Review of A Book To Die For by Jennifer S. Alderson – Included in A Bookworm of a Suspect Anthology

A Bookworm of a Suspect (A Cozy Mystery Tribe Anthology, #6)A Bookworm of a Suspect by Verena DeLuca
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Book to Die For by Jennifer S. Alderson

A cozy murder mystery that brought me back to my days of reading Agatha Christie Murder Mystery’s.

Camelia Festoon, also known as the Baroness, works with Carmen in the Rosewood Agency searching for and verifying missing antique objects. So when they get the opportunity to locate and verify a missing prayer book, they go to a mansion in Italy.

Carmen has been retired from the job for three years and is just starting to get back into it on this job with the Baroness. However, this job turns into more than either of them expected and now they have to solve a different kind of mystery, who murdered the host and took the five of the valuable historical prayer books?

I enjoyed this story, and the Baroness and Carmen are wonderful characters. Since I haven’t read a cozy mystery in years, this story brought me back to my youth and it was fun guessing who the murderer was and why they did it. There were a few candidates, but in the end, they murderer was apprehended, and they mystery solved. It was a quick read and I enjoyed it. I give the story a 4-star review. This was my first reading of a Jennifer S. Alderson book, and I liked her writing style and her story telling.

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