Review of “Taught”, by Sienna Ciles @HGRomanceDeals

Jax, Ernest J. Cooper IV, is the CEO of a software company. He started the company with his best friend from childhood. He’s sexy, kind, and loyal to a fault. He’s not looking for the right woman to stand by his side forever, but fate may intervene.

Lanie Carmichael is an investment broker working for her father until he drops an unexpected bomb on her. She’s looking for her way in the world and in the process runs into a man that she can’t get out of her mind.

These two are getting a lot of advice, but they aren’t quite sure if the advice they are receiving is what they really want or need, but in the end will all of the interested parties help them to find what they want in life? Can these two find their way in the world and remain who they are? This was an enjoyable read. I wanted to scream at the characters a couple of times to make they figure out that they were screwing up, but they figured it out in the end.

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