Review of Veton: Tirana Brother’s Trilogy – Social Rejects Syndicate, Book 3 by K. L. Ramsey @KLRamsey5

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Veton is the remaining brother of the Tirana Syndicate that is single, and his father has determined that even though he is the youngest, he will take over the family and run it when his father is ready to step down. Little does his father know that Veton and his brothers are working against him to destroy the Tirana Syndicate.

Dixie is struggling to make ends meet, but she is determined to stay in New York and work as much as she can modeling until she can get the job that will make her a well-known name in the industry. Her mother is waiting for her to give in and return home to Louisiana, but she’s determined to hold out on her dream. When she runs into the hard chest on her way to a modeling job, her life takes a turn and she may not find the job that will give her the life she’s looking for, but it will change with that one little collision.

Veton knows that he should lay low while in New York so that his father does not come for him to make him return home, but he’s tired of putting his life on hold and waiting for the FBI and CIA to make their move and give him and his brother’s the freedom they all wish for. When he has to go into hiding with the woman he wants to get to know, he feels bad because she has to put her life on hold so that his father can’t use her as leverage. These stories were loaded with danger, action, and great characters. The Tirana Syndicates days are numbered, and the Tirana brothers want to live their own lives and enjoy life, not have to worry about their lives, or look over their shoulders all the time. They have a plan and now they need to put it into action and hope that they can keep everyone safe. Their father made a mistake when he decided to use Dixie and her mother as leverage. He had no idea that his sons were so close and had each other’s’ backs still. That was a grave mistake. I really liked these books and I give this one a 5-star review.

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