Review of Riding Home: The Perished Riders MC by Nicola Jane

Riding Home (The Perished Riders MC - Prequel)Riding Home by Nicola Jane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s time to go home and take his rightful place.

Kilian Maverick was born to be the president of The Perished Riders, but he and his father couldn’t see eye to eye on much, so he took the chance to go out on the road and live his life as he wanted, until the day he received a call to say his father was dead. Now he’s headed home to deal with that and see what happened.

The club is in disarray and Maverick has to find out what’s been going on and how he can fix it. When he’s voted in as the new president, he’s not happy at first, but neither is his father’s VP. I enjoyed this story of Maverick, it was a quick read and left me hanging on a few things, but they should be cleared up in reading Maverick. I’ll have to catch up on reading the series as soon as I can find time. I give this book a 4-star review. I enjoy Nicola Jane’s stories and I love her characters.

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