Review of Savage Vow (Ivanov Crime Family Book #1) by Zoe Blake @zblakebooks and @GiveMeBooksPR

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ 4.5 out of 5

Book Blurb:
Gregor Ivanov

I took her innocence as payment.
She was far too young and naïve to be betrothed to a monster like me.
I would bring only pain and darkness into her sheltered world.

That’s why she ran.
I should’ve just let her go…
She never asked to marry into a powerful Russian mafia family.
None of this was her choice.

Unfortunately for her, I don’t care.
I own her… and after three years of searching… I’ve found her.
My runaway bride was about to learn disobedience has consequences… punishing ones.

Having her in my arms and under my control had become an obsession.
Nothing was going to keep me from claiming her before the eyes of God and man.
She’s finally mine now… and I’m never letting her go.

Samara Federova is young and naïve right now, but when she learns her fate at her best friends’ birthday party, she has to figure out a way to change it. Samara has always had a crush on Gregor Ivanov, her best friend, Nadia Ivanova’s oldest brother, but she’s also always been afraid of him and the night of Nadia’s birthday Samara saw that scary side of Gregor. Now she’s on the run because she doesn’t want to be her father’s payment to the Ivanov’s.

This story was a quick paced story of a young girl trying to have the life she wants and not have to be the prize that her father is treating her as. Samara’s good at hiding but Gregor is determined to find his property and take her back home where she belongs. When he finds out that Samara’s life and safety are threatened, he’ll do anything to protect her and make sure that his property remains with him. I like Samara’s strength and will power at her age and the fact that she was able to live the life she wanted to at least a period of time before it changed again. Gregor is a powerful man that has many ties and the determination to keep looking for Samara no matter how much time has gone by, now he wants the connections he can get with Samara by his side. I give this story a 4.5-star review and I look forward to more of the Ivanov Crime Family books to come.

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