving.

I love my family, and how we all support each other in whatever we endeavor. As I have stated before, I am working on my BA as an adult, and my husband and children have been my loudest supporters for me to complete my degree and continue when I was discouraged and ready to quit. This is why I wish we could spend more time together and enjoy our lives.

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