Review of “Going Deep”, by Mia Ford

Danny Dutton is undercover to take down a drug dealer. He comes from a large Irish family and his father was also a cop. He doesn’t have any trouble finding companionship, but he hasn’t found anyone he wants to spend his life with yet.

He finally finds a way into the strip club run by Richie Sylvestri, a drug dealer and all around bad guy. Richie doesn’t care about anyone. Hannah Sylvestri, Richie’s sister is under his thumb and wants out. Can Danny be the guy to help her find a way out? Will Danny get out of this undercover job with his life? Hannah has finally found a man who will be kind to her and take care of her the way she deserves to be cared for. Richie doesn’t give her the credit she deserves for being a smart and savvy woman. It could be his downfall. Even though they are family, he doesn’t deserve any sympathy, kindness, or love.

I really liked this story and the heat between Hannah and Danny is great. I hated to put the book down, and read it in a couple of sittings. I lost track of time while reading this book. Good job Mia, I loved the characters in this book and was happy that Archie stuck around.

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