Review of “Dirty: The Complete Series,” by Tara Crescent @HGRomancedeals @taracrescent

Wow, I just read the four book series of “Dirty, The Complete Series”. Dirty Therapy, Dirty Talk, Dirty Games, and Dirty Word. Talk about some hot books!! I really enjoyed these books and love the characters. The men are all Alpha and take great care of their women. It’s great to read a story about a man who has his woman’s back no matter what. These men all do and they don’t care what the people in New Summit think of their unconventional relationship. Great stories, all four of them! I loved stepping into the lives of these four groups and reading about their lives. The stories are full of hot sex, hot alpha males, and great love stories. I wish there had been more stories to read in this series. I think Becky and Sophia need their HEA.

Dirty Therapy: When Mia breaks up with her fiancé shortly after saying yes to his proposal, she is at a loss and doesn’t think she is worthy of a relationship. She believes her ex-fiancés statement that she is frigid. She decides to go to the two new Therapists in New Summit to get some help. Benjamin and Landon are new to New Summit and are Sex Therapists, they create a lot of controversy just because of their chosen profession. Mia owns a dress shop and her landlord is a prude and a traditional Psychiatrist who is not happy that Ben and Landon are in New Summit. There’s an immediate attraction between all of them and Ben makes a comment that scares Mia away right off. The controversy really starts when Mia, Ben and Landon act on their attraction to each other. They are the talk of the town.

Dirty Talk: Cassie is Mia’s best friend, they grew up together in New Summit. Cassie owns the coffee shop in town and grew up being paraded in beauty pageants and has some issues with what she had to endure because of it. James and Lucas move to New Summit to get out of Manhattan, NY and care for James’ father Patrick who had a stroke and needs to be someplace that he can get good health care and feel comfortable. James and Lucas spend every morning in Cassie’s coffee shop working on their internet show Dirt Talk. They’re Vloggers and spend a lot of time in the lime light, this scares Cassie and she avoids them because she is petrified of being in front of a camera after her childhood pageants. They come to her rescue on more than one occasion, but the one that makes her open her eyes is after she goes out with the high school quarter back and things don’t end so well. After the talk of Mia, Ben, and Landon has died down, Cassie, James and Lucas become the talk of the town with their unconventional relationship.

Dirty Games: Nina, another good friend to Mia and Cassie owns the pub in New Summit. Before moving to New Summit twenty months ago she was on the road with her two lovers Scott and Zane, and their band Evolving Whistle. She left them because she felt that she came second in their lives. They are in New Summit helping out Zane’s father who is a real estate developer. They know that Nina ended up in New Summit, but they have not tried to connect with her. When she finds out they are there though, all bets are off. They propose a game with her, five steamy nights with them and if she still does not want them, if she wins, she can ask them to leave and they will. What will her decision be?

Dirty Words: Maggie, the daughter of the owner of the Chinese restaurant in New Summit, and good friend of Mia, Cassie, and Nina. Maggie also went to school with Mia and Cassie. She changed her life projection when her father died. She moved back home to help her mother run the restaurant. Her new neighbors are rich and entitled, she thinks. Ethan and Lars moved from Manhattan, NY to New Summit after selling their business and want to start something new. They bought an old hotel in New Summit and are transforming it. They live across the street from Maggie and cause trouble when Lars parks his Lamborghini in her parking spot. He’s done it three times and she has had enough of having to park in the overflow lot down the street when she should be able to park right in front of her apartment. Unknowingly, her brother Damond told Lars it would be fine to park there, but he did not relay the message to Maggie. Maggie gets so angry at Lars that she decides to write some dirty stories about Ethan and Lars and post them on a website called Dirty Words. They find out about her stories and confront her about them.

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