Live Now! Review – COCKED HAMMER (RBMC, Cleveland OH, Book 4) by Chelle C. Craze and Eli Abbott @ChelleCCraze

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Series: Royal Bastards MC

🔥Cleveland, OH Chapter 🔥 

Author: Chelle C. Craze & Eli Abbott

Cover Designer: All by Design

Model: Wesley Dutchman 

Photographer: FuriousFotog / Golden Czermak

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Cocked Hammer is book 4 of the Cleveland, OH chapter of Royal Bastards MC. Each book in this series is written so it may be read as a standalone, but we recommend reading this book after Eternally Ginger.

Our lives were so tightly wound it was impossible to get her off my mind. I was a double agent implanted in her life and she was my assignment. —One I had full intentions of conquering as many times as I could.

None of that took me by surprise, what did were the feelings I had for her. Feelings I shouldn’t have and didn’t know if I wanted especially given the family she belonged to. Her family was under my club’s investigation, so loving her was out of the question. The thing was, when I realized what she was to me it was too late.

Now, I had to pray she wasn’t the one behind all of the mutiny against the RBMC. If she was I didn’t know if I could save her or not.

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Her life was not what it appeared to be. From the time she was a little girl until now, her life was not her own. When she draws the attention of Sledgehammer, of the RBMC, it just might be a good thing.

He was given a job to do for his MC. He was focused on that job until feelings started to get in the way and then he was worried that what he found out could be a death sentence for a woman that he was falling for. Could he save her if she was involved with what her family was doing to the MC?

Lina is a woman that is trapped in her life and her circumstances. She has dreams, but they can never be fulfilled because of the debt she has to pay off. Her life is a little better with the assignment she has of running the pet store for her “family”, but she has no idea the real danger she is in because of them. When Sledgehammer starts checking things out, he sees Lina and decides to use her to get to the bottom of the RBMC’s suspicions, however, feelings start making themselves known and Sledgehammer is worried that he won’t be able to protect Lina. I really liked this story and with all of the RBMC chapters, I love the characters of the Cleveland, OH MC. The books are always action packed, steamy, and have great characters. I give this story a 5-star review and I am looking forward to more from Chelle C. Craze and Eli Abbott.

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