Review of Pagan’s X-Mas: RBMC Nashville, TN Chapter, Book 6 by Morgan Jane Mitchell @Morgijane

Pagan's X-Mas (Royal Bastards MC: Nashville, TN #6)Pagan’s X-Mas by Morgan Jane Mitchell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

His brothers call him Pagan for a reason. He’s not a fan of Christmas and doesn’t celebrate it, he has his reasons, but he won’t ruin it for anyone else, especially his sister. Pagan has [physically recovered from the fire that happened at the fighting ring at Royal Road, but his heart hasn’t from Jessica walking away from him. He would never admit it to anyone, especially his Pres, but he misses her, and he doesn’t want anyone but her back in his bed.

Jessica knew that she needed to get away from Pagan, their relationship was toxic. She hated leaving CeCe without a nurse, but her heart and head couldn’t take it anymore. She knew that Pagan could never leave Kara, the mother of his daughter, but she was hoping that things would work out. Now she’s back in Nashville, and is starting to date again, but with Pagan reappearing in her life, can she stay her course?

This is a roller coaster of a ride, with Pagan and Jessica, as always. There are secrets, twists, drama, trauma, and pain of loss, but Pagan always has his brothers at his back. It was a good read and the characters as always were colorful, entertaining, and living life on their own terms. I enjoyed the book and look forward to more in the Nashville, TN chapter of the RBMC, as well as more RBMC for the 5th ride. I give this story a 4-star review.

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