Blog Tour and Review: Read to Me by S. Rena & BL Mute @SadeRenawrites and #BLMute @HatterServices

Title: Read To Me

Authors: S. Rena, BL Mute

Release Date: July 13, 2021

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Love makes you weak.

It breeds doubt, confusion, and doesn’t belong in our world. Something my father made sure of, and like the doting son, I believed him.

I guard myself…put my focus on corruption and fear instead.

But, Arloe—she was never afraid.

She fantasizes about men like me, except I’m real and my life is no fairy tale.

They call me a monster—a thief in the night created to cause chaos, but she’s always loved a good adventure into the unknown.

Perhaps that’s why she reads.

*S. Rena & BL Mute books contain high steam, dark themes, and potentially triggering subjects. Read at your own risk.

Author Bio:

S. Rena & BL Mute are two Texas livings gal’s who found friendship through their love of books. After months of discussion, they took the leap and decided to bring more twisty and dark books into the world together.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

She’s so angry that her parking spot has been taken, again! She may be small, but it has not stopped her from speaking her mind and when she finally sees the man that owns the Bugatti that has been in her spot lately, she can’t hold her tongue. She walks outside and gives him a piece of her mind and tells him to park somewhere else. Little does she know that the man she is running her mouth to is a very dangerous man. Of course, she wouldn’t know that because she has only lived in town for six months.

He is the second oldest of the Ciccone family. He’s a dangerous man. He is not a Ciccone by blood, but then none of the kids are, they were all adopted by the man that they call father. He raised them to do as he says and not ask questions. They’ve been disciplined to follow his orders always. When they don’t, he finds a way to bring them back under his thumb, but Easton has had enough of blindly following his father and doing his bidding, especially after meeting Arlo, the woman that gave him a tongue lashing and then showed up and saw something she never should have. Now he has to make sure that Arlo doesn’t talk about what she saw, and he may just enjoy that job most.

I really liked this story. It is full of danger, suspense, sexy times, and a very strong-willed woman that finds herself in dangerous situations and a man that keeps his feelings under wrap. Arlo loves her books and reads about dangerous, deadly men, but she’s never really met one in person, until she stumbles on Easton Ciccone. She is estranged from her father, but she still loves him and when she is put in danger because of him and Easton, she has to figure out where her loyalty lies and if she can trust either man. I love the characters in this story, and I can’t wait to read more of the Ciccone Brothers stories. I give this story a 5-star review and hope the next book comes out soon. This family is dysfunctional and dangerous.

Review: Brute’s Strength (Riot MC Biloxi) by Karen Renee @karenreneewrite @EJBookPromos

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Kenzie wasted another lunch hour waiting for a man to show up that she met on the Lunch Date App. Another man that was not worth her time, it seemed since stood her up. Now looking around the place she was sitting waiting for someone not to show up. She notices a very sexy man sitting with two other people in one of the booths. He is not her type at all, but she can’t help but watch him because he is so sexy.

Brute is not looking for a relationship. He’s just sitting with his best friend that just got engaged, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t notice the woman at the bar that has been watching him and checking him out. When he gets the chance, he walks right up to her and asks her out. That one decision has his world on end. Not only does he have to worry about the dirty cop that is standing at his bike when leaves the restaurant, he now has to worry about the woman that he just met and starts a relationship with.

Kenzie has no idea what Brute’s life is like in an MC, she’s naïve to the whole world. She works at a bank and has her own life to live. Her main concern has been raising her little girl and keeping her safe and making sure that she gets to spend time with her father. Kenzie and Brute’s lives couldn’t be any more different if they tried. Brute has his construction business and his MC brotherhood, as well as his father in his life, but he had no intentions of bringing a woman into his life, especially one with a daughter. Too bad life has other plans for him. Fate has a way of turning your life upside down when you least expect it. Now Brute not only has to worry about the past coming back to light in his life with the MC, but also the danger that it poses to Kenzie and her little girl. He will make sure that they stay safe no matter what, and if that means that he opens his heart, so be it. I loved this story and the characters are great! I love the relationship that Brute and his father have as well as the MC. I give this book a 5-star review and look forward to more of the Riot MC, Biloxi character’s stories.

New Release: Brute’s Strength (Riot MC Biloxi) by Karen Renee @karenreneewrite @EJBookPromos

Title: Brute’s Strength
Series: Riot MC Biloxi Series Book 2
Author: Karen Renee
Genre: MC Romance (can be read as standalone)
Release Date: July 16, 2021

The sexy, action-packed second book in the Riot MC Biloxi series from Karen Renee.

As Vice President of the Riot MC Biloxi Chapter, Brute lives for his motorcycle club. Meeting Kenzie Whitehall challenges his dedication to his carefree lifestyle. Everything about her appeals to him, but he knows she’s looking for commitment. She’s forced to tell him she’s a single mom which should send Brute packing, but he can’t stay away.

Meanwhile, Brute has a homicide detective breathing down his neck. The officer believes Brute has answers in an unsolved murder, and he isn’t above playing Kenzie against Brute to solve the case.

When Kenzie’s ex-husband finds out she’s dating a biker, he threatens to drag her back to court regarding custody and child support payments. Kenzie refuses to give up her shot at happiness with Brute to appease her ex-husband.

Even though he’s falling fast for Kenzie, Brute knows walking away from her is the best thing for her and her daughter. Leaving should be easy. But with three hearts on the line, will Brute find the strength to fight for love?

MR. BRIGHTSIDE by The Killers
COME BY ME by Harry Connick Jr.
LET’S GO CRAZY (LIVE) by Prince and The Revolution
AMERICAN WOMAN by Lenny Kravitz
I WON’T BACK DOWN by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
HEADPHONES by Michael Franti and Spearhead
FOLDING CHAIR by Regina Spektor
BABY SHARK by Pinkfong

He hadn’t appreciated how well he’d slept next to Kenzie in the past. Not until that night, when he dozed off only to wake up in a cold sweat. The third time it happened, he went to the bathroom. As he wandered back to her bed, he saw it was quarter to four in the morning. 

His eyes had adjusted to the dark, he found his pants, and quietly pulled them on. 

“You’re leaving?” Kenzie croaked.

“Not sleepin’. Means you’re probably not sleepin’. Figure it’s better—”

She turned on her bedside lamp and he squinted. He watched her reach under her pillow and pull out her satin nightie. She got out of the bed, pulled on the nightie, and turned around. 

Her eyes blazed at him. “You did not strike me as a runner.”

“Not running. We’re both—”

She leaned forward. “Tired! Whatever, Vaillant! I fucked up and told you how I was feeling because you told me not to bottle shit up and to always be honest with you. Is that a one-way street now?”


She shook her head. “I hear the placating tone coming my way, and I call bullshit. Seriously, Sam. I gotta be honest with you always, but that courtesy doesn’t extend my way?”

His head turned marginally. She’d turned shit around on him, and he didn’t like it. “What are we fighting about?”

“The double standard, Brute. You don’t have to say you love me, but you don’t feel anything for me?” she asked, throwing an arm out. She shook her head again, and stalked toward the bathroom. “I shouldn’t ask that. Besides, you’re right. It’s probably better if you go. Neither one of us is sleeping, not that I’m likely to sleep now, but have it your way. I’ll lock the front door in five minutes.”

She closed the door to the bathroom, and he heard the lock click. The hollowness in his stomach wasn’t hollow anymore. It burned with a pain he hadn’t felt in a long damn time. He sat on her bed, put his elbows to his knees, hunched over, and held his head in his hands. She was right, he’d given her a double standard.

What the hell was he supposed to do?

He wouldn’t leave her like this, that much he knew. Whether he could make it right with her, remained to be seen.

Waiting for her to come out of the bathroom felt like an eternity. 

He turned his head when she opened the door and felt a gut punch. Her eyes were puffy and bloodshot. That was his fault. 

With his eyes on hers, he sat up straight and held a hand out to her. She twisted her lips, but put her hand in his while she slowly made her way to him. He didn’t want her sitting next to him, so he let go of her hand and took her by the hips. She gasped, but her legs spread as he put her on his lap so they were chest-to-chest and face-to-face.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

Her hands wrapped around his neck. “What for?”

His forefinger traced around her eye. “This. I never want to make you cry, Zee. And, I’m sorry for giving you a double standard.”

Her brows went up even as her chin dipped. She kept quiet.

“I have feelings for you. More damn feelings than I’ve had for a woman in a helluva a long time.”

He heard and felt her shuddering breath. “That goes both ways,” she whispered.

With his forehead against hers, he asked, “You have feelings for a woman, too?”

Her fingers gave his neck a playful squeeze. “No. I have—”

“I got that when you laid the honesty on me, babe. Scares the hell out of me because I haven’t done anything to deserve that.”

Karen Renee is the author of the Riot Motorcycle Club, Beta, and O-Town series of books. She once crunched Nielsen ratings data but these days she brings her imagination to life by writing books. She has wanted to be a writer since she was very young, but it’s taken the last twenty plus years for her to amass enough courage and overall life experience to bring that dream to life. Some of those life experiences came from the wonderful world of advertising, banking, and local television media research. She is a proud wife and mother, and a Jacksonville native. When she’s not at the soccer field or cooking, you can find her at her local library, the grocery store, in her car jamming out to some tunes, or hibernating while she writes and/or reads books.


Live Now! Review – COCKED HAMMER (RBMC, Cleveland OH, Book 4) by Chelle C. Craze and Eli Abbott @ChelleCCraze

๑🔷๑NOW LIVE๑🔷๑


Series: Royal Bastards MC

🔥Cleveland, OH Chapter 🔥 

Author: Chelle C. Craze & Eli Abbott

Cover Designer: All by Design

Model: Wesley Dutchman 

Photographer: FuriousFotog / Golden Czermak

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Cocked Hammer is book 4 of the Cleveland, OH chapter of Royal Bastards MC. Each book in this series is written so it may be read as a standalone, but we recommend reading this book after Eternally Ginger.

Our lives were so tightly wound it was impossible to get her off my mind. I was a double agent implanted in her life and she was my assignment. —One I had full intentions of conquering as many times as I could.

None of that took me by surprise, what did were the feelings I had for her. Feelings I shouldn’t have and didn’t know if I wanted especially given the family she belonged to. Her family was under my club’s investigation, so loving her was out of the question. The thing was, when I realized what she was to me it was too late.

Now, I had to pray she wasn’t the one behind all of the mutiny against the RBMC. If she was I didn’t know if I could save her or not.

🔷Get the other books in the Cleveland, OH Chapter 🔷

♦️Book 1 – Bad Like Me

♦️Book 2 – Ghoul 

♦️Book 3 – Eternally Ginger

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Her life was not what it appeared to be. From the time she was a little girl until now, her life was not her own. When she draws the attention of Sledgehammer, of the RBMC, it just might be a good thing.

He was given a job to do for his MC. He was focused on that job until feelings started to get in the way and then he was worried that what he found out could be a death sentence for a woman that he was falling for. Could he save her if she was involved with what her family was doing to the MC?

Lina is a woman that is trapped in her life and her circumstances. She has dreams, but they can never be fulfilled because of the debt she has to pay off. Her life is a little better with the assignment she has of running the pet store for her “family”, but she has no idea the real danger she is in because of them. When Sledgehammer starts checking things out, he sees Lina and decides to use her to get to the bottom of the RBMC’s suspicions, however, feelings start making themselves known and Sledgehammer is worried that he won’t be able to protect Lina. I really liked this story and with all of the RBMC chapters, I love the characters of the Cleveland, OH MC. The books are always action packed, steamy, and have great characters. I give this story a 5-star review and I am looking forward to more from Chelle C. Craze and Eli Abbott.

Review of Storm’s Flame (Archangel’s Warriors MC, Dublin Falls, Book 12) by Ciara St. James

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

The men of the Archangel’s Warriors MC are honorable, protective, strong, patient, and so, so sexy. Storm knew as soon as he saw Bryony walk through the doors of the DFAW when she returned with Smoke’s woman, Everly, that he wanted her. He also knew that it would take patience and understanding before he could make Bryony his, so he waited and planned his approach. When she came for Everly and Smoke’s wedding, he knew it was time to make his move and show Bryony that she belonged with the Archangel’s and Storm.

Bryony was a damaged woman after she was taken and broken by the sex traffickers that Everly and the Archangel’s helped to take down. She was alone again in Georgia with her six brothers back with their military teams. She’s not aware of the danger that is lurking, but when she’s with the Archangel’s Warriors she feels safe and protected, the same as she does when her brothers are around. She is attracted to Storm, but she has no idea what his feelings are, that is until he makes it known that she is taken, even if she was not aware of it. She’s still a strong and determined woman, but she’s a little warry of men now.

I love the Archangel’s Warriors and their women. The men are all want what their brothers have with their women and can’t wait to find the woman that will make their lives complete and whole. When Storm and Bryony figure out their relationship, both of them find that their world has been righted and their heart is whole and so full. Once the men find that woman that can complete them, they become determined and focused on only that woman and getting her to understand that they are taken and will be protected for the rest of their lives with these men. Storm helps Bryony find her strength and fight to get back to the woman she was before she was taken. She may take a little longer to realize that Storm is her man, and she will make some mistakes, just like the other women did, but that’s what makes their story so entertaining and enjoyable. I loved Storm and Bryony’s story and give it a 5-star review. I am looking forward to more stories from Ciara St. James. Her characters always stay with me for a long time after reading her books.

Review of Veton: Tirana Brother’s Trilogy – Social Rejects Syndicate, Book 3 by K. L. Ramsey @KLRamsey5

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Veton is the remaining brother of the Tirana Syndicate that is single, and his father has determined that even though he is the youngest, he will take over the family and run it when his father is ready to step down. Little does his father know that Veton and his brothers are working against him to destroy the Tirana Syndicate.

Dixie is struggling to make ends meet, but she is determined to stay in New York and work as much as she can modeling until she can get the job that will make her a well-known name in the industry. Her mother is waiting for her to give in and return home to Louisiana, but she’s determined to hold out on her dream. When she runs into the hard chest on her way to a modeling job, her life takes a turn and she may not find the job that will give her the life she’s looking for, but it will change with that one little collision.

Veton knows that he should lay low while in New York so that his father does not come for him to make him return home, but he’s tired of putting his life on hold and waiting for the FBI and CIA to make their move and give him and his brother’s the freedom they all wish for. When he has to go into hiding with the woman he wants to get to know, he feels bad because she has to put her life on hold so that his father can’t use her as leverage. These stories were loaded with danger, action, and great characters. The Tirana Syndicates days are numbered, and the Tirana brothers want to live their own lives and enjoy life, not have to worry about their lives, or look over their shoulders all the time. They have a plan and now they need to put it into action and hope that they can keep everyone safe. Their father made a mistake when he decided to use Dixie and her mother as leverage. He had no idea that his sons were so close and had each other’s’ backs still. That was a grave mistake. I really liked these books and I give this one a 5-star review.

Review of Piston (Soulless Kings MC) by Andi Rhodes

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

He was tasked with closing down any outside information being disbursed when the Soulless Kings MC were dealing with the supposed stalker that was harassing Joker’s woman. Piston warned the woman with the cell phone that she needed to stay away and keep her mouth shut. However, he has no idea how stubborn, strong, and determined the woman was. He also did not realize that she was a reporter, but that information came out when she started following “stalking” other MCs to get information to report on the MC’s.

She was a world-renowned reporter that made her living and her name by reporting the news around the world that no one else wanted to report because it was too dangerous. However, her dream has to be put on hold when she receives a phone call that her father is sick and needs her to come home. Holland may not be happy that she has to put her life and dreams on hold, but she loves her dad and will go home to help him out. She still reports the news but the information she wants to report on puts the Soulless Kings MC in a brighter light than what the community has of them already.

The Soulless Kings MC is a bunch of men that live their lives on their own terms, but when a strong woman comes along and bowls them over, their soft side shines through. This happens with Piston, the same way it did for Fender and Joker. I love the dark, dangerous men but when these women show up and turn their world upside down, the real man comes out. They are dangerous and deadly, but they worship their women, and a softer side comes out. Piston and Holland come from completely different worlds, and they don’t look like they belong together if you look at them, but they really do fit well together. Holland comes from a rich family and Piston is in an MC, Holland knew nothing about MC life, but since she’s been hanging around the Soulless Kings, she knows that they are good people and will do what she can to show their community that. I love this story and the characters are awesome! I give this book a 5-star review. I can’t wait to read Greaser’s story. I love Andi Rhodes’ stories and characters and I always look forward to reading her books.

Review of Rainbow (Ruthless Kings MC, Baton Rouge, Book One) by K. L. Savage @klsavage_author

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Nathan had the perfect family; his parents were his best friends, and his younger brother, Greer, was great. They were close family and enjoyed spending time together. Nathan would do anything for his family. He would be going to college soon and even though he had no idea what he wanted to do or go to college for, he knew that his family would always support him. Everything was great in his world, until it wasn’t. Tragedy hit and Nathan’s life changed forever, as did Greer’s. They needed a change in their lives and needed to get away from the pain of what happened, so they moved to Baton Rouge and Nathan found his calling due to that tragedy.

Ryan comes from a rich family in the Napa Valley, but his life was not perfect, especially when he came out to his parents. Unfortunately, they couldn’t see past their beliefs and disowned their own son. He has been making it on his own, even if he’s made some bad decisions and found himself in abusive situations. He’s made his rules that he lives by now so that he can preserve his heart and his life, but when he takes a call and has to go to the Ruthless Kings compound, he catches the eye of the VP. Ryan is only in Baton Rouge to help his boss out in Las Vegas. He’s not new to the Ruthless Kings MC, he’s met Reaper and his guys since he’s an EMT and has taken calls there before. He is not a big man, but he has a huge attitude.

This story was great. It was everything I love and so much of what I never knew I needed to read. Nathan “Rainbow” is a man that lives life by his own rules as well as his MCs. He is not afraid to show his emotions, yet he also lives life day to day. All of that is about to change. When Rainbow sees Ryan for the first time, everything he thought he knew about himself goes out the window. I love the characters of the Baton Rouge chapter and I can’t wait to see whose story is next. I was on the edge of my seat, I cried, I needed a cold drink, and I was routing for Rainbow and Ryan to get their HEA. I loved every minute of this book. This story is full of suspense, tragedy, it’s haunting and has very steamy scenes. The MC is under attack and they have no idea where it’s coming from. K.L. Savage is on fire. Another great story in the Ruthless Kings MC lives.

★☆ COVER LOVE ☆★ Moon Bound, Book Two in Author M.L. Philpitt’s Witches Bind Trilogy is COMING SOON! @mlphilpitt @TheNextStepPR

MoonBound_Full copy





♦ ♦ ♦

Title: Moon Bound

Series: The Witches’ Bind Trilogy #2

Author: M.L. Philpitt

Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance

Release Day: August 19, 2021

Cover Designer: Sarah Hanson, Okay Creations




♦ ♦ ♦


All I wanted was to get away from my coven and its archaic rules. My dream is to live a regular human life, but when my wish to leave the coven is granted, of course there’s strings attached. Given to the shifter pack near us, freedom is even further away.

The only good thing about my new life is the sexy, new alpha of the pack, Ryder. But submitting to this life still means captivity, and no matter what kind of attraction we have, I refuse to accept it regardless of what fate may be trying to tell me.


I needed magic to save my dying father, and what I got instead was a witch who wants out of the supernatural life. She gives me more than I bargained for when I realize she’s my future. We reach an understanding, but she’s bound and determined to leave the pack and coven life behind.

But I won’t let her go, as even if she’s chosen to fight me on this, she belongs with me.



♦ ♦ ♦


M.L. Philpitt is Canadian-born and raised. As a Ravenclaw, she loves education, having undergraduate degrees in English Literature and Sociology, a certificate in Autism and Behavioural Sciences, and a MA in Counselling Psychology.

She writes in various romance new adult genres including but not limited to paranormal, fantasy, dark romance, and contemporary. She has lots of crazy trapped in her head for readers to enjoy.

When M.L. Philpitt isn’t making up stories, she’s enjoying those imagined by other authors. Her love of reading began when she was a young child and only grew with age. She likes many genres, as reflected in her writing preferences. Despite being an author, she’s an active ARC reader, book buyer, and moderator for The New Adult Book Club on Goodreads.

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Complete Me by K E Osborn is coming July 23rd. Make sure you pre-order your copy today! #CompleteMe #BillionaireRomance #SecondChance @HatterServices @KEOsbornAuthor


Complete Me by K E Osborn is coming July 23rd. Make sure you pre-order your copy today!

Pre-Order here!

Do you ever know someone completely…

Three men—confident, admired, intensely cherished, and respected.
The women who love them, different in so many ways—a mother, an eccentric, and a wife—all deeply connected by the men they adore.

They think they’re complete.
The truth is harder.

The past reveals all, secrets unveiled, and a wedding for all ages sees everyone feeling solace.

This generational story is filled with heartache, but every story needs a happy ending to complete us…

From International Bestselling Author K E Osborn comes, Complete Me Book Four in the Trust Me Series (previously published in 2014). This series has been re-edited with new content and a new cover.

#CompleteMe #KEOsborn #PreOrder #BillionaireRomance #SecondChanceRomance #ComingSoon

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