ARC Review of “Owned by the Soldier Prince”, by Devon Birchley

A dominant prince and a head strong, smart, sassy woman. Will they find a way to stay together and make it last forever?

Blair is a college student studying abroad in England and meets Max, English Royalty, seventh in line for the crown. He is smitten with Blair shortly after meeting her and she has no idea who he is, yet.

I enjoyed reading this book, and wish it hadn’t ended. If you like dominant men and strong willed women who compliment each other then you will enjoy this book. This is my first book to read by Devon Birchley and I look forward to more of her stories. This book kept me turning the page from the beginning until the end.

One thought on “ARC Review of “Owned by the Soldier Prince”, by Devon Birchley

  1. I would like to apologize for the typo in the tweet of the ARC review of Owned by the Soldier Prince. I did make the change on my blog, but somehow the previous title came up when Rosie and Georgia retweeted my tweet. I was doing this at 11:15 pm after finishing the book and a full day of work. I am SO SORRY! 


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